Mercury in the Signs

Intellectual Stimulation - Sex begins in the mind. We all think about it - most of us think about it often. A person's Mercury placement will tell you a great deal about how their mind works. It not only signifies communication style and ability, but also explains what a person's mental approach will be in terms of sex and relationships. When it comes to relationships and healthy communication, understanding your partner's Mercury placement is priceless.

Mercury in Aries

When Mercury is in Aries you can be sure of one thing - honest and blunt communication. This Mercury placement will waste little time on conversation unless the talk is new, fresh and stimulating. In a relationship, someone with Mercury in Aries is often the initiator and may have more than a few sexy pick up lines at his disposal. It's common for those with Mercury in Aries to be fast talkers. This person will enjoy the occasional argument with a lover so don't expect dating to be peaceful. There is only one thing you can count on when it comes to talking to your Mercury in Aries lover - it will never get boring!

Mercury in Taurus

When you are dating someone with Mercury in Taurus, expect his ideas about sex and love to be more fixed than most. The good news is that, once they have made the decision to love you, it's going to be a relationship with substance and major endurance potential. The bad news is that someone with Mercury in Taurus will take his sweet time making that choice. With Mercury in Taurus, the mind is lustful. Taurus is the most physical sign of the zodiac so when the planet of intellect is placed here, it's not surprising that this person will spend a great deal of time thinking about self gratification. This sign will also spend hours thinking about the perfect way to seduce you!

Mercury in Gemini

With Mercury in Gemini you will be dating someone who enjoys flirty and clever exchanges. Your lover will have an open mind so be prepared to talk about anything and everything! Sex is intellectualized under this Mercury placement so don't be surprised if this person comes across as less emotional when talking about love and sex. It doesn't mean there's no feeling behind his words…Mercury in Gemini is just one of those placements gifted at separating the two. If you are dating someone with Mercury in Gemini, be prepared for plenty of late night pillow talk as well as actual conversations during sex. Talking about sex is sometimes just as satisfying as actually doing it!

Mercury in Cancer

Now here is a love that will remember everything about your romance! Whether it's the song playing on the radio during your first kiss, or the foreplay routine that drives you wild, the one thing you can always count on when a lover has Mercury in Cancer is that he will never, ever forget. This is a most tender placement for intellect and your lover is likely to be more sensitive than most. All the fine points of your relationship are etched into his psyche and Mercury in Cancer. Your lover will be emotionally expressive and nurturing to you in many ways. Be sure to remember that this sign communicates very much with body language. He will give you distinct clues about his sexual mood without ever saying a word.

Mercury in Leo

Leo is the sign that rules love, romance and sex so when Mercury is in Leo you can be positive that love is always on the brain! Mercury in Leo has a creative mind that must express itself so you can expect this person to be somewhat flamboyant in their communication style or a bit dramatic with body language. This will extend itself in the bedroom. During sex your Mercury in Leo lover will shower you with compliments and be very generous in expressing his feelings for you verbally. Mercury in Leo holds nothing back and will delight in open, affectionate declarations of love. At the same time, he will also expect you to adore and appreciate everything that comes out of his mouth.

Mercury in Virgo

If there is one Mercury placement guilty of over-analyzing love and romance, it's Mercury in Virgo. If you date someone with this placement, you will need to go through a series of "tests" before he ever considers a true relationship. The same goes for sex. Although in other ways this person could be more sexually expressive, when it comes to how he communicates sexual needs and desires, he will not usually open up until his discriminating mind has been satisfied. He must decide that you are "worthy" of his affections. Love is serious business for Mercury in Virgo and this sign will tend to verbalize his delight in serving his lovers needs and desires once he gives his heart away. Efficient love - romance with a purpose - is what this sign thinks about.

Mercury in Libra

When you date someone with Mercury in Libra, you can assume that their mind is almost always on your relationship. Libra is the sign of partnership and all Libra wishes for is to please their lover and be appreciated in return. Mercury in Libra isn't the type to think about sex in a raunchy sense; Libra prefers class and grace when it comes to dating and love. In fact, this is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac so a great deal of mental energy will be spent on thinking up new ways to seduce you. What you will love most about Mercury in Libra is the ability to truly understand your point of view. In a relationship, that is priceless.

Mercury in Scorpio

If you want to be with a lover who can instantly penetrate your mind, along with your body, then date someone with Mercury in Scorpio. This is a sign that truly values depth in a relationship. There is absolutely nothing superficial about Mercury in Scorpio. When it comes to love and sex - it's all or nothing. The mind of someone with Mercury in Scorpio tends to be possessive and you may discover that your lover obsesses over you at times. This is another sign known for an acute memory so every slight injustice will be filed away. If you want to get someone with Mercury in Scorpio to open up to you and reveal his innermost thoughts, you will have to earn his trust first. That won't be an easy task but once you've earned it, he'll want to keep talking to you forever.

Mercury in Sagittarius

When you date someone with Mercury in Sagittarius the easiest way to turn them on is to listen to and respect their opinions. If you can respect their visions and beliefs then it's a sure fire way into their heart. Mercury in Sagittarius values mental freedom and will extend this practice into the bedroom as well. Sex isn't likely to be boring when you're dating. This is one of the signs that thinks along the lines of "I'll try anything once". This lover will surely delight you in conversation as Mercury in Sagittarius is fond of talking about anything and everything. For Mercury in Sagittarius life and love is a never ending adventure.

Mercury in Capricorn

If you date someone with Mercury in Capricorn you will quickly learn that your new love interest takes a practical and sober approach to expressing himself as well as in matters of the heart. Capricorn is an earth sign and so there should be little problem in your lover expressing his physical desires to you or understanding yours. At the same time, Mercury in Capricorn needs to have a practical reason behind every decision he makes. If you're not useful to him in some way, the relationship may not be worth his mental energy. By talking to you, the opportunistic nature in this love will reveal itself and you'll know what he expects to gain through your partnership.

Mercury in Aquarius

When you date someone with Mercury in Aquarius, one of the first things you will notice is how innovative this person's mind is. The attraction you feel for this person is likely to be a mental one initially since the mindset of someone with Mercury in Aquarius can be downright electric. He will magnetize you with an extraordinary ability to think outside the box. Dating this person will never be a bore since Mercury in Aquarius lives to experiment and test limits. Sex begins in the mind for all of us but with Mercury in Aquarius sometimes it remains in there. Although you will enjoy the most stimulating and enlightening conversations with this lover, unless other factors indicate, the physical aspect of your relationship might leave something to be desired.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces is a dreamer. When you date someone with this Mercury placement you will be enthralled at his imagination and creative potential. He can easily express himself with great intuition and sensitivity so the feeling aspect of your relationship is likely to be intense. When it comes to sex, Mercury in Pisces loves to fantasize so get used to it. There are often elaborate scenarios swimming in his mind. This lover will use his intuition during sex to please you and more often than not will be right on the money when it comes to reading your mind about your own desires. He can become caught up in his own dreams however, so every once in a while you'll need to pull his mind back into reality.

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