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Monthly Horoscope Gemini


Monthly Horoscope December 2018

Avoid egocentric attitudes and learn to share your decisions with your mate, as you now tend to act on your own without consulting your loved one beforehand. Your companion could be annoyed, because you are speeding up the pace too much in matters that actually relate to both of you. Thus, there could be a case in which you launched some initiative without having counted on him/her sufficiently. And as a consequence, your companion may be burdened with part of the work for which you are responsible.

Therefore both of you should jointly plan the next steps you are going to take, which should not be seen as a loss of your own decisive capacity. Rather, exactly the opposite, since deciding jointly will suppose greater wisdom at the time of carrying out your plan of action. Your mate will help you to be more moderate, balanced and equitable, which, without a doubt, will increase your possibilities of success. This conciliation of objectives between both of you will make you happier as a couple and, at the same time, each of you will be more successful in your family, profession and, as a rule, in the every day world.

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Monthly Horoscope September 2017

September is a favorable month for both a single man or woman and Geminis in relationships or who are dating. A Gemini will have no problem attracting others with their compatibility this month. Relationships will depend on attitude this month.

A Gemini can have a committed relationship or opt to have fun relationships that are about sex. Planning for a pregnancy may also be in the cards for a Gemini this month. A Gemini may have many opportunities to start a new relationship this month.

Monthly Horoscope August 2017

Those that are the ever unpredictable Gemini, still have the influence of Saturn in the month of August. This stability should not be taken for granted by Gemini. It might be the perfect time to take your relationship seriously and make dating a permanent thing.

Jupiter will also be affecting Gemini relationships positively in August making finding love easier. If you donít have your man or woman yet, all those of Gemini are in a very positive month to make sure you can find that someone special.

Monthly Horoscope June 2017

This is the month for Gemini to find wholeness in themselves and in their partners. Gemini will find support in friends and in relationships for their health and self-esteem. Jupiter poses the risk of over-extension, so Aries should be sure to set firm boundaries in dating and sex.

Energy and excitement may become overwhelming and single Aries will benefit from listening to their intuition during this time. Gemini can channel their excitement into a fun new date or romantic encounter with a partner.

Monthly Horoscope May 2017

Gemini, May is a month for passion, like most months for the twin. Though, use caution in love and sexual relationships, whether single, dating or partnered. This is when Gemini's house of love and sexual energy is in Jupiter. It will give Gemini a sexual eagerness, but with Jupiter showing up this month it can lead to conflict. Gemini this month Neptune and Mars appear and might cause disappointing sexual situations. In order to have an uncomplicated love life this month, it will take skill.

Gemini, caution must be used to navigate through sexual situations. Temptation and obstacles may be a problem for the Gemini in love, remember Gemini is the house of couples so with a little caution all will be well. The Gemini dating with some caution should have a good month and the single Gemini could meet a new love but take it slowly.

Monthly Horoscope December 2016

Gemini will be in top form this December. Romance will be at the top of their agenda and the super busy Twins will find themselves wishing time did not fly so fast. Singles will enjoy many invitations to parties and other social events with their many friends as well as extended family. In a committed union the Twins should not neglect the emotional needs of their mate or there could be arguments and disagreements with a frustrated significant other.

After the 19th, when Mercury goes into retrograde, the Twins should avoid making any kind of important decisions such as moving in with a new partner or acquiring a new roommate. The full Moon on the 13th can signal a time of increased sexual desire and very erotic and enjoyable situations.

Monthly Horoscope November 2016

Gemini enjoys a burst of sexual power this November, bringing more romantic opportunities to the Twins. Single Gemini will find themselves attracted to a new type of personality that is entirely different than anyone they have dated. The full Moon in Taurus on the 14th will bring a wealth of sensual opportunities for those open to sudden sexual encounters. Gemini in a committed relationship with a special man or woman can experience heightened desire for their partner.

Be careful during the week of the 23rd when the Gemini ruling planet, brilliant Mercury, conjuncts Saturn, causing some unusual restrictions and limitations to make an appearance in the Twinís life. Cloudy thinking, scattered and confused thought processes can cause a lot of problems in love and sex.

