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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius

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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius


Monthly Horoscope Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Aquarius
Monthly Horoscope December 2018

Your concentration and understanding with your loved one is intensified now, and this is because getting to know each other has progressively increased and matured. Each of you see the other as a human being in evolution that has certain goals to fulfill in life. Because of this, both of you are supported in the accomplishment of your individual mission, which at the same time increases the level of confidence in your relationship.

Real sexual exchange is not limited to a few hours of pleasure during the week, but is necessary to extend and broaden the unity to other moments in the relationship. Thus, in order to guarantee higher sexuality in your relationship, you have to extend your efforts toward work, economy, children (if you have any), creative leisure, intellectual development, culture, friendship, and endless other things. This converts your relationship into a key that opens the doors to worlds of new experiences and accomplishments.

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Monthly Horoscope September 2017

For September, an Aquarius can expect to enjoy good love relationships and the love will be more physical than romantic.

An Aquarius can also expect sexual problems with an ongoing relationship. Something an Aquarius needs to be aware of is that they will have to make a decision on continuing the relationship with their partner. An Aquarius also needs to think carefully before deciding on pregnancy this month.

Monthly Horoscope August 2017

Aquarius will see the effects of Mars to their relationship from July 20 to September 5. For the monthly horoscope of August, Aquarius will need to be patient with love and relationships that already exist as it is likely fighting and issues may in the air.

Those of Aquarius will need to be patient to get through possible rough relationship times but should keep their hopes up because if they are strong, they will reap the rewards of their determination and patience since an Aquarius that stuck to the relationship will find pleasure and peace.

Monthly Horoscope June 2017

For Aquarius, emotions spark in a dramatic way at the beginning of the month. This could mean an overdue confession, a spicy sexual encounter, or a new romantic interest. Aquarius may find themselves drawn to define their relationship or to seek answers to questions about their partners during the middle of the month.

Aquarius will find themselves challenging their beliefs and values as they relate to love, dating, and their careers. Aquarius may have difficulty expressing these changes and questions regarding their partners but will benefit from voicing their thoughts and concerns.

Monthly Horoscope May 2017

May finds Mars in Aquarius' 5th house stirring things up. This has the Aquarius couples, those dating, and the man or woman looking to date glowing with sexual adrenaline. This is a hotter month for Aquarius than the October horoscope monthly reading. Aquarius this is the month for untamed and crazy love situations. Venus enters the sign and brings with it some rational thought but also stimulates the mind to make sex and relationships even better.

The single Aquarius man or woman may see a new love interest after the new moon and couples will see a deeper sexual and trusting relationship. Though, the Aquarius dating the new moon will ramp up sexual and relationship intensity. This is a horoscope for Aquarius that will be hard to beat in love, sex, and sexual relationships. No matter how powerful sexual energy is this month Aquarius men and women will also look to stimulate the mind in relationships.

Monthly Horoscope December 2016

Some welcome stability will enter the life of the Water Bearer when Uranus joins Saturn in a trine aspect on the 24th. Aquarius can finally conquer some long term problems that have plagued their unions for a long time. However, during the Mercury retrograde that begins on the 19th and continues until January 8th, Aquarius should avoid irritability and engaging in petty arguments with loved ones.

Don't become over critical of friends, family, co-workers, or partners or there will be complaints and backlash. For singles, now is not the time to get married, move in with a partner, or even start a new job. Water Bearers in a stable union can feel extra nervous and should not expect perfection from their mate. Go easy on yourself too!

Monthly Horoscope November 2016

The powerful planet Mars marches through the sign of Aquarius during this month of November, bringing plenty of sexual energy into their love life. Aquarius can be highly impulsive concerning love and sex during this month, making lightning-fast decisions the Water Bearer and their lovers may regret later. The monthly horoscope indicates Aquarius should think things through this November before acting on any new ideas or feeling.

This month single Aquarius will feel strangely competitive with his friends as well as lovers, and this could cause problems and hurt feelings. Committed Aquarius in a stable relationship could intimidate their special man or woman and seriously damage the relationship if they are not careful when it comes to angry feelings.

