Taurus and Libra

Taurus and Libra Relationship

The bull and Libra may not realize how well they are together for a long time. These two have no desire to take life by the horns when it comes to love. They enjoy dating and spending time together. Sometimes, though, they may not feel as if they have anything in common. Conversations can get stale if the two do not find a few things they both enjoy. The good news is that as long as Taurus and Libra stick to artistic venues and items, there should be little boredom. Both of these zodiac signs adore sculptures, paintings, Michelin quality meals, and designer clothing. Fine rugs and high-end homes are a must with Libra and Taurus.


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Taurus and Libra Love Match

In astrology, the bull and the scales are five signs apart. This means they are a peculiar match with the potential to be the best relationship in love and friendship. The problem is, these signs must find a way past their differences to strike the right equilibrium. Venus rules both signs, so passion and romance are a natural part of their personalities. Astrology says Libra is an air sign where Taurus is an Earth sign. Taurus and Libra are not natural matches, so finding common interests is extremely important for them to fall in love.


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Taurus and Libra Soulmates

Soulmates are not always in the horoscope for Taurus and Libra, but these signs will be a formidable pair if they find a steady footing in love. Libra is flighty. They want to get out and socialize in the hottest scenes. When Taurus is comfortable having a variety of dates, then Libra is more receptive to falling in love. The relationship can never become stale or Libra will harbor resentment against Taurus. The hard part is fighting their lazy tendencies to do the right thing when problems arise.


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Friendship can be just as fickle for this couple. If they do not find things they enjoy doing together, then they may work better by being teammates or coworkers. Sometimes, pairing up with other air or cardinal signs gives Libra a feeling of purpose. These outside relationships can often bring diversity into conversations at home. When Taurus chooses to be open and accepting, the couple may move past the friend zone.


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Marriage Compatibility

Marriage takes a long time to get to for the scale sign and the bull. They see no need to rush into anything. They are a little bit uppity, and they like to run in popular circles, spending time with lots of people while Taurus wants to stay home. Getting these two together can be a hurdle.

Libra is the one who will shine when the two are dating. They are whimsical and love to talk. Taurus prefers quiet dinners at home, movies on the couch, and time for planning. Trying to get Libra to talk about wedding details will be a tough road. Taurus may want to give their partner the reins and allow them to surprise them. Since the fine arts are important to both parties, the event will be nothing short of lavish and festive.


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Sexual Compatibility

Desire is not lacking in this relationship. Striking the right balance may be the biggest issue for Taurus and Libra. When they get their act together, sex can be rewarding for the Taurus-Libra couple. Taurus must overcome his or her urge to control and plan everything. They are a traditional sort that can seem bland to their Libra mate. They do not want to be a turnoff.

Libra has trouble making up their mind about anything. This indecisive trait is extremely frustrating for Taurus. Libra can make things better by planning surprises for their partner. If they spend time making the plans, then Taurus and Libra are less likely to change things at the last minute.


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Taurus and Libra in Bed

Harmony is what Taurus and Libra need in the bedroom. Libra is an assertive masculine sign where Taurus is the opposite. As a fixed sign, Taurus is also stubborn. Venus helps balance these two in the bedroom. They crave romance and tender caresses. Sharing a slow dance or two before heading to bed could enhance the mood. These two enjoy time together, but Taurus must throw a little fun in there to keep Libra's interest.

One of the most critical things for Libra to remember is that they cannot fix up Taurus. When they are always offering advice, Taurus can see this action as their partner not feeling secure with them. They may drift apart, so sticking to encouragement instead of criticism will help Libra give Taurus the stable feeling they need in their sexual relationship.


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Taurus and Libra Trust

Trust will take time between these individuals. They move in different orbits even though Venus controls them both. Their speeds take their elliptical patterns in different directions most of the time. Libra can slow things down a bit by spending time at home and participating in traditional events like birthday parties, holiday bashes, and Sunday dinners. Taurus can build trust by being more accepting of Libra. Their partner will want to socialize and have a little fun. They can get flirty which will make Taurus envious. Finding their way through this part will be difficult.


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These signs are charismatic people. When they are in public, people admire how well they look together. Taurus will have the best clothes, and Libra the latest technologies and accessories. Expensive colognes and jewelry are important to these two, so they will surprise each other with trinkets, trips, and loving mementos. Taking the time to learn about each other will give Taurus and Libra the stable foundation they need to build an unbreakable bond. Reaching happily ever after is possible for these signs, but they must work at building their friendship before they work on making a love match.

Taurus and Libra Celebrity Couples

Ann Margaret and Johnny Carson Orson Wells and Rita Hayworth

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