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Monthly Horoscope Leo


Monthly Horoscope December 2018

A disharmonious aspect of transiting Uranus to Moon could bring important changes in your relationship to your family as well as with your mate. These changes can be quite rapid and sudden, and you will have to exercise self-control and be quite flexible to keep the reins on these circumstances. You now have a strong need for personal freedom and indifference.

In this respect, you have to be especially prudent, since it is possible that you now make quick decisions and detach yourself from your sentimental or family relationships in general. If you act sharp and thoughtless, you probably will regret it shortly afterwards. If you opt at this time to cut or cool a relationship, it could be difficult to repair. It is also possible that a problem is created because a member of your family, or your mate, now has a need to be released and detached.

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Monthly Horoscope September 2017

The horoscope for September for a single Leo predicts that they will have many opportunities for forming a romantic relationship. A Leo man or woman should be careful getting into a committed relationship, though. The influence of Venus and Uranus is felt in the personal charm of a Leo. The issues of pregnancy and children will need attention this month.

A Leo will have an active social life this month and may get into a relationship with an older person. While marriage should be avoided this month, a single Leo can look for dating opportunities through people that their family members know.

Monthly Horoscope August 2017

Saturn has had a monthly influence on Leo for most of 2017 and should continue to heat up love and sex all through the month of August. If you are a Leo that is wondering if the relationship is good or not, things might get shaky on August 7th due to a lunar eclipse that will occur then.

Apart from the 7th, your sex and love life should be so hot you might not know which is which. If you are still a single Leo man or woman, this month is great to choose which person you want to focus on since Neptuneís sexual aura is not clouding the judgment of relationships for Leo.

Monthly Horoscope June 2017

Leo will feel a boost of creativity early in June. Single Leo can harness this creative energy to explore new ways to meet potential lovers. For a Leo who has found a man or woman, this is a time to introduce new elements into the relationship.

Love and fun will guide Leo on an exciting date and in sexual experiences with romantic interests. Leo runs the risk of passion turning to anger, so Leo should work towards inner harmony.

Monthly Horoscope May 2017

The monthly horoscope for Leo has changes in store for this birth sign. Last month Leo was more into a cultural or spiritual reflection but not this month. It will become clear for Leo communication is the way to strengthen relationships. The Leo dating is on a journey of discovery this month and if single Leo this isn't a month to meet someone new.

But it can be a time of sexual awareness all the ingredients are there this month for Leo to have a fulfilling love relationship. If dating it can be a time for strengthening relationships even with a new love. Single Leo if meeting a new love interest desire will be strong. Leo this month is better than some past months like October since, that was a month when sex and relationships weren't at a high point.

Monthly Horoscope December 2016

Leo will want to take extra good care of their worldly possessions during this December and this includes their sexual partners as well. During the Mercury retrograde that begins on the 19th, computers can crash and partners want to argue, causing the Lion to become very irritated and grouchy. Just go with the flow and donít get too upset when problems suddenly arise. Donít allow yourself to become angry or overly critical of others or there certainly will be regrets later.

On the 12th, singles can experience some erotic and very stimulating experiences while dating. Leo in a committed union with a special man or woman will have the opportunity to experience a deeper intimacy with their partner during the full Moon on the 13th and long-standing problems involving the union can be openly discussed and finally solved.

Monthly Horoscope November 2016

Leo feels rather gentle, sensitive, and even mystical this month thanks to dreamy, idealistic Neptune trining the Sun, their ruling planet during the first part of November. The Lion will be drawn to the arts, even if they just take lots of erotic photos of their lovers. During the last days of November, the Sun will square Neptune. Leo should be careful they are not taken advantage of in love and sex.

Single Leo will feel compelled to date more sensitive, nurturing people and will expect a lot from their sex partners, even if itís only a casual affair. Committed Leo in a stable relationship will want to be pampered and lovingly seduced by their special man or woman. Unfortunately, Leo may take more than they give during the month of November as foretold by their monthly horoscope.