Monthly Horoscope September 2016

Happy go lucky Gemini will have a lot of stimulation this month with love and sex as well as career. Your September horoscope brings Gemini plenty of energy to start a new affair, get married, start a new job, or move to a new location. Single Gemini will feel extra frisky and want to go out almost every night, dating new people or just having fun with friends. This would be an excellent time to ask that delightful, sexy person for a first date.

Gemini in a committed relationship will also be on the move, traveling long distances or just local shopping trips with their special man or woman. Gemini, donít give in to the impulse to be sarcastic or critical of loved ones this month, friends, or coworkers, especially during the full Moon on the 16th. Gemini should make sure to eat properly and get enough sleep, or the Twins could experience more than average feelings of anxiety or nervousness. Plenty of sex can help with Gemini anxiety.

Monthly Horoscope August 2016

The Gemini monthly horoscope predicts first part of August will not be a lucky time for the Twins in love. Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini will form negative aspects to other planets which will work mischief in their love life. Gemini should beware of making any important romantic decisions or agreements, signing prenuptial contracts, or getting married during the first half of the month.

After the 10th, single Gemini will consider relinquishing dating and playing the field to form a steady relationship with one person. Gemini in a committed relationship will wish to spend more quality time with their special man or woman and maybe take a long-desired vacation to rekindle their romance. Gemini should consider a wardrobe and hairstyle change this month, to enhance their youthful appearance. The full Moon in Aquarius and a lunar eclipse on the 18th will be a great time to try something new and fabulous.

Monthly Horoscope July 2016

The monthly horoscope for Gemini reveals some sexual ups and downs for the Twins this month. Romantic attachments may lose some of their appeal and Gemini will lose interest and move on to better opportunities for love and sex. Gemini can expect an element of confusion in their love life when it comes to close relationships. A dating or permanent partner may complain of being neglected or ignored by Gemini, causing arguments and other problems.

Single Gemini will begin a relationship quite casually on the Internet or by texting that could result in eventual dating and falling in love. This arrangement could work out quite well romantically in the future. During the full Moon in Capricorn, the committed Gemini in a serious relationship with that special man or woman should refrain from being critical or cold to their partner.

Monthly Horoscope June 2016

When it comes to love relationships this month, Gemini will find themselves pushing quite hard to succeed, only to have very little to show for their efforts. Problems with love and sex may lead Gemini men and women to believe their love life is literally on the brink of unraveling and falling apart, resulting in frustration and depression.

Please donít despair Gemini! These conditions are only temporary and will clear up nicely once Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, has moved away from the malign influence of Mars, Saturn, and Neptune. Single Gemini should try and avoid petty arguments that may arise with friends, coworkers, and dating partners. Expect an unusual surprise to happen on the 14th, bringing a ray of sunshine into the love life of the Twins. Gemini can expect sexual adventures during the full Moon and Summer Solstice on the 20th.

Monthly Horoscope May 2016

The love life of Gemini has many ups and downs this month, according to their monthly horoscope. With the ruling planet Mercury in retrograde, sex may be somewhat erratic as well, as nothing seems to go according to schedule. Single Gemini may find themselves swept up in anotherís drama while dating and will not know how to separate themselves without hurting the other personís feelings. This can drain the sexual energy from Gemini and make them very irritable and sarcastic to be around.

Gemini in a committed relationship may feel mentally strained around their special man or woman as well, and engage in petty arguments. However, after the 22nd of the month, Mercury will go direct and Gemini will feel a great sense of relief. The rest of the month will bring calm and a return of sexual passion.

Monthly Horoscope April 2016

When Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini moves into steady Taurus on the 5th, the Twins will desire more stability in their relationships. Single Gemini may propose marriage or ask their steady date partner to move in on a permanent basis. The 14th can be a very lucky day for Gemini. Use this luck wisely and ask for that big favor, date, or raise you've been wanting so long.

