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About Rising Signs - The Ascendant

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Rising Sign (The Ascendant)

The Ascendant (Rising Sign)

The Ascendant, or rising sign, is a vital component in personality analysis as well as compatibility. Put simply, the rising sign is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth. In astrology it is the doorway to your personality. The characteristics of this sign will explain volumes about how you come across to others. Think of the rising sign as the “cover” of your personal book.

In matters of love, dating, sex and relationships, the ascendant is extremely important to understand. Attraction begins with first impressions. You will find yourself being drawn to a person in the initial stages of a relationship based on the energetic vibe their rising sign projects out into the world.

Read on to discover what the basic qualities of each rising sign can tell you about how the person approaches life, love, sexuality and relationships.

Ascendant in Aries Rising Sign Ascendant - Aries Rising
Ascendant in Taurus Rising Sign Ascendant - Taurus Rising
Ascendant in Gemini Rising Sign Ascendant - Gemini Rising
Ascendant in Cancer Rising Sign Ascendant - Cancer Rising
Ascendant in Leo Rising Sign Ascendant - Leo Rising
Ascendant in Virgo Rising Sign Ascendant - Virgo Rising
Ascendant in Libra Rising Sign Ascendant - Libra Rising
Ascendant in Scorpio Rising Sign Ascendant - Scorpio Rising
Ascendant in Sagittarius Rising Sign Ascendant - Sagittarius Rising
Ascendant in Capricorn Rising Sign Ascendant - Capricorn Rising
Ascendant in Aquarius Rising Sign Ascendant - Aquarius Rising
Ascendant in Pisces Rising Sign Ascendant - Pisces Rising

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