Aries and Taurus

Aries and Taurus Relationship

Aries and Taurus seem like a fantastic match at first. However, this bull and ram are not what they appear to be at face value. This couple must make difficult, and sometimes painful attempts to maintain the relationship. They must struggle to make it work because Aries and Taurus have opposing natures. Communication is nothing short of a competition between Aries and Taurus. Taurus is an earth element ruled by Venus, meaning they are patient and thrifty. Aries is dominating and just as stubborn.

When seeing two Aries dating, the couple is likely to complement each other well. His strengths will boost her weaknesses and vice versa. Sexually, this match can be magical when exploring their fantasies and listening carefully to what makes the other one happy. If Aries and Taurus do not work on accepting each other, then this couple is doomed to fail since their signs do not match.


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Aries and Taurus Love Match

The dating horoscope for these two signs is not true love in most cases. Often, the Aries-Taurus couple finds themselves highly attracted to each other, but that is about all the commonness between them. Taurus is shy and prefers to stay quiet where Aries is more of a social butterfly. There is nothing to say that this match cannot make it last, however, Aries and Taurus must work hard at pleasing the other sign.

When dating, Aries and Taurus couples should stick to light activities and romantic destinations. While Aries is all about being spontaneous, he or she must understand that their Taurus mate is the complete opposite. For them, planning every detail is excruciatingly necessary and important. To find true love, Aries and Taurus must embrace all the things that make them opposites and appreciate each other for being different.


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Aries and Taurus Soulmates

When Aries and Taurus go on a date, astrology knows the pair that is immediately attracted to each other will probably stick to the relationship long enough to check for sexually compatible traits. A dream date for Aries and Taurus might be a visit to the county fair, a carnival, the zoo, or an outdoor concert. Aries loves excitement and fun while Taurus likes to be comfortable and know what to expect from the evening.

The ram and bull do well in long-distance pairings, giving Aries space and Taurus the ability to stay home and talk. Mars controls Aries while Taurus is under the spell of Venus. The combination can be a soul searching relationship when there is patience. It will take a lot of work to keep honesty and communication at the forefront. Since Taurus is a fixed sign, persuasion is rough. If Aries wants something important to them, then coaxing Taurus into believing it is a good idea is best. Trying to stand their ground will get no movement because their partner will respond by digging their heels in deeper.


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As friends, the relationship for Aries and Taurus is a good fit. Both hold certain values and morals high, expecting the other partner to share in their beliefs. Having a good job, a solid family life, and a house and car with all the bells and whistles are extremely satisfying and important for this pair.

The hard part for Aries and Taurus is finding ways to be helpful and kind to each other. When dating or as friends, Aries and Taurus need to find out how to please the other one. Aries is fiery, wanting surprises and hot sex. The Taurus counterpart wants tender touches, slow dancing, soft music, and a whirlwind courtship ending in sensual sex. The things Aries finds boring are exactly the things Taurus wants and expects. The last thing Taurus would find themselves doing is what Aries dreams of and wishes to do.


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Marriage Compatibility

If Aries and Taurus are able to get past their differences during dating, then astrology predicts matrimonial bliss could be on the horizon. Aries will have to tone down their flirtatious and spontaneous behavior to make sure their Taurus mate feels adored.

Taurus will never give in a fight because arguing is crucial for them. The sign does not budge, and their marriage vows mean everything to them. Astrology dictates both signs are full of energy and want to remain young, so finding a balance between the active Aries and couch potato Taurus is a long and arduous task.


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Sexual Compatibility

Sexually, this pair is not much of a match. In friendship, their opposing views support each other and round out the relationship. The horoscope for sex with the Aries and Taurus couple says that Aries will get bored easily, and their Taurus mate will feel like their needs are never met.

The best part about Aries-Taurus sexually is these two are better in bed than any other part of the relationship. If Aries can find a way to be sensual, then they will gain the trust and passion of the Taurus mate. On the other hand, the Taurus partner must find a way to make sex exciting and fun to keep their mate happy and fulfilled. You may know some of the celebrity Taurus icons like Gigi Hadid, Renee Zellweger, and John Cena.


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Aries and Taurus in Bed

Surprisingly, a date for Taurus does not end in sex. Aries is ecstatic to take it to that level on the first date, but the bull does not see sex that way. For them, slow and steady is the way to their heart. Astrology declares Aries and Taurus will have to find balance through experimentation and communication.

Aries will be upfront and brash about feelings and desires. The other half will want to spend hours and days getting to sex. Aries is too impatient and spontaneous for these kinds of sexual encounters. The horoscope for the Aries-Taurus pair in bed says to do things the other person enjoys for their partner to feel secure in the relationship.


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Aries and Taurus Trust

Both of these signs search their entire life for one person to marry. Aries and Taurus may want the same thing, but go in completely different ways to reach the goal. This searching can lead one of the parties to cheat. Aries is usually the one who will stray outside the relationship. This may happen as friends, lovers, or during the marriage.

The best way to combat issues with fidelity is to work intensely on communication. When Aries and Taurus talk through their feelings, getting to the heart of any issue, and getting it out on the table lets them work through it successfully. Since Aries is so blunt and honest, the use of a marriage counselor or therapist can be a huge help. Open communication will be the only way this couple can trust each other and enjoy a lasting relationship.


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Aries and Taurus Conclusion

Sexually, the Aries-Taurus couple that makes it will enjoy passionate, raw sex. If Taurus wants something deeper and more meaningful, then convincing their Aries mate how much romance and emotional connections mean to them is important. This pair will make great friends because of the attraction to each other and their opposing lifestyles.

As soulmates, this couple may make a splash and be the best pair anyone knows. In general, the duo does not last. Aries is quick to anger, and Taurus will hold a grudge for a long time. This couple rarely sees eye to eye, so there are going to be disputes. Taurus will never budge unless Aries gives them a few solid reasons.

Aries and Taurus Celebrity Couples

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - he is the Taurus, and she is the Aries - this celebrity couple was in an intense relationship during and after the Twilight series
David and Victoria Beckham - he is the Taurus, and she is the Aries - these two are a power couple
Spencer Tracy and Kathryn Hepburn - he is the Aries, and she is the Taurus

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