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Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man

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Aquarius Woman - Aquarius Man
Astrological Signs by Gender
The Aquarius Woman

As flighty and airy as her sign implies, the Aquarius woman is driven by matters of the heart. Love and sex are very important to an Aquarius, and she is drawn to the feeling of falling for someone. These characteristics and same passions can run cold very easily, leaving the Aquarius woman fickle and dissatisfied with her date.

The Single Aquarius Woman: With her head in the clouds, the single Aquarius woman can sometimes have trouble putting her feet on the ground long enough to be in a real commitment. Mercurial emotions can make the Aquarius woman hard to understand. The dreamer of the signs of the zodiac, she can have trouble with reality and it's stresses.

The Aquarius Woman in a Relationship: Once the Aquarius woman has chosen a partner, she will stick with them through thick and thin, sometimes to the point of being obsessive. The Aquarius woman in a relationship is loving and kind, empathetic and always willing to help someone she cares for. When it comes to dating, the Aquarius woman loves to be swept off of her feet.

The Aquarius Man

When it comes to love and sex, the Aquarius man sees the dance and courtship of a new partner as a game. The Aquarius male cannot be rushed and will not enter into any commitment lightly. The charmer of the signs of the zodiac, the Aquarius man knows how to talk to the people around him, and that silver tongue is all a part of his game.

The Single Aquarius Man: Dating is an enjoyable pastime to the single Aquarius man, though he does not often see it as anything more than a hobby. Love and sex are games to be played for fun, but rarely for keeps. Imaginative and innovative, the Aquarius man will offer up a whole new experience as a date. Do not expect something routine from an Aquarius man.

The Aquarius Man in a Relationship: Once his attention has been held, the Aquarius man in a relationship will focus himself and his imagination on his partner. These characteristics of being an Air sign make him a one of a kind mate, and an Aquarius man is happy to show the world just how differently his mind works. Honest to a fault, the Aquarius man in a relationship will not keep his emotions to himself if unhappy. But on the other end of the spectrum, the Aquarius man will often share his appreciation and joy for his partner just as easily as he would share his discomfort.

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