Monthly Horoscope September 2016

Sunny Leo will experience some extra-sexy times this September, as promised by their monthly horoscope. The month begins on a note of caution, as the Sun, ruling planet of Leo, forms a negative aspect with stern Saturn, the planet of restriction. Leo should use caution in matters of love, sex, career, and money during this time, as tempers, emotions, and spending could easily get out of hand and cause many problems later. Single Leo should try and avoid feelings of jealousy and possessiveness when dating and with sex partners especially.

These potentially destructive feelings could damage the beginnings of a relationship and end it before it has even begun. Leo in a committed relationship with a special man and woman should also avoid feeling extra possessive during this time. Show your partner that you trust them and have some fun instead of arguing. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a movie together, then indulge in sexual passion afterwards. Leo, enjoy life!

Monthly Horoscope August 2016

The Leo horoscope predicts the Sun will shine brightly in love and sex for the Lion this August, putting a big smile on the face of the Lion. Watch out for the weird and out of the ordinary after the 16th, when Leoís ruling planet the Sun will form a beneficial trine with Uranus. This aspect will cause silly mistakes and strange circumstances to work out in Leoís favor, bringing amazing good luck and happiness to the Big Cat.

Fate is certainly on Leoís side this month. Single Leo may score a hot date with their sexy dream man or woman through a series of bizarre events that can make life seem almost like a comedy. Committed Leo in a special relationship will experience the same sort of bad luck converted to good luck, due to Uranusís quirky energy. This factor is especially true on the 18th, when the full Moon in Aquarius and lunar eclipse will occur simultaneously, bringing forth all things weird and wonderful!

Monthly Horoscope July 2016

Unusual experiences in love and sex are ahead for Leo during July. The Leo monthly horoscope also indicates some very lucky days, especially the 10th and 17th. Travel for romantic reasons may figure prominently in the Lion's plans as well, but please avoid taking a journey on the 16th. The full Moon in Capricorn on the 19th means serious discussions concerning love and sex can occur during that time.

Single Leo will feel an increasing desire for more stability in an important relationship and will consider asking a lover to share lodgings. Some Leos will propose marriage. Lots of extra love and affection from a love partner will make Leo in a committed relationship purr like a kitten with their special man or woman.

Monthly Horoscope June 2016

The Lion's monthly horoscope foretells quite a passionate June. Leo will certainly enjoy many sexual liaisons and adventures, but they should be careful of overindulgence. Watch out for too much food, drink, sensuality, and especially overspending. Leo may feel a sense of confusion and indecision during the first half of the month and desire some form of change, from love partners, jobs, or changing their residence.

Travel will also be a top priority, but the Leo horoscope predicts long-distance travel should be avoided until next month. Leo in a committed relationship will want to reorganize their life with their special man or woman, implementing new goals and priorities within the relationship. These changes will further enhance mutual long-term happiness and stability. Single Leo will certainly be on the prowl throughout June, seeking sexy new partners to date.

Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Proud Leo can expect an exciting time as promised by their monthly horoscope for May. Mercury in retrograde, plus good aspects between lovely Venus and mysterious Neptune, promises plenty of sexual adventures and exciting experiences. Infatuation with a new person is on the agenda for single Leo, who may discover this new partner while on a date with another person.

Be careful of jealousy in this situation or the fur will fly! Dating will be unpredictable this month, especially until the 22nd, when Mercury goes direct. With the Sun in good aspects, Leo in a committed relationship should spend time with their special man or woman and enjoy being adored by their partner. Good food, a sensual massage, plus a big dose of sexual passion, will make Leo purr like a kitten all night long.

Monthly Horoscope April 2016

For the first half of the month, Leo enjoys sudden extra freedom and plenty of attention from admirers. Single Leos will enjoy lots of invitations and dates with new and interesting people. However, when the Sun moves into Taurus on the 18th, life can become more sedate and peaceful. On the 6th be wary of a personality clash with a new acquaintance that can be more than a tad controlling and domineering.

Leo, for your own happiness, keep your distance from this person, no matter how sexy and desirable they may seem. No Leo wants to be controlled and dominated in this way! Leo that enjoys a committed relationship with that special man or woman can be romantically surprised by the sudden upswing in ardor in the relationship and travel is possible before the 19th.

