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Astrological Characteristics Taurus


Astrological Characteristics Taurus:

The TAURUS  April 20 - May 20
Patient, Reliable, Warmhearted, Loving, Persistent, Determined, Placid and Security Loving
Jealous, Possessive, Resentful, Inflexible, Self-Indulgent and Greedy
Taureans love pleasure and material gain. For them the outcome is all that matters, and it only matters if they have gained. They are physically sensual and tender, and love to bask in excess. Their ultimate pursuit is "the good life" in every sense of the phrase.

Like the bull that represents them, Taureans are often seen as stubborn. However, what some see as stubbornness is actually the Taurean's will to stay their chosen course to reach their goals. Bulls are pragmatic and dependable, and left to trudge along at their own speed usually attain that which they seek.

Being born in the House of Venus, it really should come as no surprise these self-indulgent pleasure seekers are also great lovers of the arts and all things beautiful. They need to be surrounded by beauty to be happy. Taureans also value tradition, stability and loyalty. At times they may be very sentimental, emotional. Conversely, there is nothing impractical about the slightly conservative Taurean. They are not risk takers. Nor are they likely to fall for get rich quick schemes. While the ways of the stable Taurean may not suit others, they ensure these Bulls will find the earthly rewards they seek.
The Taurean In Love:
Taureans are deeply romantic and very loyal. They value the harmony a happy home life creates. They will go to extremes to keep their mate happy, which, when it comes to love, is no sacrifice to the sensuous Bull. The Taurean need for the good life is equaled by their need to share that life with someone special.

Sexually, Taureans are straightforward and down-to-earth. A no-nonsense approach is favored and too much verbalizing or complex fantasizing is not a Taurean trait. This does not mean they are not capable of feeling love. Indeed, the depth of a Taurean's passion may not be understood by others. Music or other forms of sensual, non-verbal expression will strike a chord in the Taurean nature. Very faithful to friends and family, Taureans prefer long-lasting relationships and seek to build strong alliances, although they can be misled by their sensual natures, especially when young.
Famous Taureans Include:
Fred Astaire, Sigmund Freud, William Shakespeare, Barbara Streisand, Malcolm X, Leonardo de Vinci, Willie Nelson, Orson Welles, Katharine Hepburn, George Lucas, William Hewlett, Cher and Adolf Hitler.
Ideal Jobs Include:
Taureans are well-suited to be bankers, artists, accountants, musicians, gardeners or any profession that requires patience, determination and a strong beauty aesthetic.
Lucky Numbers:
2, 11, 29, 37, 56
Planet: Venus
Star Stone: Emerald
Element: Earth

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  • Symbol : Taurus
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Keywords: Warm hearted, possessive, charming
  • Polarity: Negative
  • Duality or Gender: Feminine
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Body Areas: Neck and throat; thyroid gland
  • Countries: Egypt, Cyprus, Ireland, Iran, Switzerland,
  • Greek Islands and Capri
  • Cities: Dublin, St Louis, Bologna, Eastbourne, Hastings
  • and Lucerne
  • Stone: Emerald
  • Colors: Pale Blues, pinks and various shades of green
  • Similarity to Chinese Sign : SNAKE

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