Sagittarius Horoscope: Zodiac, Personality and Characteristics

Astrological Characteristics Sagittarius:


Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Characteristics: Optimistic, Freedom-Loving, Jovial, Good-Humored, Honest, Straightforward, Intellectual and Philosophical, Blindly Optimistic, Careless, Irresponsible, Superficial, Tactless and Restless

While Sagittarius signs are the nomads of the Zodiac, they do not wander aimlessly. They are seekers of the truth and will go anywhere and talk to anyone for answers to their questions. Knowledge and wisdom drive them and provide the energy for their liberal approach to life. Sagittarius are drawn to the philosophical and spiritual because these subjects provide answers to the questions that burn inside them.

Sagittarius is the intellectual of the Zodiac. They are lucid thinkers who appreciate others agreeing with their conclusions. Sometimes they are so confident their deductions are beyond dispute they become dogmatic and argumentative. Still, the Sagittarius' quest for information drives them to listen to anyone and absorb what they find useful and quickly disregard the rest.

Sagittarius Horoscope It is the nature of Sagittarius to roam freely. If they feel intellectually or physically restricted they may become bad-tempered very quickly. When Sagittarius are given the freedom they need they are kind, optimistic, lucky and not afraid of taking an occasional risk. They are also a charming lot who can be self-indulgent procrastinators. Overall, Sagittarius allowed the freedom they need are a delight to be around.

The Sagitarian In Love:

Sagittarius loves any new form of sexual expression that challenges and excites them. Both tolerant and eager to please, their honesty can sometimes prove too much for those who prefer a more mysterious, or veiled approach to love.

Sagittarius is best involved with a steadier, stronger personality, who can understand their need for independence, yet still be there after an occasional flair of temper. Their frank and open motives are often misunderstood, threatening to more subdued signs.

Although they hate to be tied down, they are willing to experiment with all manner of relationship styles. As long as their partner is able to keep up with their wide-ranging interests and is prepared to come up with new experiments in lovemaking (and certainly does not mind them doing the same), their relationship will be exciting and reasonably long lasting. Mutual honesty is the key to success for Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius Woman

A jet setter with a fiery temperament befitting her place as a fire sign, the Sagittarius woman is the type to constantly be in motion. Her views on love and sex can be somewhat impractical at time, and dating a Sagittarius woman can be a challenge. But nonetheless, the Sagittarius woman is an enthusiastic and energetic lover. Sagittarius women like being well versed and has an endless thirst for knowledge.

The Single Sagittarius Woman: When it comes to dating, the Sagittarius woman has a strong need for personal space and freedom. These characteristics help lend to her image as the 'bachelorette' of the signs of the zodiac. The single Sagittarius woman is always an entertaining date, though it can be hard to keep her pinned down and focused on a single person.

The Sagittarius Woman in a Relationship: When it comes to being in a relationship, the Sagittarius woman loves to be able to do something for others. Ever the appreciative date, she enjoys helping out. Though the Sagittarius woman can be flighty and flirty, she is a force to be reckoned with when she is focused on the partner of her dreams. The Sagittarius woman is the go-getter of the signs of the zodiac.

The Sagittarius Man

Impulsive and fun loving, the Sagittarius man is the kid at heart of the signs of the zodiac. The Sagittarius man loves to be in new and exciting situations, and is drawn to anything that might be fun. Sometimes prone to coming across as restless, it is just the after effects of Sagittarius' boundless energy. Love and sex are all in good fun to him.

The Single Sagittarius Man: A driven man and fire sign, Sagittarius' passions will always take the forefront. A lover of nature, the Sagittarius man's greatest passions are to teach and to learn. This need to achieve, to move from goal to goal, can make it difficult for the Sagittarius man to stick with a single partner. Single Sagittarius men can seem like some of the most energetic of all signs of the zodiac.

The Sagittarius Man in a Relationship: Sagittarius is a focused lover, and is the type to research things when it comes to love and sex. These characteristics make the Sagittarius man in a relationship a knowledgeable partner who is willing to put in the time and effort when it comes to dating. The perfect date for Sagittarius man would be something intellectually stimulating like a trip to an art gallery or a museum.

Famous Sagitarians Include:

Sir Winston Churchill, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mark Twain, Francis Albert Sinatra, Jim Morrison, Walt Disney, Dale Carnegie, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg, Phil Donahue, Jane Fonda, Uri Geller, and the Dali-Lama

Ideal Jobs Include:

Sagittarius people are well-suited to careers as travel agents, explorers, professors, photographers, ambassadors, import-export traders and thrill-seekers.

Lucky Numbers:

9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54



Most Compatible With:

Aries, Leo or Libra

  • Symbol: Archer
  • Keywords: Carefree, independent, philosophical
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Duality or Gender: Masculine
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Body Areas: Hips, thighs, liver
  • Countries: Spain, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Ex-Yugoslavia
  • Cities: Toronto, Avignon, Bradford, Budapest, Naples, Cologne and Nottingham
  • Stone: Topaz
  • Colors: Dark blues, rich purples
  • Similarity to Chinese Sign: Rat

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