Monthly Horoscope March 2016

Proud Leo may feel quite lazy and content this month, staying up late and snoozing more than usual. Opportunities for sexual adventures and romantic liaisons may magically fall into Leoís lap, making the Lion feel quite smug! Single Leo will dream about scoring that first date and making drastic changes in their life, but they wonít get around to implementing these changes this month.

Leo in a committed relationship will enjoy increased romance and much steamy, sexual pleasure this month with their special man or woman, but will expect to be pampered at the same time. Leo should be careful not to take too much and give back too little. Leo, be extra careful about too much drinking, eating, or spending money this month, especially during the solar eclipse on March 8th.

Monthly Horoscope February 2016

Brave and bold Leo is in for a treat the month of February. Leoís monthly horoscope promises lots of love and admiration, especially for single Leos that have been feeling a bit neglected lately. Beautiful Venus will enter the sign of Aquarius on the 16th, and together with passionate Mars in Scorpio, these planets can bring much sexual excitement to Leo.

Lions in a committed relationship with a special man or woman should spend more quality time together. Activities such as going to a gym, shopping, or taking a walk should encourage more romantic fulfillment for both of you. Some Leos will feel the need to make dramatic lifestyle changes this month, but should resist the urge to make very big changes, especially after the 13th.

Monthly Horoscope December 2015

The cold winds of December blow some steamy excitement into the life of Leo. Leoís monthly horoscope promises travel for the first part of the month until the 21st, when the Sun moves into Capricorn and life becomes more relaxed. Single Leo will plan a romantic getaway for two or consider acquiring a new roommate.

The dating scene this month can become an absolute whirlwind for Leo, and it may be difficult to keep up with all the social activity. Leo in a committed love relationship with a special man or woman will enjoy amorous times around the 25th, due to the full Moon in Cancer. An important situation involving a relationship can arise on the 9th that needs a quick decision. This matter will involve some tactful diplomacy to solve the problem to the mutual satisfaction of Leo and their partner.

Monthly Horoscope November 2015

November may look drab outdoors, but it foretells bright and cheerful times ahead for Leo. Leoís monthly horoscope foretells that Leo will literally sparkle with charisma and sexual magnetism, attracting a lot of attention and interest. Single Leos will have little problems with dating and obtaining eager sexual partners when lovely Venus and masterful Mars sextile their ruling planet, the Sun.

Leo in a committed love relationship will enjoy domestic and romantic bliss with that special man or woman they adore. Plenty of admiration and compliments from a loved one will have this big cat purring contently in no time! After a meal, passionate sex can be a wonderful way of spending those chilly evenings beside a fire. Leos should watch out for overindulging in rich food this month.

Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Leo's monthly horoscope for October promises happy times in love and sex after the 9th. Sexual magnetism is high, and Leo will be delighted at all the amorous attention they will receive. Single Leos should get a new hair style and jazz up their wardrobe to dazzle that gorgeous new date. Leo in a committed relationship should also investigate sexy, new ways to look good for their lovers. Forget about work for a while and plan some lustful joys with that heavenly someone.

Halloween on the horizon can cause quite a bit of excitement, as all Leos love dressing in costumes and sexual role playing. Leo men and women would get a lot of enjoyment from a date with that special person to shop for sexy costumes for each other. The full Moon on the 27th would be the perfect time for this adventure.

Monthly Horoscope September 2015

Leoís monthly horoscope promises all Leos, men or women, will enjoy plenty of romantic opportunities this September. Energetic Mars in this sign in trine aspect with Uranus can confer a devil may care attitude when it comes to love and sex - especially sex. Single Leos should seek out a date with someone they admire. Now is the time to make a move.

With sexual powers at their peak, Leos will take chances and move out of their comfort zones this month. Since Leo feel so adventurous, this is also an excellent time to travel, especially to new places the Lions have never visited before. Leos grab your special man and woman and catch a boat for that romantic cruise your passionate heart has been yearning for. After the 17th, the pesky Mercury retrograde causes some confusion and mix-ups with tickets and luggage, but your special trip will still be fun!

Monthly Horoscope August 2015

If you were born under the Leo Sign, you are an exciting and strong person. Your August forecast for 2015 is expected to be a positive month for you. If you are a single Leo, you may need to put a little extra energy into your prospective relationships. You can plan a date and make it memorable. You will want to seize possible opportunities for love. If your are currently in a relationship, this is the month to add a little extra romance.

