Compatibility Aquarius


Aquarius & ARIES

Aquarius Compatibility Aries

The first date between Aries and Aquarius will be in a colorful and unusual restaurant.

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Aquarius & TAURUS

Aquarius Compatibility Taurus

The Taurus has an acute awareness of their surroundings and Aquarius likes the unusual things in life.

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Aquarius & GEMINI

Aquarius Compatibility Gemini

Fun places are favorites for bubbly Gemini. Aquarius favors the arts social events.

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Aquarius & CANCER

Aquarius Compatibility Cancer

Aquarius likes to do intellectual things related to communication. Theater and book readings are possibilities.

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Aquarius & LEO

Aquarius Compatibility Leo

Leo will question Aquarius in a way to identify a love match, or make a run for it.

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Aquarius & VIRGO

Aquarius Compatibility Virgo

Virgos don't like large, noisy crowds and Aquarius signs are at ease with a small circle of friends.

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Aquarius & LIBRA

Aquarius Compatibility Libra

There is a lot of chemistry between these two zodiac signs.

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Aquarius & SCORPIO

Aquarius Compatibility Scorpio

Scorpio likes a little more glamour than that. But, Aquarius is easier to get to know in a group environment.

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Aquarius Compatibility Sagittarius

To attract Sagittarius, show honesty and trust. Conversations about travels are interesting to Sagittarius.

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Aquarius & CAPRICORN

Aquarius Compatibility Capricorn

Capricorns are motivated and practical. They will wait for the right partner before displaying romance and love.

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Aquarius & AQUARIUS

Aquarius Compatibility Aquarius

To the Aquarius sex is experimentation. They want a sensual examination of their partner's body before making love.

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Aquarius & PISCES

Aquarius Compatibility Pisces

An Aquarius can be wild and considered eccentric. The Pisces zodiac signs are insecure and daydreamers.

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