Monthly Horoscope September 2016

Aquarius experiences a strong desire for fun and excitement in their love life this September, as indicated by their monthly horoscope. Planetary forces bring restless feelings and a degree of discontent for the Water Bearer, and sudden infatuations with a new person may occur to bring quick endings to old relationships.

Aquarius in a committed and loving relationship should pay close attention to the sensual needs of their special man or woman this month as there could be problems later. The full Moon in Pisces on the 16th of the month can be a time of renewed passion and sensuality with a cherished love partner. Plan something very romantic for the evening or even a lovely holiday for two. Single Aquarius should take an extra amount of time to get to know a dating partner better before deciding to move on to someone else.

Monthly Horoscope August 2016

All lights are green for Aquarius this month when it comes to love and sexual relationships. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius is very active during August, making positive aspects to the Sun and lovely Venus. Single Aquarius will enjoy many dates with lovers and enjoyable social outings with friends and family members, as well as a chance to meet someone new and interesting through a work connection.

Aquarius in a committed relationship with a special man or woman will also enjoy many chances for social interaction with others as well as some steamy sex with their partner. A full Moon in Aquarius on the 18th, combined with a lunar eclipse will bring a night of rare opportunity for the Water Bearer to make a passionate love connection.

Monthly Horoscope July 2016

Exciting new beginnings are predicted in the Aquarius horoscope this month. However, some changes may be rather sudden and unpredictable, causing nervousness, indecision, or feelings of inadequacy. Aquarius may meet a new and exciting partner and lose interest in their current love relationship. Be cautioned that this new affair may not have the lasting and stable results that Aquarius desires.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that the Water Bearer's current partner may lose interest and move on to someone new. This relationship will be temporary as well. For Aquarius in a committed relationship with that special man or woman, there can be lots of unexpected lifestyle changes, especially concerning sex and long-term relationships.

Monthly Horoscope June 2016

According to the horoscope for Aquarius, June will bring many sexual opportunities for the Water Bearer. Friends and lovers will pop out of nowhere, and single Aquarius will be thrilled to receive many invitations to date interesting, attractive people. Dating will also prove to be very sexually rewarding this month. Aquarius in a committed relationship will also have the opportunity to meet interesting people and to expand their circle of friends.

Aquarius may also walk away from old relationships to form a more exciting sexual union. However, this new love attachment may prove to be unreliable, untrustworthy, and unfaithful in the long run, causing the Aquarius to regret their decision. Aquarius should consider wearing more colorful clothing this month, especially bright blue because it will bring relationship luck.

Monthly Horoscope May 2016

The beautiful full Moon in Scorpio on the 21st will be a sexually super-charged time for Aquarius. Be sure and mark your calendar and take advantage of the great sexual energy. Taking a long distance trip can be very enjoyable at this time. Just make sure the destination is somewhere new and unique.

Aquarius in a committed relationship with that special man or woman should make plans for a romantic evening on the night of the full Moon and enjoy the passionate consequences! Single Aquarius will have the opportunity of meeting a fascinating person with whom they will share some great chemistry. You will meet this person in very unusual circumstances and at first they may not seem all that special. Only time will reveal the treasure you have discovered!

Monthly Horoscope April 2016

On the 22nd, when lovely Venus conjuncts Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, love and sex will become the main topic of Aquarius conversation! The 9th will also be a good day for the Water Bearer to seek out some lusty sex, as well as the full Moon on the 22nd. Care should be taken when Mercury goes retrograde on the 28th.

At this time, Aquarius could experience restlessness in relationships and career, as well as some anxiety and nervousness. Aquarius in a committed relationship with that special man or woman will want to draw closer to their partner for more emotional support and understanding. Single Aquarius will channel their restlessness into a search for a new partner that will provide sexual and emotional satisfaction.

Monthly Horoscope March 2016

Marchís monthly horoscope for Aquarius indicates increased social popularity and new dating opportunities for the single Water Bearer. For the committed Aquarius in a stable, long-term relationship, sex can be quite lively, full of great surprises, and a lot of fun! Hot, steamy passion can take a back seat as the relationship becomes much more playful. Aquarius will make plans this month to improve their lives, such as going back to school, setting goals, and researching interesting ideas and potential careers.