Take some time to enjoy the simple things in your life together. Try some quiet walks . Romance and sex will bloom when you take the time to add some special moments and allow your desires loose. Those who are experiencing relationship trouble can expect resolution when deep emotions are released. Expect love to flourish and be nourished. The man who is born under Leo will want to take extra initiative with a woman. Do not let conflicting interests spoil romance. August is the month to reach your desired relationship goals. You can expect to have strong sexual energy.

Monthly Horoscope July 2015

Those who were born under the sign of Leo may experience a heightened positive energy that will trigger a domino effect of love. Every man and woman under the Leo sign will be affected by this positive streak.

This is a great month to date and get involved in a fulfilling relationship that offers satisfying sex. Those who are already in a relationship can ride the positive energy wave. This is your monthly prediction for every Leo. Enjoy your positive energy filled month.

Monthly Horoscope June 2015

Leos should not expect any serious problems in their monthly forecast for June. Rather, the Leo should expect somewhat of a stable and fairly predictable month if they can learn how to handle the situations that come their way. For those who aren't single and want to stay that way then they should get ready to put more trust in whoever they are dating. Their spouse may be difficult at this time, but that doesn't mean a Leo can't arise to a challenge. Leos need to make sure not to let their tempers get to them this month or get into a jealous rage. Instead, a Leo should not be overcome with feelings of jealousy. They need to calmly talk through these problems with their lover to avoid any major problems. There could also be some large and positive events this month. The Leo should trust in their horoscope, and take a chance on maybe someone that they've been looking to date.

Monthly Horoscope May 2015

Love can penetrate the walls around the heart of a Leo. Singles: Leos must open their hearts to the possibility of love, even if past relationships were hurtful. Do not fear falling in love, and allow fun to take precedence in your life once again. Dating: Do not let sex rule a blossoming relationship with another Leo. Focus on the experience of getting to know a date in more than a physical sense. Look for a man or woman capable of openness, and affectionate love and romance. Couples: Sex can take a backseat this month, when misunderstandings cause tension between Leo couples. Do not allow insecurities and hurt feelings get in the way of a steady relationship. A partner who cannot whether this type of storm with a Leo may be unworthy of a Leo's unconditional love and support.

Monthly Horoscope April 2015

April 2015 is a great month for Leo to dream of lovers. The dreams Leo has this month about love, sex and relationships have a high ability of coming true. Sexual passion will take over Leo's relationships this month. Single Leos are likely to find success in love if they travel abroad this month.

For married Leos this month, relationships may prove difficult with your spouse. It is advised to beware of quarreling and fighting with spouses. The best love match for Leo this month is Aries. April 2015 will be an impulsive month for Leo in terms of spending money, so it is advised to not buy gifts for others. Horoscope predictions include success financially, but the impulsive nature of Leo can negate this profit.

Monthly Horoscope March 2015

The March 2015 love horoscope will focus on romance and friendships. Now is the time for regal Leo to be social, date, check in with friends Leo has not talked to and make the phone calls Leo has been putting off. Leo will enjoy the sexual energy of the dating game while they make love connections. Leo will use their sexual prowess to turn up the seduction and draw more ardent admirers their way. Leo needs to refine their social graces and brush up on their people skills to avoid putting the wrong foot forward during March. During the winter Leo has ignored their own sexual needs as they focused instead on their partners needs and desires. During the month of March single Leo can look forward to finding a permanent relationship and sexual exploration to come their way. It is wise for Leo to begin thinking in terms of us instead of me. For the Leo man and woman in a relationship or married, compassion and sharing fill your relationships this month. Any trouble in the past will fade away and rekindling your love will take center stage.

Monthly Horoscope December 2014

December 2014 will be a sizzling month for Leo. Passionate feelings for both man and woman will arise during the beginning of the month, increasing as the duration of the month goes on. Love and sexual encounters will be positive until the third week of December.

For Leo it will be almost a feeling of being in a frenzy. There is an overwhelming need to find love or keep love this month, and Leo will obtain positive results if they keep the end result in their mind. Be true to yourself, Leo as this is the best way to make someone else realize your qualities are genuine.

