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Cancer Woman and Cancer Man

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Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility
Cancer Woman - Cancer Man
Astrological Signs by Gender
The Cancer Woman

Cancer is always down to Earth and is the mother of the signs of the zodiac. When it comes to love and sex, the Cancer woman can be a homebody, preferring quiet personal time above anything else. The Cancer woman has a strong connection to her past, so if she has been burned in past relationships, there is a chance for it to haunt her current lover.

The Single Cancer Woman: The single Cancer woman tends to look for a strong connection in every bond she creates. Be it sexual or just friendship, she wants to love and be loved. The single Cancer woman may have a hard time with casual dating, since she looks for something deeper quite readily. These characteristics can make it difficult for the single Cancer woman, since she is driven by her heart.

The Cancer Woman in a Relationship: Hearth and home are some of the most important things to the Cancer woman. An emotional lover, the Cancer woman in a relationship will look at sex as a means to bond and be closer. She loves to nurture and care for others, and the Cancer woman will often prefer a date at home to a fancy dinner out.

The Cancer Man

The Cancer man is private and very self contained. He lives for others and is easily a one woman man. But the Cancer man is not likely to share his feelings outright. A lack of self confidence may keep the Cancer man from admitting how he truly feels. An Earth sign, he may not always be able to see the more imaginative side of things.

The Single Cancer Man: When it comes to matters of dating, the single Cancer man is quick to accept women into his life. But he may find it hard to keep them there, since a lack of self confidence is a part of Cancer's view of himself. The single Cancer man can overexert himself, trying to prove his worth to a mate, without knowing that he was worth it all along.

The Cancer Man in a Relationship: The astrological sign most closely associated with home and family, Cancer is the type of man who will devote himself to the woman who holds his heart. These characteristics make the Cancer man in a relationship a great father and husband, willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family happy. The perfect date for a Cancer man would be a candlelit dinner at home.

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Note: Your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac also depends on your planets, rising signs and other astrological aspects! See Personalized Astrology Reports for more info.

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