On March 21st, when Mercury moves into the sign of Aries, Aquarius will experience a surge of inspiration and good ideas to implement for their future.The solar eclipse on March 8th can bring important news and events into the life of Aquarius, with change coming very quickly and without warning.

Monthly Horoscope February 2016

February is the best month for people born under the sign of Aquarius. The monthly horoscope for Aquarius indicates some beneficial changes are on the way for the Water Bearer. Social activities will increase and single Aquarius will have a hard time deciding which person to date, or which invitation to choose.

Relationships and sexual opportunities will continue to come in multiples for the Water Bearer all this month. Aquarius in a committed relationship with a special man or woman will enjoy spending some very erotic time at home, with sexual passion at an all time high. The full Moon in Virgo on the 22nd will bring new insights on problems and help Aquarius find stability in their relationship.

Monthly Horoscope December 2015

December brings happy, but quite interesting experiences for Aquarius. The Water Bearerís monthly horoscope shows the promise of awesome times ahead for love and sex when Uranus, their ruling planet, will go direct on the 25th. For single Aquarius, it will seem as if nothing can go wrong and itís the perfect time to ask that alluring person for a date.

Aquarius in a committed love relationship with a special man or woman will discover new ways to make their union grow and flourish. Sex becomes more satisfying, bringing intimacy to a new level. Changes made at this time can really improve the quality of life for restless Aquarius. A change of job or residence, even a makeover or new wardrobe can be beneficial. Donít refuse a thing before investigating all the possibilities. At this time, anything can happen!

Monthly Horoscope November 2015

The falling leaves of November promise lots of light-hearted love and sex for Aquarius and their special loved one. Aquarius always adores gathering people together for a party, and holidays are their absolute favorite times of the year. The Water Bearerís monthly horoscope shows lots of time devoted to family, friends, and food.

Aquarius feels a great sense of freedom and will participate in a lot of traveling and shopping this month. Single Aquarius will impulsively book a weekend getaway and enjoy a wonderful time, especially after the 8th of the month. Aquarius in a committed love relationship will break away from the company of friends and family to enjoy some quality time with a love partner. Giving and receiving sensual massages, after a delicious meal would be a great way to spend those chilly, autumn evenings.

Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Aquarius's monthly horoscope for October predicts a happy time. Aquarius men and women love Halloween. They love to plan parties and invite all their friends and loved ones for a good time. Single Aquarius men or women will find dating to be quite an adventure this month. The 25th until the 31st would be an excellent time to invite that special person you admire on a first date.

It's all green lights for sex after the 9th. Aquarius in a committed relationship will enjoy unpacking all the Halloween decorations with their special partner and putting together a big party. It's time to laugh and enjoy life. Learn how to mix some exotic cocktails for your guests. Aquarius, don't forget to buy yourself an outrageous new costume!

Monthly Horoscope September 2015

Aquariusís monthly horoscope for the month of September shows an increased need for love and sex. Thanks to Mars in Leo trine Uranus, Aquarians will experience feelings of deep love for that special man or woman this month. Now Aquarius seeks to be understood as well as they understand their partner. Sexually, Aquarius has the power to really satisfy their lover as well, so things could really heat up in dating.

Single Aquarians may find a relationship suddenly becomes passionate and you may make it a permanent arrangement. Donít get engaged the first week of September during the Venus retrograde. Wait until the 6th. Spend money on things you and your partner will enjoy. Perhaps a romantic getaway for two to some exotic place.

Monthly Horoscope August 2015

Those born under the Aquarius sign are unique and independent. Your August forecast for single Aquarius and those in a relationship should expect August to offer a pleasant, personal, and peaceful month for relationships and dating.

Every Aquarius can take the time for enjoyment and celebration this month. Plan activities with your partner that offer you both complete enjoyment. Do not let a misunderstanding get in the way of true love.

