2017 Horoscope Gemini
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2017 Horoscope Gemini

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Yearly Horoscope 2016 Gemini

2017 Horoscope Gemini

Yearly Horoscope 2017 - all Zodiac Signs

2017 Horoscope Gemini

Lively Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, promises a lot of action and romantic stimulation for the Twins this year, as indicated by their yearly horoscope. Mercury will be in Retrograde 4 times this year, bringing inner confusion and decision-making more difficult than usual for Gemini, as well as other zodiac signs. Lucky Jupiter will also be transiting the Gemini solar 5th house until October of 2017, causing witty Gemini to blossom overnight into an ultra sexy and attractive lover! There can be sudden affairs of the heart and occasional flings or just one night stands for Gemini.

Due to heavy Uranus involvement, Gemini should guard against impulsiveness in love and sex outside of committed relationships during these times in order to avoid causing unnecessary pain for themselves and loved ones. The Uranus aspects in the Twinís horoscope for 2017 indicates that sudden changes and unusual events and circumstances can either block Gemini progress or create new opportunities for advancement and growth. It will depend on how Gemini handles this impulsive and erratic energy as to how things will work out.

Because of the Uranus aspects, Gemini may experience more than their share of nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia this year. The Twins should be extra careful of their health during 2017, making sure to eat properly and get enough sleep. As an added bonus, nutritious food and adequate rest can refuel Gemini sexuality and give them a big boost of energy and endurance when it comes to sex.

Best Days For Gemini in 2017:
February 21, June 13 (am hours only), July 24, September 22, October 18

2017 Horoscope Gemini

2017 Horoscope Gemini In A Relationship

Jupiter in Libra moving through Geminiís solar 5th house of romance in 2017 can jumpstart sex within a committed relationship. The lucky Jupiter touch can cause Gemini and their partner to feel quite frisky and sex will be awesome! To catch their mateís eye, the Twins can update their natural attractiveness with a new wardrobe in all the gorgeous shades of blue and silver. In combination with new hairstyle, the new look will bring out the famous Gemini charm, making the Twins look youthful and irresistible.

Until October 11th of this year, if Gemini plans to increase their family with a new baby this would be an excellent time, according to their horoscope. If there have been any problems with impotence, frigidity, or other sexual frustrations, from January to October would be a good time to seek medical help or therapy and seek solutions. Gemini will have a much greater chance of success during that time frame.

2017 Horoscope Gemini For Single Gemini

Single Gemini will make many personal changes in 2017. Love affairs will start quickly and may end just as quickly for the Twins. Lucky Jupiter in the Gemini solar 5th House until October 11th brings good luck in romance for the Twins. However, because of heavy Uranus involvement with Mercury this year, love affairs can start quickly and end just as fast for Gemini. There could be a pregnancy, planned or unplanned, or Gemini can become involved in the care of a new partnerís child.

In either case, Gemini will need to incorporate their great skill of flexibility into their love affairs to meet these changes. Life in general can be affected by waves of change and Gemini may be tempted to take some big risks. Be sure to eat nutritious food and get adequate sleep this year, it will help keep Gemini thinking clear and conversation witty. Be careful of deception with new acquaintances.

Note: Your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac also depends on your planets, rising signs and other astrological aspects! See Personalized Astrology Reports for more info.

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