Single Gemini can become confused about a relationship during the full Moon on the 22nd and will need some down time to figure out the solution to the problem. Gemini in a committed relationship with that special man or woman should plan a special holiday or romantic getaway with your partner. Make an effort to be more affectionate and romantic this month so your partner's attention will not wander in search of more love and attention, especially after the 28th.

Monthly Horoscope March 2016

Gemini feels invigorated during this month of March, according to the Twin's monthly horoscope. This is especially true after the 21st, when Mercury, Geminiís ruling planet, moves into feisty Aries. Gemini will feel great and simply exude plenty of sexual charisma that will attract new admirers. New opportunities, sexual and career-wise, are on the horizon for the Twins, and single Gemini will have more social invitations to parties and dating than they can actually handle.

They may spend some quality alone time with an interesting new friend instead. The Twins may be pleasantly surprised by unexpected declarations of love this month. Gemini in a committed relationship with their special man or woman can feel a deeper level of devotion to their loved one this month, leading to passionate encounters. Sex can be especially uplifting for Gemini in the first half of March, thanks to lovely Venus in Pisces.

Monthly Horoscope February 2016

February is the month Gemini will really enjoy themselves. Gemini will desire change and plenty of it, so finding an exciting new job, buying sexy new clothes, or getting a makeover, are only some of the changes the Twins will desire. The weather outside may be gray, but the Gemini mind is as busy as ever with new ideas and plans for the future. Single Gemini will have a busy social calendar crowded with invitations to parties and dates.

Be sure not to stay out too late and skip much-needed sleep. Gemini needs lots of time to recharge their brilliant minds, not to mention their awesome flirting skills. Gemini in a committed relationship with that special man or woman will be delighted when sex becomes more stimulating this month.

Monthly Horoscope December 2015

The frosty weather of December is a great time for Gemini to travel widely and visit friends and family they havenít seen in quite some time. The Twins monthly horoscope indicates rollicking, happy times spent in the company of others this month. With the holiday party season in full swing, few Gemini singles will be able to resist all the invitations and chances to meet new and interesting people.

Gemini in a committed love relationship with a special man or woman will need to watch out that interesting work projects do not distract from family time over the holidays. Be sure and set aside enough cuddle time with a loved one. Mercury moving into Capricorn on the 9th can indicate a preoccupation with career, and make Gemini ambitious for new horizons to conquer. Important purchases are made after the 4th.

Monthly Horoscope November 2015

To lively Gemini, the cooler November weather indicates an extremely busy time of juggling love and sex with career and family. The Twinís monthly horoscope indicates Geminiís energy level is quite high all month and they feel as if they can accomplish anything! Single Geminis will be quite content to meet a friend on their lunch hour, skip that meal, work all day, eat on the run, then dash off to a hot date.

They seem to thrive on this frenetic activity. Geminis in a committed love relationship with that special man and woman are only a little less busy than the singles. Takeout food will definitely be on the menu this month. The full Moon in Gemini on the 25th will bring more opportunities for sexual encounters and multiple partners.

Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Gemini's monthly horoscope for October promises more personal satisfaction for the Twins. When Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, goes direct on the 9th, the Twins will start to feel their brilliant and charming best again. Their thinking will be clear and their judgment keen. Also, Gemini will feel more confident and be interested in all things pertaining to love and sex.

However, later this month all things sexual can cool down a bit. The romance that simmered in summer may now burn with a more gentle flame. Twins should take advantage of this peaceful time to connect deeply with family. Gemini in a committed relationship should relax and enjoy being together with that special someone. Single Gemini men or women should take that class they've been considering. They will meet some interesting new people.

Monthly Horoscope September 2015

Geminiís monthly horoscope for September predicts high creativity the first half of the month. Now is the time for Gemini to write that love letter or special song, or make romantic plans. Gemini may find their natural talent for mental juggling and masterful flirting may fall short of the mark after the 17th when Mercury goes into retrograde.

A bit more confusion and forgetfulness clouds Geminiís usually clear judgment at this time. Be sure to pay attention to the calendar and the clock. Donít be late for dates with that special someone or forget important birthdays and anniversaries. This could really harm Gemini relationships or make trouble at a later date if you neglect loved ones. Geminiís level of mental energy will be high at this time, giving you loads of ideas to explore, but donít let it overshadow your love life. Guard against frustration and irritation if things arenít working out. Know it will pass.

