Aries Horoscope: Zodiac, Personality and Characteristics

Astrological Characteristics Aries:


March 21 - April 19

Characteristics: Adventurous, Energetic, Pioneering, Courageous, Enthusiastic, Confident, Dynamic and Quick-Witted, Selfish, Quick-Tempered, Impulsive, Impatient, Foolhardy and a bit of a Daredevil

Aries signs see themselves as consummate leaders. While they are excellent at initiating and overseeing projects, don't rely on them to be down in the pits actually getting the work done. Aries people are not afraid of being on the cutting edge of things. Energetic Aries love the opportunities and challenges each new day brings.

Aries is blunt and outspoken--often to the point that more sensitive souls around them will become alienated. Aries is intrepid and aggressive. When needed, they can almost always muster the inner-strength to face any challenge. Always competitive, Aries never loses sight of what is in their best interest.

Aries Horoscope Aries are often inclined to be egotistical and domineering. They much prefer action to allowing things to settle on their own. They are never afraid to take chances or follow their impulses. When their actions fail to produce the expected results, they still pride themselves on at least trying. They love exploring new ground. Indeed they expect to be first to go anywhere new. While Aries may not be for everyone, their courage and willingness to initiate action make them an asset to any team project.

Aries In Love:

When Aries want to, they can be very charming and hard to resist by the opposite sex. People born under the Aries sign need to harness their powerful energies, or even rein them in a little, so those with whom they would like to spend time are not overwhelmed by their advances.

In a relationship, Aries assume the role of motivator and want to be control. The Aries driving force compels those born under its influence to become the leading light in any co-operative venture. Sometimes it seems they want to defeat their partners, not love them.

Aries are enthusiastic and adventurous lovers. They will always want to push to take their lovemaking to new plateaus. Their partners can sometimes be overwhelmed by this spirited approach. Aries love to experiment and to take things to the limit, so, roll over Kama Sutra, the Arian lover is re-writing it all from scratch!

The Aries Woman

When it comes to the Aries woman, love and sex are a vital part of her life. A fire sign to the core, she is opinionated and not afraid to show it. Strong willed and motivated, the Aries woman likes to be in charge when it comes to her affairs. Whether it is deciding where to go on a date, or the more important decisions like marriage, the Aries woman will always have an opinion.

The Single Aries Woman: In love with falling in love, the Aries woman may have a hard time staying interested in someone. The Aries woman is drawn in by passion, and will not settle for a boring mate. Like a true fire sign, she is quick to any emotion and they burn strong and bright. Aries is the thrill seeker of the signs of the zodiac.

The Aries Woman in a Relationship: Though it may be hard to pin her down, once she is in love, the Aries woman is a force to be reckoned with. The Aries woman has no fear of commitment once she has found a man to hold her interest. Full of fire, arguments and strong opinions are likely to be a part of any commitment to an Aries woman.

The Aries Man

The Aries man knows what he wants, and isn't afraid to get it. He can seem driven by his urges, and while sex is important to the Aries man, love is just as important. A warrior's spirit means that Aries will not give up or back down, no matter the obstacle before him. A fire sign, the Aries man is one of the most driven of the signs of the zodiac.

The Single Aries Man: The Aries man has very set ideas on what he wants. Dating someone may be difficult if they do not live up to Aries' lofty standards. Good, passionate sex is a must for this ram. The Aries man will sometimes jump from partner to partner just to stay interested.

The Aries Man in a Relationship: When it comes to dating, the Aries man may need a reminder that love can be as exciting and rewarding as his career. It does not mean that the Aries man is any less devoted, just that his attention will often shift to things that are motivating him. The Aries man can be a demanding lover at times, though not often prone to jealousy.

Famous Aries Include:

Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Bette Davis, Thomas Jefferson, Houdini, Wilhelm Reich, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Steinem, Leonard Nimoy, Cy Young, W. C. Fields, James Clark, and Otto von Bismarck.

Ideal Jobs Include:

Aries is well-suited to become a fire-fighter, surgeon, mechanic, dentist, professional athlete and entrepreneur.

Lucky Numbers:

1, 10 ,19, 28, 37, 46, 55


The Mars

Most Compatible With:

Leo or Sagittarius

  • Symbol: Ram
  • Keywords: Assertive, forthright, determined
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Duality or Gender: Masculine
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Body Areas: Head
  • Countries: England, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Poland and Syria
  • Cities: Naples, Florence, Brunswick (England)
  • Stone: Diamond
  • Colors: Red
  • Similarity to Chinese Sign: Dragon

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