Monthly Horoscope July 2015

Those who were born under the Aquarius sign can expect July to be a month of stability. Aquarius will experience a high flow of positive influences. This will manifest a steady growth of activity. There may be a surprise encounter near the end of this month.

A brief sexual encounter with a touch of romance may be in store for those single Aquarius. Those who are in a relationship will need to stay on track at a steady pace. July will be a good month to let go of any negative past experiences that may be preventing growth. The stable pace this month may be the seeds working together that will bloom into a new relationship status.

Monthly Horoscope June 2015

Aquarius can get ready for a positive month in June. Things should align and it should be a pretty harmonious month. The Aquarius should take this time to not focus so much on relationships with others, this is not the time. Rather the Aquarius this month can be an influence over them when it comes to health. This is a month that should be centered on the health of the Aquarius whether that's mental, physical, or emotional. The Aquarius should focus on those, and on those in the world of others. This is because right now relationships between the Aquarius and others are full of trust. That means it's a big time to be a big influence.

Monthly Horoscope May 2015

A clear head and heart will lead Aquarius to romance. Singles: An Aquarius can often suffer from a confused state of mind. This month, Aquarius must sharpen his or her perception to see the world around them, and the potential relationships in everyday environments. Dating: Aquarius will find his or herself slow to warm to the dating scene in May. Stick with dates with acquaintances, and avoid blind set-ups. Couples: Conflict may arise even among couples on an even keel. Aquarius might lash out, but keep it together until May 9 when the moon enters Aquarius, bringing a sense of tranquility and relaxation into the relationship.

Monthly Horoscope April 2015

Aquarius will have powerful charismatic and energetic forces assisting actions during April. These forces can last longer than this month. Aquarius has a birth chart that shows planetary strength focused on the Eastern sector. In addition, Aquarius has most planets located in the bottom region of the horoscope this April.

Predictions for April show that single Aquarius will have great luck finding new romantic partners near your communal circles. This includes old relationships. Predictions indicate Aquarius can find marriage by looking at old relationships. If Aquarius is currently in a relationship, then you should be wary of the last quarter of this month. The last week of April can be trying for serious relationships.

Monthly Horoscope March 2015

March 2015 is the perfect time to go out and share yourself with everyone. Aquarius is attracting new admirers monthly, as more and more romantic interests come your way. During this monthly period from March to June Aquarius is most visible and its time for Aquarius to put their best foot forward. Aquarius is a sensual being who must not be afraid to use the element of change to spice up their relationships. This monthly phase Aquarius needs to get more personal with their significant other show them how much they mean to you. Aquarius needs to strengthen their relationship bonds. Aquarius needs to avoid confrontation this month as it will add unnecessary stress. Aquarius needs to take the time to reassess their life as this will bring positive changes in their romantic relationships in the near future.

Monthly Horoscope December 2014

The first half of December 2014 will be a joyous time for Aquarius, a time for dating and sexual innuendos that may lead to love later in the month. There is a great chance at a new love interest, or a shared love with your current relationship.

During the second and third week of December, however, love will become overshadowed by gossip or a rumor that has arisen from jealous sources. Aquarius must remain strong and ignore the words spoken. At the end of the month, Aquarius will be on the upswing once again, enjoying love and being the life of the party.

Monthly Horoscope November 2014

Aquarius are general very interested in ideas and concepts, as well as feelings. The universality of Aquarius creates a feeling of detachment from the commonly held emotions. However, when it comes to sex; Aquarius is the wanderer horoscope sign that loves to be surprised in creative ways. When the month begins, expect full moon to hover around your partner, workmate or date. From November 7th through to 15th, Venus will clash with Jupiter, but Jupiter will stand over your marriage life.

If you are single, someone senior may not approve of your choice of dating partner. When Neptune will be clashing with Mercury at the end of the month expect, self-esteem issues to come-up. Expect the man or woman in your love life to be unhappy with you, since you are too focused on other things in your life, such as career. Sagittarius is the perfect connoisseur of diverse techniques for realizing pleasure. Sagittarius also loves the nice things in life.

Monthly Horoscope October 2014

Aquarius is a sexual being that likes to find men and woman who can live up to their standards. However, potential conflicts keep the Auqarian from finding true love at the start of the month. It is better to wait until a later date to find the one they are meant to love.