Monthly Horoscope August 2015

If you were born under the Gemini sign, you are a spirited and resourceful person. Your August forecast is predicting a month of surprises for both the single men and women and for those already in a relationship. This will offer intriguing sexual experiences that will prove to be fulfilling in every way. This is a good time to be honest and truthful in every relationship.

When you plan your date or dating experiences, do not make any hasty decisions in your regards to your relationships. This would be the cause of your pleasure turning into pain. Do not let your doubts or lack of confidence create suffering for you. Enjoy a date without worry. Every Gemini can expect their monthly August forecast to include fulfillment in many ways. Every Gemini can completely enjoy the month of August in lively and exciting ways.

Monthly Horoscope July 2015

Gemini can expect to experience a yearning to have a stronger connection within their personal relationships this July.

The single Gemini may find that loving relationship that they have been seeking. The focus is on stronger relationships and connections. This is a good time to get out and start dating again for the single Gemini. The Gemini who is in a relationship already will discover deeper meaning in all of their relationships.

Monthly Horoscope June 2015

Gemini get ready to feel a powerful sex drive. Gemini just cannot be stopped this month as they will be filled with courage in June. That means the Gemini should get ready to go for what they want, whether they're seeking a man or a woman for a relationship, or simply a strictly sexual relationship. This may be the perfect time for the Gemini to take a chance on a blind date, or perhaps hit up the local bar scene. They'll be able to take those chances in June. Otherwise, if a Gemini isn't single then they can try new and exciting ways to spice up sex with their partner.

Monthly Horoscope June 2015

Pitfalls may await the Gemini that does not yield to feelings of others. Singles: May for the Gemini can prove overbearing for loved ones. Attempt to reel in volatile emotions as aggression and stubbornness can push people away. Keep tabs on the Gemini horoscope for the duration of the month to monitor for expected changes in mood. Dating: A Gemini should cut back on dating for the month. Mars will be in Gemini for a period during the month, shaking up emotions and bring out the worst in Gemini. Consider carefully what is being said, how to respond. A short temper can fracture budding romance, or the prospect of love. Couples: Gemini couples should tread carefully in May. Sex is not the solution to angry words, but neither is walking away or turning the other cheek. Work diligently on communication, as Mars in Gemini will make civil behavior a hard won task.

Monthly Horoscope April 2015

This is a very important month for relationships. April will also be a great time for Gemini to personally find uplifted spirits. This will cause relationships at home and personal issues to be less important to Gemini. Relationships will change fast for Gemini this month.

The planet Saturn will help Gemini control indulgence in sexual desires. Gemini will find love in all places during this month. Normal monthly activities with spouses may lead Gemini to distrust spouses. This can also cause Gemini to accuse the spouse of cheating. This month will not be easy for any Gemini man or woman who is attempting to have a child. Single Geminis will have an easy time finding love of the sexual nature just outside your social circle. The Gemini twins will find fiscal happiness in the first half of the month, and this will assist in developing dating relationships. April is a good time for the Gemini to date, but managing this love will prove difficult. Thankfully, Saturn is on the Gemini's side.

Monthly Horoscope March 2015

The love horoscope will be blissful for the Gemini this month. Love relationships will be peaceful after the chaos of previous months. The single Gemini man and woman may begin dating again. Major relationship decisions should be postponed to a later month. Gemini woman can begin planning for a pregnancy this month. March to late summer will be a difficult month for married Gemini. Jealousy may creep into Geminiís love life. Gemini must devote more time to their significant other in order to keep the relationship strong. If single, but dating, Gemini must apply this rule to their love life as well. The Gemini sex life will become more enjoyable and interesting. Sexual exploration and freedom are important. The immediate future is bright for Gemini. Redirect your attitudes and Gemini will become stronger and more inspired.

Monthly Horoscope December 2014

The first half of December 2014 will be a time of dating for the Gemini that is looking for a new love interest. For those that are already involved, sexual relationships will be on the horizon for the Gemini that has been waiting for the right moment. Couples that have been together will renew their love in a positive manner.

