2017 Horoscope Leo
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2017 Horoscope Leo

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Yearly Horoscope 2016 Leo

2017 Horoscope Leo

Yearly Horoscope 2017 - all Zodiac Signs

2017 Horoscope Leo

The stern planet Saturn will travel through Leoís solar 5th house of romance this year and can cause frustrations and limitations in love and sex for the proud Lion and Lioness of the zodiac. The Leo yearly horoscope for 2017 predicts that Leo could experience setbacks in relationships and even breakups with long term love commitments. With Saturn in the solar 5th house, unattached Leo may contemplate the serious step of marriage or making their union with a mate more permanent in some fashion. Also in 2017, Leo will decide to become parents or adopt children into their family. Old Man Saturn in the 5th house may cause some delay or difficulty in getting pregnant or adopting a child during 2017. Lions that decide on having a baby should take the greatest care during a pregnancy to ensure a healthy child and mother. Make sure adequate medical care is available.

Jupiter in Libra in the Leo solar 2nd house will bring more money into the Lionís bank account and increase earning ability. This means more money to spend on loved ones and personal enjoyment. However, with Saturn hovering in the 5th house there may not be enough free time to enjoy this increased prosperity with a loved one.

A major solar eclipse in 2017 will occur on August 21st, signalling a time for Leo to take things easy and relax for a day. During the Mercury Retrogrades listed above, Leo should not get too agitated and frustrated when domestic and career problems arise. Donít argue with loved ones over petty issues, no matter how irritating they may seem at the moment. Your anger will pass quickly if you let it.

Best Days For Leo In 2017:
February 11, June 3, July 26, October 26

2017 Horoscope Leo

2017 Horoscope Leo In A Relationship

Leo, if you donít feel loved or respected in a committed relationship, donít be tempted to take your frustrations out on your lover by lashing out verbally or physically. That sort of behaviour will only breed increased anger and resentment in your partner, making things worse in the long run. The better course of action is to drop all preconceived ideas of how a relationship should function and just try to explore your partnerís essence or personality. Leo, try and connect with the feelings of love you had for this person in the beginning of the relationship.

What was the attraction? Try not to focus solely on your partnerís faults. Loving exploration with your mate may turn up some surprising and pleasant results! Some Leos may decide to call it quits with their partner this year and move on to greener pastures. Leo, if you decide to make this decision, remember to practice plenty of self love and take all the time you need to soothe painful emotions. Leo should not enter another relationship too quickly during 2017 or such an action will only create more problems.

2017 Horoscope Leo For Single Leo

Single Leo may find themselves in romantic hot water this year if they arenít entirely honest with a new partner, especially during the Mercury Retrogrades. Trust and honesty will be important issues this year when it comes to compatibility in new relationships.

Sudden and unexpected limitations in your life may force Leo to spend time alone this year, which they definitely will not enjoy. However, new relationships for Leo do have the potential of becoming stable and deeply committed as time passes, convincing Leo they have found the love of their life at last.

Note: Your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac also depends on your planets, rising signs and other astrological aspects! See Personalized Astrology Reports for more info.

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