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2014 Compatibility Virgo and Yearly Forecast

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2014 Virgo Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Virgo

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Virgo Year 2014
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Virgo - Aries

Virgo's horoscope forecast for 2014 says that work will be extremely important this year. Virgos traditionally have identities linked to their jobs, so this won’t be difficult. Make sure to focus on work in 2014, though, for reasons having to do with love. This is where you'll find it; Aries will be waiting. Don't let yourself obsess over Aries if you are a Virgo, though. And Aries should also be sure never mock the level-headed and often overly detailed Virgo. Aries should use intelligence to hook Virgo, as Virgo must be intellectually stimulated at all times. This is vital anywhere from everyday relationship communication to the bedroom where Virgo will be bored by an uninteresting partner. Aries should not be turned off by this, however, because Virgo (the Virgin) has sexual encounters that are notoriously hot and enticing.

Virgo - Taurus

Both Virgo and Taurus have earth zodiac signs. Dating will be luxurious and filled with soft discussion in charming locales, while a full relationship will be a love match made in heaven with friends and acquaintances envying your doting eyes and cooing natures toward each other. Uptight Virgo may need to chill out at times and learn to loosen up, especially while you're still dating. At the same time, Taurus might need to be less blunt about Virgo's constant need to get everything absolutely perfect in 2014. Rest assured that if Taurus and Virgo live together, their living space will be immaculately clean and sophisticated. Spontaneous Taurus gets things moving in the bedroom in 2014 where Virgo may be shy at first. But Taurus can also overspend, which is where Virgo comes in with a level head to save the day.

Virgo - Gemini

Both Virgo and Gemini love to gab. This year 2014 especially, your horoscope forecasts spell success in the work place and financially, and with that burden off your back, you feel like you could spend the whole evening talking and discussing. You're both quick and diligent in everything you do, because you're both ruled by the speedy, information-getting Mercury. As a unit, Gemini and Virgo would make excellent parents. You may meet at a yearly event that involves children. Or, if you are already in a love relationship, something significant will spark your attention in each other at a children-related yearly event in 2014. Be on the lookout, because a Gemini-Virgo relationship equals power and stability, not to mention, the sex sizzles and always leaves you both wanting more.

Virgo - Cancer

By 2014, you are likely already close friends with this partner. Level-headed and detail-oriented Virgos make fast friends with their sensitive and tenacious Cancer counterparts. As a duo, you're practical and would make excellent business partners. People may have called one or both of you nerds in the past, but by 2014, this "nerdiness" has served you and your horoscope forecasts well. Be ready for a financially stable life together, and a calm and peaceful co-existence. You will do well cooking, cleaning or again, doing business together. Caution: your compatibility will be tested if you stay home all the time. Both of you, Cancer and Virgo, must take the time to go out individually and have your own circles of friends. Your sexual relations will be loving and sultry.

Virgo - Leo

Around Virgo, the loud and raucous Lion in Leo becomes a baby kitten. Virgo is impressed, and acts accordingly. This could be a banner year for the Leo and Virgo duo to take over the world. Literally, you two would make excellent partners in business. You are both megastars in the fiscal world, able to make and keep loads of money according to your yearly horoscope forecast. This year 2014 is no different. After a relationship has started, Leo should turn that lion charm up a notch and Virgo can act on that co-dependent and loyal nature to stick by Leo's side. Your sex is subdued despite Leo's fiery passion, but it is loving and caring, and that makes all the difference in your compatibility forecast for the year 2014.

Virgo - Virgo

Virgos are intelligent, level-headed and may have jobs serving or helping others. They have a love for detail oriented tasks. All of this means that two Virgos who want to get together will be successful workers with a "neat freak" attitude toward their living space in 2014. Though this sign of the zodiac is an intelligence-based one, their obsession with detail may take their focus off larger issues. In this light, Virgos with Virgos should pick their battles wisely and avoid starting tiffs and fights over small things like who left the coffee pot on. Instead, spend some time apart each day and some time together to break up the unity in 2014. Sex will be fun and playful as the Virgin. Overall, this 2014 could be a great year for Virgos to make it together.