The rest of December 2014 promises new developments in current relationships or events that can lead to a new attraction. This good news will continue into the new calendar year. Gemini will be ultimately happy for most of the month of December and will have many more positive days in the future with love. Enjoy this burst of romance around you, Gemini! Keep your head on straight and go with the flow.

Monthly Horoscope November 2014

This monthly Zodiac sign, symbolizes your dual nature, in a world where everything comes in pairs; for instance male and female, good and evil. A Gemini usually gets bored quickly, but they love to experiment. In terms of attraction, Aries pioneering spirit is enough to keep a Gemini hooked-up. When the sun and Venus travels together at the beginning of the month, you will experience a lot of happiness, playtime and romance.

You will also experience fewer miss-communications with your spouse. However, towards the end of the November, your spouse or an adversary may feel unhappy because of your leadership style. If your relationship is troubled, this is the time to launching a fresh start. You may find yourself defending your position, especially when questions are asked about the new man or woman in your life.

Monthly Horoscope October 2014

Gemini singles on the prowl will have to bring their best A game to the table. If a crush is suddenly single, then you will have the opportunity to show your worth. However, you will not be alone in the competition. Do not give up if you believe your crush is worth the fight because it will make the relationship even sweeter if they decide on you in the end. If not, then you will learn a valuable lesson about your wants and desires along the way.

The Gemini in a relationship should be cautious about starting any fights with their partner. Now is a prime time to enjoy the moment you have with one another. Take a quick vacation if possible to rewind and relax. As for the dating Gemini, you might have had a rough patch the last month, but that is about to change. Do not lower your standards for anyone and keep meeting new people until you feel a certain spark.

Monthly Horoscope September 2014

This monthly duplicitous horoscope sign signifies versatility. Gemini normally presents two opposing sides of a personality. On one hand, a Gemini may be restless, contemplative or even indecisive, but on the other hand you may find a twin zodiac who is flirtatious, outgoing, fun to be with and very communicative. The positive thing is that both twins are never boring, since they can make amends and co-exist rationally.

Geminiís are also spirited lovers who are willing to try their luck with love until someone with a fitting energy and intellectual match comes along. Geminiís typically need excitement and stimulation to stay satisfied. Towards the end of August moving into September Eros will be moving through your partnership sector and Mars will be talking over in mid-September. This means that you should expect some fireworks, you could be the one pursuing someone or someone will be pursuing you irrationally; expect an over the top behavior. However, by the end of the month you should be in a good position to come to terms with any out of character behaviors.

Monthly Horoscope August 2014

Gemini is a restless seeker looking for new sensations and indulgence on a monthly basis. Restless Gemini never stays still, he or she will instead dance with a partner one after the other in an elaborate sexual gavotte. One of major problem a Gemini will encounter in a relationship is become unknowingly inconsiderate of the feelings of others. Because a Gemini woman or man may be so insensitive to other peopleís feeling, this factor may spell death knell on other peoples hope of finding love with a Gemini.

To overcome this weakness, the horoscope suggests that you listen attentively when talking because Gemini values strong friendship relationship over love. The forecast for Gemini in August will unravel a tricky relationship between money and love. However, honesty with a partner should help you emerging from the problems unscathed.

Monthly Horoscope July 2014

The single Gemini may look very seriously in July for the right man or woman. It is important that Gemini remains very self-disclosed about your own wants and needs, sexual and otherwise. Date just to date, if that is what your heart desires Gemini, but please take careful notes along the way. If much needed fulfilment is not forthcoming from dating in this fashion, stop wasting time.

Sex should be a consideration, but not the only one. Is this man, or this woman going to stimulate you tomorrow? What about next week? How about next April, or even years down the road? Will the spark of today still shine so brightly tomorrow? If interest is already waning when the time comes to read your next horoscope, then Gemini, you are most likely not on the right path.

Monthly Horoscope June 2014

Gemini should allow the gentle nature of Venus to guide them through June, as it promises to present many challenges in love and relationships. The middle of June may be especially trying and will require Gemini to remain centered and sensitive. Being honest does not mean being offensive and Gemini must take the feelings of others into consideration.