However, this will not happen if any problems are not fixed before first half of the month. Do not despair because help will come to your side when you least expect it for singles and those in a relationship.

Monthly Horoscope September 2014

Aquarius signifies utmost independence permuted with logic; this helps an Aquarius to see both sides of an argument. On one hand, Aquarius will present themselves as quiet and shy. One the other hand, an Aquarian individual will be forthright, energetic and boisterous. The positive thing about having an Aquarian partner or date is that they can see a world of possibilities where there is none. On the other hand, the greatest aphrodisiac for an Aquarius is intellectual stimulation. Nothing is more enlivening and appreciated to an Aquarian like chatting about future possibilities.

The best partner for an Aquarius is someone who is open minded, imaginative and willing to take risks. Sincerity and honesty are key components when considering a long lasting relationship with an Aquarius. During July 24 and 25, the Sun and the Jupiter align to an Aquarius partnership sector to create a peaceful atmosphere for co-existence. However, in September a company of lighthearted, beautiful and charming people should provide you with a positive energy to attract loving people to your side.

Monthly Horoscope August 2014

Aquarius greatly values self-independence and the little things that bring happiness. The sexual encounters that permute an Aquarius life primarily happens in the mind. Aquarius are quite frankly shy when it comes to one-on-one date encounters or close-ups. Love is something of a puzzle to Aquarius but he or she like the thought of a having a soul mate or a man or woman with whom to share life. When an Aquarius is deeply committed in love, the weaknesses of the soul mate may not be a very big factor because Aquarius is both loyal and faithful.

The love horoscope for Aquarius in the week of in the beginning of August points to a messier romance than usual, especially if one were to make silly mistakes. Be careful not to blurt insults at your lover because this might be a difficult time to agree with each other. Realistically both partners in a relationship should share things they do not enjoy doing together. Even if you are single be careful with words when relating to others because irritation is in the air.

Monthly Horoscope July 2014

Aquarius will experience a yearning to find long-term true love this month. This yearning will be accompanied by a gnawing disjointedness that will need to be overcome. Aquarius will need to make some deliberate life changes in order to offset this disjointedness. If single, be prepared to fall head over heels in love. There is no need to resist it. Allow yourself to be swept away. It may only last for a short time, but if so, don't be dismayed. It will have ended due to some trait in the other person and not in Aquarius. Enjoy it for however long it lasts. Its purpose is for Aquarius to explore and expand your own capacity for deeply felt love.

The Aquarius who is married or in a committed relationship might experience a deepening of the love felt therein this month. This would be excellent news for both parties involved in the case of a healthy, mutually loving relationship. It is an ideal time for Aquarius to explore the depths of potential love, but please proceed with some caution. Don't abandon the common sense to recognize pitfalls.

Monthly Horoscope June 2014

June's love horoscope for Aquarius may seem to present more negative than positive situations. Aquarius should anticipate conflict regarding their romantic life. The best solution is to concentrate on resolving each problem independently and not multi-tasking. Aquarius can land themselves in trouble by following their more flirtatious and impulsive tendencies. Rash actions should be discouraged and Aquarius must try to use its famous objectivity to avoid problems.

If Aquarius is involved in a relationship, they should focus on their partner not allow the attentions of another person to lead them astray. The single Aquarius should take the time to enjoy old-fashioned dating. Sex does not have to be the end result of a date. Aquarius needs to keep a cool and rational head and analyze the facts before engaging in a sexual relationship.

Monthly Horoscope April 2014

There is debate over some elements that govern the life and future of the fiercely intense Aquarius. Many experts now claim that the planet Uranus is the astrological guide while others insist that Saturn is still in charge of all individuals born into the Aquarius household. No matter which planet you feel more connected with it is a certainty that you are bursting with new ideas, wonderful dreams and intricate plans for the future.

A man or woman who is led by the Aquarius sign will discover new romance during the upcoming weeks. For an Aquarius the things they desire most are harmony, love, family and happiness. Your monthly horoscope has created a wonderful opportunity to achieve your heart's desire but you will have to be the one who makes the first romantic move.