Monthly Horoscope November 2014

Leoís like leaving in a sea of opulence; they hate frugality, but they can also be fiercely loyal. Like royalty, Leos are able to stand out from the rest of the crowd, because lions are the most revered animal in the jungle. Leoís will often go for opportunities that make them standout or be appreciated. Leoís are attracted to the charms of Libra, because of their ability to create a perfect sexual atmosphere that is full of passion. During the month of November 2014, someone in your private life may get you ticked-off, but your productive energy should help see you through.

From the beginning of the month, when Venus and the sun will be travelling partners, good communication will be key. On the other hand, from November 11th to 16th when Jupiter and Sun will be clashing, the Sun will be on your partnerís side. The energy in the air will be much more tenable; avoid taking things too personally, especially when it comes to dating. From November 22, a new moon will rise and your personal pleasure as pertains to sex, love and romance will take center stage once again.

Monthly Horoscope October 2014

Leo is sure to be lucky in love this month across all fronts. It does not matter if you are single or in a happily committed relationship because this is a relish in the joy of unencumbered love. The single Leo should rely on his or her instinct when it comes to meeting new people that spark potential interest. This will prove to be the best result when it comes to love this month. The same can be said for the dating Leo who needs to be proactive when it comes to holding onto a good thing. This Leo needs to be ready and willing the minute a great relationship shows its potential. However, do not appear too eager as that can scare off potential interests.

The Leo in a relationship suddenly holds all the answers to love for single friends and family the second half of the month of October. Use this time to give advice stemming from your experiences in a successful relationship to those in need of some help. Also, try not to get worked up over the small stuff when it comes to dealing with problems. There is no reason to cry over things that can easily be fixed.

Monthly Horoscope September 2014

This lion sign is eerily noticeable by everyone, especially when it moves. Leo exudes a charm that is irresistible, reassuring and fiery. This fiery monthly horoscope sign is forthright and passionate when it comes to showing affection and very adventurous when it comes to sex. Leo mates are selected due to their willingness to allow the Leo to lead from the front, be independent and stand out from competition.

A Leo spouse or date needs to be uninhibited and intellectual to cut through the relationship. Between August 12 and September 5, Venus will be moving around and the world will be appreciating your love at least for once. Moving into mid-September, Mars will be roving around your romance sector, so expect flashes of romance to rent the air. Make September a month to enjoy the moment, offer gifts and go shopping with your spouse or date if you are single. Your relationship is bound to strengthen during this month despite minor hiccups.

Monthly Horoscope August 2014

Leo is the monthly king of the Zodiac signs. Leo will take on any opportunity to be loved or be at the center of attention which is quite easy, because Leo is controlled by warmth of the sun which flows in the form of a warm hearted nature. As the sign of fire, you are exceedingly enliven and sexually demanding. If you are dating your love will notice the magic around you; like the lion cub, you are both dramatic and full of vitality.

Leo exudes an irresistible sexual power which should draw everyone into their orbit. The temptation to date someone in the office may be very strong at the beginning of August, step back to check if the feelings are mutual to avoid regrets later.

Monthly Horoscope July 2014

Your monthly horoscope might read more like a trite advice column, but this truly is the time for Leo to create your own happiness. There are goals on your horizon, but they are not yet clearly defined. Is dating a mere exercise, or is it moving Leo toward the stability of your future happiness? Don't date frivolously. If sex is the goal, then have sex. If love is the goal, then find love. But first and foremost, know exactly what the goal is from the outset.

Now is the perfect time to adjust your approach Leo. Be open to new ideas, and try different methods. Try to be supportive of others, and relax your controlling tendencies. As this is contrary to your nature, it will not be easy. If you manage though, it will pay off.

Monthly Horoscope June 2014

For the first 10 days of June, Leo should be prepared for romantic conflict. If Leo can show self-control, June should go smoothly. Leo should also try to avoid any confrontations during the second week of June.

Relationships for both partnered and single Leo will be subject to public scrutiny and the tendency to make superficial and impulsive decisions may be tempting. Leo must stay centered and remain true to themselves. Leo singles may even meet someone special, though it may be someone who they never would have considered.

