Eros in the Signs
Libra - Pisces

Eros: The Asteroid of Attraction

In astrology we first look to our planetary placements to gauge information about dating, love, sex and relationship potential. Then, we look at special points and angles in a horoscope to gain greater insight into anyone’s romance and sexual prospects. But did you know that there are also countless asteroids that provide valuable symbolic meaning as well? One of the most significant asteroids as it pertains to love and attraction is Eros.

Situated between love planet Venus and sexual Mars, Eros is an asteroid worth looking at in your chart as well as your lovers chart. It will illuminate how a person experiences the most erotic and soul depth type of love. Knowing your lover’s Eros placement can help you tune into ways you can be a better lover, providing all that his or her soul yearns for in a transcendental, divine and passionate love union.

In addition, if you meet someone who has any personal planets or angles in their chart touching the degree of your Eros consider yourself cooked. You’ve just been hit with a fated love connection.

Eros in Libra

If Eros is in the sign Libra then you’ll experience love, sex and attraction in the most socially charming and graceful manner. Eros in Libra truly cares about a relationship and isn’t simply looking for a fling - although this sign is definitely capable of casual sex. Love will also begin in the mind for this placement and you’ll be extremely turned on at social gatherings and events where you can show off your beautiful partner for all to see. Eros in Libra will tend to give more than others in a sexual relationship and love can be a double edged sword for you because of it. While Eros in Libra will flirt and charm and be as gracious as possible, if you’re not appreciated then at some point you might become resentful. This resentment might come out in your sex life so to avoid this be sure that in your love life, there’s an equal give and take.

Eros in Scorpio

If Eros is in the sign Scorpio then you just might be oversexed. Love, sex, passion and intensity will be an all-consuming experience for you, offering monumental opportunities for soul growth and deep, life altering moments. Eros in Scorpio demands physical and spiritual presence in a lover and it’s easy for you to magnetize others both in and out of the bedroom. With Eros in Scorpio you have a powerful erotic vibe that you likely exude - whether or not you’re aware of it. In love you can be loyal to a fault however if you’re ever betrayed then you might be bent on revenge. Eros in Scorpio is deeply emotional and more vulnerable than others might think at first glance. Behind all the sexual appeal and potency lies a truly soulful person.

Eros in Sagittarius

If Eros is in the sign Sagittarius then you will experience the most erotic and soul depth kind of love when your lover can meet you on a spiritual or philosophical plane. You’re turned on by seeking the answers to the big questions in life with Eros in Sagittarius. When you’ve met a love who has the intellectual courage to ask for the deeper meaning behind any idea then you might have found the perfect relationship. In addition, with Eros in Sagittarius you’ll be a playful and adventurous lover - often treating love and sex like a sport. Competitive or marathon sex will be enticing to you and you’ll enjoy having sex outdoors. A good laugh and a good time will turn you on and often lead to memorable sex if you have Eros in Sagittarius. Without a light hearted camaraderie with a partner you might never fall in love with the person you’re in a sexual relationship with.

Eros in Capricorn

If Eros is in the sign Capricorn then you’ll experience the most erotic and soul depth kind of love in a more reserved and cautious fashion than some of the other sign placements. You’re not in a rush to give your heart or body away so you take sex and relationship with great sobriety. If Eros is in Capricorn then you’ll likely be turned on by sadomasochistic behavior since you have such a strong need for control. Ironically, in the bedroom you might prefer to be controlled by a lover since this is a way for you to release all the pent up tension you carry from always needing to be responsible. When it comes to love and sex, Eros in Capricorn is practical and surely won’t jump into any kinky behavior too quickly. With Eros in Capricorn however, once you’re in a stable relationship you feel safe enough to let your guard down and indulge in pure sexual lust.

Eros in Aquarius

If Eros is in the sign Aquarius then you’ll likely experience soul depth love and erotic pleasure in a variety of non-traditional ways. Eros in Aquarius must do things a little different from the crowd and this tendency will play out strongly in the bedroom. While Eros in Aquarius can be loyal, this is a placement that demands freedom of sexual expression as well as plenty of experimentation. It’s not uncommon for Eros in Aquarius to have several lovers in a short period of time or to have more than one sex partner simultaneously. Love can be more of a group experience with Eros in Aquarius and communal sex is a distinct possibility. Eros in Aquarius will feel the most love in a relationship that’s based on friendship and allows plenty of breathing room for the expression of innovative ideas and practices.

Eros in Pisces

If Eros is in the sign Pisces then you’ll experience love and erotic pleasure when you’re deeply connected to a lover on a soul level. More than any other placement perhaps, Eros in Pisces is looking for the ultimate soul mate ideal - the one love who will complete you. It’s possible that you’ll find this, however at the same time you are open to more disappointments and delusions in love since you want so much to believe in the best about the one you’re in a relationship with. Eros in Pisces can feel the emotions of other in a magnified way and this will enhance your compassion for your lover. It will also help you to psychically tune into what your partner craves in sexual and love relationship. At its best, Eros in Pisces is malleable to deliver and surrender to a lover with unconditional devotion.

What's my Eros Sign?

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