Monthly Horoscope March 2014

The Sun is in Pisces and the 2nd House of Self-Worth until March 20. This means that Aquarius should spend the month of March getting pampered! Aquarius should spend the first few weeks treating themselves and indulging in things they would not normally do. By March 22, Mars hooks up with Uranus which often causes a rebellious and independent attitude in Aquarius.

Since Aquarius has spent the beginning of the month getting pampered, they should now be fully prepared to enter the dating world with their new found independent attitude. This is a great time for Aquarius to break out of their shell and make the first move. Ask that cute barista out on a date for example or offer to buy a drink for a cute stranger! The possibilities are endless, and Aquarius should definitely take advantage of them now!

Monthly Horoscope February 2014

As an Aquarius, you monthly February horoscope points towards the need to travel. You love to travel and this is the perfect time to do so. However, while traveling, make sure to avoid overspending on items. These are going to cause problems further down the road.

The short trip is going to prove both enlightening and educational, so be open to where any trip might take you. It could be to the neighboring city or around the world, but it is sure to change your own mindset and help you become a better person. However, as an Aquarius, if the trip is with a Libra or Capricorn, still go, but be mindful of what they are doing. The Libra or Capricorn might be out to surpass and knock you down from your comfortable perch.

Monthly Horoscope December

The month of November brings a variety of opportunities for Aquarius to experience a casual love relationship through dating but these may not lead to the long term relationship desired. Keep in mind that experiences such as these help to build confidence, ultimately becoming extremely useful in future, more permanent relationships. Because Aquarius is especially flirtatious and playful, communication is not a problem and the chance of experiencing true love is multiplied. Be ready at all times because the true love desired is just around the corner.

A horoscope will show that taking risks is part of the way that Aquarius functions so apply these techniques to love and relationships. However, stay away from drama as it is sure to cause emotional ups and downs that will definitely make things a little difficult for a love life. There might be a friendship gone romance in the life of Aquarius and if this is so, take advantage of the time and build on those positive things about the love experienced.

Monthly Horoscope October

Your time has finally arrived Aquarius in this monthly horoscope! Life is opening up that new page that has been needed. Take care in October in love and sex, for this is the time to discover what is new, date and fall in love. Attached Aquarius might not enjoy these new found discoveries, though. Try to express positive emotion and not embrace the negative, although it can be hard. Understanding is what is needed for Aquarius men and women in sexual relationships this month.

New paths can also bring new friendships to the Aquarius lovers as something old can be regained, but beware if this love is an affair, for your married partner might not be being completely honest with you. Friendships can find their needed place in your life, and lean on them, as you can not do it all alone, Aquarius.

Monthly Horoscope September

Aquarius social life has been busy these past few months and it doesnít show any signs of slowing down. Friends, family, and your significant other will keep you bouncing from gathering to gathering in September too. Aquarius may feel exhausted from the constant social obligations but their love life is thriving. Your special man or woman will be there for Aquarius in any way that they need them. This could open the door for a new and mind-blowing sexual encounter with your partner.

Aquarius career seems to be going well. A superior could give you the opportunity to take part in a big project at work. Use caution with this project as it could be what makes or breaks you in the work place. A coworker will come to you for advice regarding an issue with a boss. Aquarius would be wise not to meddle in the issue and worry about their own well-being.

Lucky days: 2, 18, 29

Off days: 5, 17, 23

Monthly Horoscope August

AQUARIUS, you naturally outgoing and loquacious demeanor will shine through this month, making meeting new potential boyfriends and girlfriends feel like a piece of cake. In fact, Aquarius may find that their magnetic personality is drawing so many people in, that they are having to turn dates down. Don't let this go to your head, however. Becoming overly critical of others will eventually turn people off and leave Aquarius single, again.

True love is out there, for the Aquarius that looks in the right place. It may not be obvious. When you find that perfect person, put in the time and effort to make the relationship work. Aquarius often find it very difficult to open up and let themselves become vulnerable.