The Gemini in a relationship should try to be gentle with their partner and make sure that they do not feel rejected or alienated. For the single Gemini, many new and exciting acquaintanceships will be formed and they may end up dating a very special man or woman. By sincerely communicating their needs, Gemini can help to resolve any complications which may arise.

Monthly Horoscope April 2014

Gemini is the sign of the twins. Could it be that your desires do not always see eye to eye? A date with a Gemini may be stressful for others, especially during April and these early months of 2014. Some even consider that this is the astrological sign that indicates perpetually dueling personalities. Dating and Gemini personalities can sometimes be at odds. A Gemini desires love, sex and romance, but only if can be obtained on the terms that they dictate. Your fickle nature could cause your soul-mate to do an about-face. Tread lightly this month and remember to treat others in the same manner as you wish to be treated. The second week of April will bring a new and interesting person into your life.

Romance is in the cards for the married Gemini as well as the single Gemini in April. Temptation will rear its head and you are going to find it difficult to resist the opportunity to flirt outrageously with a sexy stranger. This situation is going to create problems for the Gemini who is involved in a committed relationship.

Monthly Horoscope March 2014

Any Gemini finding themselves in the public eye this month will be viewed as sexy, confident and extremely attractive. This is all thanks to Venus in the beginning of the month. However, by mid March Mercury will find itself in retrograde which can cause a disruption in communication for Gemini. This may lead to potential arguments and misunderstandings between man and woman.

Gemini can remedy this by being open and honest about feelings and not becoming easily frustrated when being misunderstood. It is important for Geminis to be very clear and direct this month. Gemini can take advantage of being direct by putting it to good use in the bedroom this month. Advice for the single Gemini would be to be bolder and ask your crush out on a date. Who knows, it might lead to a new relationship. Take control and be in charge this month Gemini!

Monthly Horoscope February 2014

As a Gemini, you have had issues with work for some time now. Your boss has not been doing a proper job running, and it has bothered you for some time. However, this is the month where you simply can't take it any longer and end up speaking your mind because of it. By doing so, you might find yourself in trouble at work, but a new relationship interest is going to spring up.

Someone in the room when you spoke up has a sexual attraction to you and completely agrees with what you say, which is going to make their urge for sex that much stronger. Whether you follow through with this desire and urge is up to you. However, watch out if they are another Gemini, as they too are going to have issues with their boss the same month, and the second Gemini might cause you trouble.

Monthly Horoscope November

While this has, more than likely, been a year about building up personal areas of life for Gemini, November is a month about love being in the air. There are current casual relationships in the life of Gemini that should be followed much more carefully as it could be the source of intimate relationship. This is the time to let go of any inhibitions that might be holding Gemini back by going on the occasional date.

Focus on new beginnings even if with old friends. This applies to both a man or a woman. Love and sex will spring from personal satisfaction with life and all that surrounds the life of Gemini. Friendship will grow into relationship and relationship into intimate partnership so be prepared for anything. This is the time to use the creative vision already present to move forward into bigger and better relationships monthly.

Monthly Horoscope October

This monthly horoscope brings romantic happiness to many Gemini. Relationships will experience a closeness unlike other times lately. Sex can bring a joy to attached Gemini. Single twins should consider all aspects before starting to date and pursuing love, for October brings answers to many questions. But beware of the fling, as this is not a good month for a relationship that's purely sexual.

Toward the middle of the month, Gemini will notice a change, and true love can reveal itself but oppressive tendencies can be revealed. Try to remain always objective, and remember to see both sides of the story. Near the end of the month, things will turn around for you Gemini, so hang in there - it will happen.

Monthly Horoscope September

September is the month of love for Gemini. Your love and sex life will flourish. If youíre single take a chance meeting someone new, chances are you wonít regret it. Gemini will reach new peaks in their personal and romantic lives and should explore their relationships as much as possible. A new friendship could also be on the horizon. Gemini should embrace their life and spend extra time with friends, significant others and family.