Monthly Horoscope June 2014

For the first 10 days of June, Leo should be prepared for romantic conflict. If Leo can show self-control, June should go smoothly. Leo should also try to avoid any confrontations during the second week of June.

Relationships for both partnered and single Leo will be subject to public scrutiny and the tendency to make superficial and impulsive decisions may be tempting. Leo must stay centered and remain true to themselves. Leo singles may even meet someone special, though it may be someone who they never would have considered.

Monthly Horoscope April 2014

The monthly horoscope prediction for the proud Leo indicates that April will be a time of soulful searching and increasing self-awareness. This can be a problem if the Leo becomes too caught up in a bit of their own personal drama. It may mean that you fail to open your heart to the love that is going to be knocking at your door. A past rejection still creates a painful sting in your heart. Rein in that pride and risk rejection.

Putting yourself out there will prove that Leo is ready to embrace new relationships, new loves and new people. This April is going to be a time when you should be playing the field as a single and unattached Leo. Even a happily married Leo is going to be experiencing many flirtatious thoughts during this spring season. Your strong-willed nature and natural leadership are attractive features that get noticed by members of the opposite sex. Be yourself and bask in the attention and admiration that will be showered upon your head.

Monthly Horoscope March 2014

The month of March starts out as the Pisces Sun swims through Leo's 8th House of intimacy. All this really means for Leo are opportunities for romance in the dating game, even for the single Leo's out there. With all the feelings of love circulating this month, Leo's are encouraged not to get too overwhelmed.

A single Leo should take some time to themselves and focus on what is important to them when it comes to love, sex and dating. Leo's already in a relationship should use this month as a great time to slow things down and focus on communication and craetivity. Leo should use this as an opportunity to plan an extraordinary date for that special someone.

Monthly Horoscope February 2014

As a Leo this month, don't expect anyone to help you out. If you run into financial trouble, problems paying your bills or issues with your boss at work, do not look for help, as nobody is going to be there to offer it. Be skeptical of a Taurus who attempts to offer you assistance, as chances are, they are looking for something in return you can't possibly give back to them.

However, as a Leo, you are strong and can deal with just about anything. Just remember Leo, this is the shortest month of the year, so any hardships you run into you only have to deal with for a short period of time. At the end of February, someone in the Cancer sign will be there to help, should you still need it.

Monthly Horoscope November

The chances are fairly high that romance, in the month of November, will increase in the life of Leo through a single date. In fact, simple fantasy could very well develop into a rich fantasy life for Leo monthly. There will be less confusion where marriage or committed partnerships are concerned however, it is important for Leo to continue to watch out for financial dependencies with a current or future partner. It is also important to keep an eye out for those who are only interested in taking advantage of Leo's generosity.

Leo should always be prepared for trends that might suggest a partnership in faraway places as this will be a great opportunity to experience intense intimacy in the love and sex sectors of life. This applies to both a man or a woman. Seek them out through higher education, travel, or any other adventurous forms that seem appealing. The single most important thing to remember here is to expand current boundaries.

Monthly Horoscope October

October is the month Leo! Does the man or woman in your life seek forever with you? Now is the time to talk about this issue and make plans for the future. The single Leo needs to be aware if starting a new relationship, take care in who you tell. Let the love build before spreading the news. Its hard for Lions not to roar, but hold back Leo.

Good times bring humble thoughts this month, so take careful precaution before acting without cause. This month can bring good news mid-month to the Leo, if it is a dating invitation, be sure it could be love before you let yourself fall. The trickster brings disappointment to the Leo in its monthly jokes in laughter and love.

Monthly Horoscope September

September will be a great month for Leo. A new man or woman will come into your life this month. New love is also in the air if youíre a single Leo and you can look forward to an amazing dating experience. If youíre already in a relationship Leo, then you can expect good things for your love and sex life. Your significant other will surprise you with a special date. This would be a perfect month to explore your sexual relationship with your significant other.

Leo could have a busy month at work. This may cause Leo to have a difficult time balancing work and home life. Thankfully things should calm down toward the end of the month. Leo may want to consider taking a day to relax and unwind at the end of the month. This month will be extra busy with work and love.