Virgo - Libra

The beautiful Libra will charm the pants off of often naive Virgo. That said, Libra will not be a bad mate, and this 2014 has a positive horoscope forecast on the love front for both Libra and Virgo. Libra, who rules the scales and has a deep care and passion for justice and fairness, may find a great mate in the level-headed Virgo. Both are somewhat obsessive, meaning that sex may be slow and meticulous. This isn't a bad thing, though, as it can lead to some steamy sexual nights that last for hours in 2014. Virgo should avoid over criticizing the often over sensitive Libra, and Libra should work on decision making skills, as the constant vacillation can be tiresome.

Virgo - Scorpio

In 2014 Virgo, the intelligent and expressive Earth sign has great compatibility with the mysterious and down to earth Water sign, Scorpio. Compromises must be made, of course, for even though the magnetic sexual attraction has been there all along, the outgoingness of Virgo may sometimes clash with Scorpio's secretiveness in 2014. Virgo will be in a performance or leadership role when sparks begin to fly here, and the introverted Scorpio will be drawn out. Sex between Virgo and Scorpio is back and forth. One night hot and exhausting (but fun!) and the next night slow and sensual. Be ready for a yearly separation during the first few years, but stick it out, and this duo can make it through anything together. There is great love and compatibility potential in 2014 for Virgo and Scorpio.

Virgo - Sagittarius

You may have encountered your counterpart, either Sagittarius or Virgo, yearly and thought nothing of it. Perhaps they are a co-worker you barely notice or someone you pass by on your way to work every morning. This year 2014, you need to take notice. This compatibility horoscope forecast is telling you that love is in the air for the smart and witty Virgin in Virgo and the wise and adventurous archer in Sagittarius, and your weekly horoscope forecast will tell you when to be on the lookout in 2014. If you are already in a Virgo-Sagittarius union, you should also read your forecast horoscopes regularly to be on the lookout for when the time will be right to make that big decision you've been worrying about. This Virgo and Sagittarius relationship will really take flight in 2014. Enjoy the laughter, the love and the steamy sex.

Virgo - Capricorn

Is it a love match between Virgo and Capricorn? 2014 will be the year to find out. You're both two of the most serious and practical signs of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean you can't get crazy in the sack too. Be prepared for sex that leaves you wanting more every time in 2014. But if you've just met, don't rush into sexual relations too fast. You want to be able to get to know each other's quirks (and they're there). As a united front, you will do well to start a business together with Capricorn running things behind the scenes (some people might mistake Capricorns’ seriousness as being cold) and Virgo heading up the service end of business. Remember to lighten up, especially when you fight in 2014. Choose your battles.

Virgo - Aquarius

The forecast for this pair is bleak in terms of initial sexual attraction, but the intellectual connection between Virgo and Aquarius is amazing. You will either meet at a social gathering or, if you are already together, you will have an amazing connecting moment at a social gathering in 2014. There, you will meet minds and realize the sizzling compatibility you have intellectually. The butterflies will start thereafter, and sexual tension between Virgo and Aquarius will grow until you can't stand it anymore. Both of these signs of the zodiac will be smart to pay attention to their yearly astrology forecast, for this will also tell you when you should make that big move. It could be moving in together or deciding to tie the knot. 2014 is a winning year for Virgo and Aquarius, that's for sure.

Virgo - Pisces

The horoscope forecast for the year 2014 says that open mindedness is the key to this Virgo and Pisces union lasting the test of time. A rocky 2014 forecast awaits you. There will be fighting and passive-aggressiveness, but there will also be great make-up sex that brings you back together for a time. Hold out. Astrology shows something in store for you that levels the playing field. Pisces may find a job they love, making the prior jealousy they felt toward the always successful Virgo obsolete. Virgo may loosen up and get a bigger circle of friends so that alone time isn't so lonely. Whatever it is, the compatibility is there, so just don't give up, Virgo and Pisces!

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