Gemini may feel like they are in a slump in their professional life. This could cause a lack of inspiration in the workplace. Gemini may feel like slacking at work because of this, but it is important you continue to give your career your best or there may be repercussions.

Lucky days: 5, 19, 27

Off days, 1, 14, 23

Monthly Horoscope August

GEMINI, the biggest issue that Gemini will face this month is simply finding time for love and romance in the first place. Between work, friends and other commitments, Gemini may find that they have little time left over for meeting new people and going out on dates.

Don't worry too much, however, Gemini spirits and energy are running high this month giving Gemini an outburst of energy to get everything they need, and more, accomplished.

Things may be a little lackluster in the sex department right now for Gemini. Allow yourself to become more vulnerable and you will find that the possibilities open up in the sexual arena. Friends and family may have useful advice and are willing to offer help, if you are willing to be honest about the situation. Gemini should avoid making decisions based on emotions; if possible, delay any important decision making until next month.

Monthly Horoscope July

This month's horoscope is action packed for the bright, intellectual and charming Gemini. A boost of passion, intensity and confidence from Mars will find Gemini early in the month, while a dose of sexual energy and verve comes from Eros at the end.

While Gemini will be bursting with desire, courage and a thirst for action, they should also be wary of rushing to judgment or appearing overly confident. Relaxation, meditation or other simple exercises can help in this area. Take things slow and evaluate carefully for maximum results in all areas. With Venus in Gemini until the 22nd of the month July, romance and emotions will play a role in the life of the single Gemini going on a first date, as well as the one in a committed, long term love relationship.

Enjoy it all to the fullest, but keep in mind that the influx of confidence and sex appeal may cause some to mistake the Gemini man or woman for arrogant or manipulative. Approaching situations with as much humility as can be mustered will help. This is particularly true of those involving love or money. Lucky days for Aries are 4,5,6 and 31.

Monthly Horoscope June

Gemini is associated with Mars and Mars will be scorching this month. What does this mean for you? It means intensified sexual desires and performance. Although it will intensify much more than just your sexual desires, it will also bring out your intense feelings into the light. This is the time when your partner might say something to make you explode, which will make your true feelings show. So this is the time for honesty to explode, for tears, for hugs, and surprises.

Mercury, which is associated with Gemini will be aligning with Venus this month, which means that you might find most of your happiness and passions with an Aries. With passion comes great responsibility for Geminisí.

You need to exercise caution because if you do not control yourself you could damage the relationship you are in if you speak out of turn, or say something hurtful. This is not the month you want to get angry. This is also not the month you want to pick a fight. This is a month for you to hone your strengths and passions toward positive things.

Monthly Horoscope May

May brings a favorable aspect to all parts of the Gemini-life. You will experience a boost in compatibility with love and lovers. With 2013 being your most passionate year, May will bring lots of emotional situations, and the Gemini should be ready for anything.

The last few months may have felt like a love roller coaster for all Gemini signs. While exciting, you may have leaped into relationships too fast. This is not Geminiís normal logical thinking and is bound to cause problems. There will be surprising situations and embarrassing moments.

Your passions are intense, displaying your most charming self and best social graces. You are very appealing to others at this time. These feelings of passion will dominate all of May, with your most romantic time of the year 2013 in mid-May.

Taurus and Scorpio will figure in love issues this month, and social activity increases. A new opportunity is on the horizon for big expenses involving a new home or car. There is an enjoyable moment waiting for the Gemini in May, and the possibility of marriage.

If you are a single Gemini, you will have significant introductions made this month. If you are just partying, you will have a lot of takers. If you are looking for a longer term relationship, raise your standards and be picky. You will find greater intimacy when you are alone with someone and not putting on a show.

Couples will rekindle romance after a period of questioning whether things were on or off. They are on now and throughout May until June. Use this time to sort out the future. Because you are learning to separate your head from your heart, you will survive any tough relationship issues.

Other areas in life will be impacted by your cool logic. You will successfully resolve a work problem and make your mark. This is a critical time to protect your children. Pay attention to who their friends are and how they are spending their money.

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