Venus in Aries

If the planet Venus is in Aries then your number one need for romance is passion! In sexual matters you're likely to be direct and bold. You're a flirt and can easily attract others to you even though you prefer to be the one who initiates a relationship. The thrill of the chase is a big turn on in love. In fact, to prevent boredom you must always feel pursued by your lover. Venus in Aries needs plenty of attention and stimulation. Since this is a sign known for assertiveness and independence, in matters of romance and sex, Venus in Aries takes the lead.

Venus in Aries for Women

Venus in Aries women tend to prefer the company of a partner. Venus in Aries is the one that has many male friends. Their meaning in life is found through active challenges. The Venus in Aries' sexuality is overt and animated. Venus in Aries tends to be the adventurous type so taking them on dates that are out of the ordinary or being experimental in bed is ideal.

When it comes to falling in love, the Venus in Aries woman looks to find an independent, confident, aggressive, and risk-taker type of man. Venus in Aries is looking for that initial excitement that's felt when first finding a new partner, but sometimes gets bored shortly after. She loves the thrill of the chase and a lover that will make bold moves to woo. In arguments, Venus in Aries love to debate versus shying away from an argument. They love the competition and can be relentless or aggressive at times, but they do have a playful nature too.

The Venus in Aries female is a go-getter and always goes after what she wants when she wants it. In order to get the attention of a Venus in Aries, the pursuer must provide that type of constant excitement. Take Venus in Aries out for dates that are fresh and exciting, meaning choose more physically active dates over quiet nights in. The chase is what will draw the Venus in Aries in, so try not to be too available and let Venus in Aries do the hunting. They will love the idea of being on the prowl for the potential mate. If a pursuer displays insecurities right away, it'll turn them off.

Venus in Aries is the type to admire those who face fears and challenges head-on. Since their nature is all about the thrill and chase, a partnership with Venus in Aries could involve a lot of breaking up and getting back together. Venus in Aries tends to be very faithful and don't believe in cheating. When they start to feel that spark with someone new, Venus in Aries will end things in their current partnership before jumping straight into the next. However, they will flirt with others and not see this as a problem.

The Venus in Aries love style sometimes conflicts with the idea of how a woman is supposed to be. It takes a man that's sure and confident in his masculinity to embrace and understand the fiery personality of Venus in Aries. This doesn't mean they don't desire to open up their heart to the one they trust. Typically, those who have Mars in Aries, Libra, Leo, or Sagittarius are who a Venus in Aries tends to be sexually attracted to.

Venus in Aries for Men

The Venus in Aries man loves hard, is a romantic and will rush into love and partnerships, but when that excitement runs out, he will be quick to leave and move on to the next. He is confident, energizing, playful, creative, courageous, and romantic. Venus in Aries men can also be players, selfish, impulsive, and possessive.

Dating a Venus in Aries man can go the distance so long as the partner doesn't give up all the parts of themselves right away. Similar to the Venus in Aries woman, Venus in Aries men love the thrill of the chase. The more of a chase is put up while building that bond, the better the chances of Venus in Aries will stick around after that first initial rush is gone. Dates should be kept active if the pursuer wants to keep their interest. Venus in Aries is most attracted to strong, independent partners. The disagreements that may happen with a Venus in Aries will not push them away. They will only further drive them into the arms of the pursuer. The tension is what Venus in Aries thrives on. This can be through competition or through debating and the sexual tension will have them coming back for more.

Women that are interested in the Venus in Aries man should be strong, smart and self-confident, not only physically but mentally too. The women that the Venus in Aries tends to gravitate towards are tomboy type women. A Venus in Leo is a great match for a Venus in Aries if they can put their egos to the side. Be sure to show your creative side to the Venus in Aries as they love art, music, and just sharing passions.

While Venus in Aries do not tend to be cheaters, partnerships can be difficult. When the Venus in Aries male starts to get bored, they will start looking at other women and ultimately blame the partner for not keeping the spark alive. Venus in Aries men truly want to be good husbands and fathers, but their mind can't seem to get past that initial stage of the partnership. This will change as the Venus in Aries grows and matures.

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