2017 Horoscope Cancer
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2017 Horoscope Cancer

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Yearly Horoscope 2016 Cancer

2017 Horoscope Cancer

Yearly Horoscope 2017 - all Zodiac Signs

2017 Horoscope Cancer

Lots of exciting and beneficial change is in store in love, home, and family life for Cancer during 2017, according to the Crab’s yearly horoscope. It will be a happy year for Cancer overall, despite lunar eclipses on February 10 through 11th and again on August 7. These dates reveal troublesome spots where Cancer should take life easy and try to avoid stress or emotional upsets. Jupiter in the Crab’s solar 4th house indicates that family life and the home will become an important issue this year. Cancer energies will be spent on all things domestic. Acquiring that perfect romantic retreat just for two can be a big topic for Cancer natives, even if it involves moving far away from the Crab’s present location. Many Cancers will invite a lover to move in with them for keeps so they can better nurture their partner.

Saturn transiting through the 6th solar house can bring sudden flare-ups of sexual frustrations and physical limitations in relationships. Cancer will learn valuable lessons this year regarding their own personal brand of sexuality. Sexual inhibitions may begin to cause problems between lovers and 2017 will offer the golden opportunity to get professional help, root out these problems, and finally overcome sexual difficulties. Cancer should also be careful to protect their sexual health. Regular checkups can bring peace of mind as well as alerting Cancer to any potential sex-related problems that can be taken care of quickly or completely averted.

Cancer may be called upon to help out a loved one with financial difficulties during 2017. Remember Cancer, giving a blessing to others allows yourself to be blessed as well.

Best Days For Cancer in 2017:
January 18, March 14, July 1, September 14, October 20, November 17

2017 Horoscope Cancer

2017 Horoscope Cancer In A Relationship

2017 is the year for Cancer in a committed relationship to build their dream home or move into a better living space. With Jupiter in the 4th house of home and family until October, Cancer is the zodiac sign that will enjoy plenty of domestic bliss. Bigger and better is on the Crab’s mind when it comes to real estate.

Crabs will move with a partner to that romantic beach house Cancer has had their eye on for years, or that snug little cabin in the mountains far from the big city. Even a move to a bigger and nicer apartment would satisfy Cancer and their longing for an improved way of life with their beloved partner. Many Cancers will consider getting pregnant during this year or adopting a child, or even a special pet will satisfy their longing to love and nurture another living soul.

2017 Horoscope Cancer For Single Cancer

Single Cancer experiences a deep longing to settle down in a committed relationship this year and will explore this option thoroughly throughout 2017. On October 11th, Jupiter the planet of good luck and opportunity begins its transit through Scorpio and the Cancer solar 5th house, bringing increased romantic opportunities, more compatibility with lovers, and sexual enjoyment for the Crab.

Increased sexual activity for romantic Cancer should also include protected sex to prevent the unexpected, such as a surprise pregnancy or illness. After October 11th is a good time for Cancer to take an impromptu romantic vacation or even just a weekend getaway to get to know a new lover better and achieve a deeper level of intimacy.

Note: Your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac also depends on your planets, rising signs and other astrological aspects! See Personalized Astrology Reports for more info.

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