Unfortunately, without sacrificing a bit of self control, Aquarius will never find the type of relationship they desire. Work on finding a balance between privacy and letting go. Don't worry, when you find that perfect partner, you will still have your desired sense of freedom.

Monthly Horoscope July

Creative, honest Aquarius may find a few road blocks on the path to love this month. Change is on the horizon. This will encompass professional and personal life areas as well as physical health and well being.

The Aquarius will find that dealing with these changes may cause them to neglect life's more pleasurable offerings, and issues can arise from doing so. While friends, family and partners will be supportive, overall, it is important to repay them by not succumbing to petty fault finding or bickering in times of stress. Relaxation, meditation or other simple exercises can help in this area. The Aquarius who is in a committed relationship will find the payback for remaining calm more than abundant when it's time for romance.

This is helped by Venus in the house of couples, meaning that long term relationships can be easily restored to peace and tranquility with little fuss. Volunteerism is also encouraged for the Aquarius this month, as it is an excellent way to forget the recent stresses of living, and find a renewed sense of self in the process. Lucky days for Aquarius signs are July 23 and 24.

Monthly Horoscope June

Oh masters of the turbulent waters, soothers of the waves, and leapers of the ripples, what can you expect from June? This month is the time for you to let go of your rational thoughts, let go of inhibitions and let your heart truly guide you. This month was made especially for you to meet that special someone. Your heart will know who it is, not your eyes, not your mind, nor your friends. Even if who your heart chooses does not seem like the right person, you have got to trust it and it won't guide you awry. Impulses should govern you this month and they will protect you as well.

Your sexual power will stem from your emotions. If you are not emotionally connected with your partner this month, you will lose the opportunity for a paralyzing sexual experience unlike any other. It is important for Aquarius women and men to communicate your desires, but incorporate the desires of your partner, finding the balance between the two of you will make this month quite a passionate one.

This month will urge you to take changes. Take on challenges and overcome them. It will urge you to try new things, and experience new wonders, which can be associated with sexual encounters, of course. For those seeking love, this month will strip away all the things that get in the way like nervousness, 'getting to know each other' mumbo jumbo and focus on concentrating on the animal inside you. You will be lustful and the opposite sex will be lusting after you. It is a time to make a love connection based solely upon physical attraction.

For older couples, take this as the month to rekindle that old spark, rekindle that passion and sexual lust. This month of June is made for the old and the unattached to take risks and be bold. For those who are not too old but committed, it is a time to explore sexual experiences with your emotions wide awake.

Monthly Horoscope May

Love is happy and youthful in May. If any trouble seems to be brewing in your partnership, slow down and spend more time together. Enjoy fun activities as a couple. Take a second honeymoon with your lover and rekindle your first romantic feelings.

Aquarius signs will be engaged in a lot of social activity in May. Invitations will pour in, and it is time to continue cultivating your social skills. You value your independence, but look to others now, and enjoy following your partner and friends for a change. Let others make some of the decisions and have them share their kind of fun.

Single Aquarians will have a high level of social activity, as well. Look for love in venues of entertainment. Parties, get-a-ways, casinos, resorts; all places of fun hold the possibility of love for Aquarius signs this month. Your sex appeal is high, and you will attract the attention of many. Towards the end of May, you will look for just one love partner, but beware of phonies.

If you have wanted to get married to your current love, the wait is over. The month of May brings a whole new connection and dedication to your relationship. Plan ahead if your family is not impressed with your mate. Their misgivings will cause tension and arguments, with them as well as with your beloved. Find a way to deal with this problem before the announcement.

Aquarius signs will also have the opportunity to participate in group connections in May. These will be sudden opportunities and probably work related. However, conversations with new friends and acquaintances will be eye-opening and can push you down a new path of discovery.

Aquarian focus will be on family and home for all of 2013, and May brings particular attention to this sector of your life. You are learning to compromise and meet people halfway. Your new diplomacy and open mindedness has restored your emotional and intellectual connections.

If you are not madly in love with someone, you are madly in love with yourself and your life. The month of May will lead you to the reexamination of long-term goals, which will require you to focus on a family member.

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