Lucky days: 6, 17, 19

Off days: 2, 24, 25

Monthly Horoscope August

LEO, this month, those born under the sign of the proud lion are a hot commodity; Leo will be in high dating demand this August, so clear your schedule. August will be full of passion, lust and playing the dating field. However, although it might feel fun, try not to go too overboard.

Keep in mind your longterm relationship goals; a fling might not necessarily be in your best interest. That special someone that you have been holding out for might just be waiting around the corner for you towards the end of August, so keep your eyes out.

The Leo already in a relationship can look forward to a month of further solidifying the commitment between you and your partner. August will bring Leo a sense of realization about their relationship as well as emotional growth and maturity. Known for your trademark generosity, Leo may begin to feel as if your kindness is being under appreciated. Don't hold your resentment in, this will lead to an unpleasant explosion later. Have an honest, straightforward chat with your loved one, and clear the air.

Monthly Horoscope July

The warm, active and driven Leo may be feeling more like a lamb than a lion this month, with mounting pressure and restrictions piling up. Leo will find it best to tread lightly and remain calm until the internal storms begin to calm. Relaxation, meditation or other simple exercises can help in this area. It may also help to collaborate with others, or even delegate smaller tasks whenever possible.

Relationship wise, now is the time for repairing any complications or rifts that may have recently developed. Leo has a tendency to be possessive and controlling in love, so be on alert for damage these traits may have caused, however inadvertently. Those who are dating should watch for an exotic man or woman on the horizon, as well as potential rivals. The Leo who is engaged in a sexual relationship will need to keep sharing in mind, remember to give as well as to take.

Romantic matters will be made easier when Venus enters Leo, increasing powers of seduction and lending an air of ease to social interactions. Take advantage of this, make time for reflection and be willing to reevaluate as needed and things should fall back into place by the end of the month. Lucky days for Leos are July 9, 10 and 11.

Monthly Horoscope June

For a Leo, this month is a time for silence. To be a secret, and to stay away from people's prying eyes. In love affairs you might be shunned a bit. There could be betrayals, which is something you should prepare for, which is an actual possibility.

This month of June could also be a month of mystery. You may begin a forbidden love affair, not necessarily meaning adultery of course, but perhaps a love affair that was not possible before. Perhaps someone you have been secretly interested in, or someone who has been interested in you, will be revealed to you. Secrecy in the world of love is what governs you this month.

The month of June is also your astrological equivalent to 'whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." What does that mean? It means that if you have a secret desire, or some embarrassing passion, this month is the time to truly indulge this secret. This secret accomplishment will stay in the month of June. Whatever happens in June, will stay in June for a Leo, which should give you a strange sense of freedom.

Monthly Horoscope May

May could find you with a more confident, secure and assured attitude; good health and plans to expand your family. However, things may get a bit strained this month, and your patience will be needed.

You may already know that 2013 could be your problem year for relationships. The best advice is to handle any issues jointly with the cooperation of your partner. Keep a cool head. The first week of May brings a lightness in mood and moves you out of your people pleasing stage.

If you are attached, some intense times can be lightened. Your partnership will be enriched if you work together for a common cause. Socialize and spend quality time with your spouse. Even though things seem better, a neglected partner will look elsewhere.

Find new interests and activities that you have in common. Replicate those first feelings of love. Bonds may bend and break. Choose which side you want to be on and stick to it. A steady approach will resolve complicated matters.

After mid-May social activity increases for single Leos and brings about potential love opportunities. Possibly an existing relationship will flourish. Single Leos should set their standards high. This might also be the time for a single Leo to have carefree, just fun and happy, love affairs.

Social activities with groups and organizations can lead to new connections and love interests. You shine in group situations and can play the confident leader that you, as a Leo, are. This brings some harmony into your emotional life. Only trust people you think are suitable and worthy of you.

Travel is on the agenda. It may be for business or pleasure, but there could be a problem. Be diligent with the safety of your belongings as a much loved article could be lost. Deal with it in a positive way.

A progressive career and no financial troubles add to your contentment this month of May. Even though coworkers are hiding resentment over your opportunities, your hard work results in more success and promotion.

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Astrological Monthly Forecast and Monthly Horoscope for Leo
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