Eros in the Signs
Aries - Virgo

Eros: The Asteroid of Attraction

In astrology we first look to our planetary placements to gauge information about dating, love, sex and relationship potential. Then, we look at special points and angles in a horoscope to gain greater insight into anyone’s romance and sexual prospects. But did you know that there are also countless asteroids that provide valuable symbolic meaning as well? One of the most significant asteroids as it pertains to love and attraction is Eros.

Situated between love planet Venus and sexual Mars, Eros is an asteroid worth looking at in your chart as well as your lovers chart. It will illuminate how a person experiences the most erotic and soul depth type of love. Knowing your lover’s Eros placement can help you tune into ways you can be a better lover, providing all that his or her soul yearns for in a transcendental, divine and passionate love union.

In addition, if you meet someone who has any personal planets or angles in their chart touching the degree of your Eros consider yourself cooked. You’ve just been hit with a fated love connection.

Eros in Aries

If you have Eros in the sign Aries then you’ll experience love and sex as a war waiting to be won. You love nothing more than the chase and conquest associated with love and you seldom wait long before a relationship turns sexual. With Eros in Aries you tend to be more turned on by a prospective love partner who says “no” to your initial advances. This is like foreplay for you since the thrill of the chase is your doorway to experiencing complete sexual ecstasy. Hearing your lover proclaim that you’re the best sex he or she has ever had once you’ve made your conquest will feel like music to your soul. Eros in Aries must have plenty of physical sex in order to experience love. If the sex life of Eros in Aries dries up, it will not remain with a partner for long. Eros in Aries has a passionate sexual appetite. It must be fed.

Eros in Taurus

If you have Eros in the sign Taurus then you’ll understand love and sex as an extremely visceral and dominating physical necessity for your well-being. Eros in Taurus will experience the most erotic and soul moving love and sex with a partner who can tune into his or her physical needs. Knowing exactly where and how to touch your lover may be an instinctive gift you have but you also crave this same type of psychic physical stimulation in return. With Eros in Taurus sex can be enjoyed without love however you tend to fare better when you have a steady sexual partner to love and hold in the dark of night. Eros in Taurus can love forever and tends to experience deeper levels of sexual joy with a partner who is there for the long haul. With Eros in Taurus you might be extremely gifted as a lover.

Eros in Gemini

If you have Eros in Gemini then you’ll experience love and sex on a more mental plane than some of the other sign placements. Eros in Gemini can have erotic and deeply satisfying sex with someone but first you must be turned on intellectually. You might be particularly gifted in sharing your most erotic desires through verbal or written communication and you’ll be most easily aroused when a partner provides this venue of expressing eroticism to you in return. Eros in Gemini can love more than one person at the same time and it’s not uncommon to have a sexual relationship which is more open and tolerant than traditionally acceptable. Eros in Gemini knows that love and sex are a state of mind and being able to intellectually express sexual desires in a way that is not confining will be the only way this sign can achieve soul depth love with someone. Eros in Gemini can be faithful in love, but only when there is an ample supply of intellectual orgasm in a relationship.

Eros in Cancer

If Eros is in the sign Cancer then you cannot separate love and sex from a sensitive bond with someone. In fact, if you have Eros in Cancer then an emotional connection is a prerequisite to sex and love - you simply must have intimacy in the receptive, instinctive way before it gets physical. With Eros in Cancer you’ll experience the most intense attraction and love for someone who makes you feel safe and nurtured. Be aware of your tendency to smother the one you love and to be too overprotective of yourself sexually and emotionally. It’s difficult to feel sexually free when you’re so worked up about being emotionally vulnerable yet at the same time, you crave deep emotional connections. And with this placement, you tend to be the most nurturing lover to the one you give your heart to. With Eros in Cancer, love and sex are sacred expressions of your most raw self - your soul.

Eros in Leo

If Eros is in the sign Leo then you’ll experience love, sex and attraction as if it’s all a big show and you are the star. A vibrant fire sign, Eros in Leo will be a passionate lover with a zealous sex life, however the key to turning you on is to stroke your ego. If the flame of ego adoration dims in any relationship then it’s easy for you to turn your attention elsewhere. Your deepest need in love and sex with Eros in Leo is to be worshipped and admired. Lucky for you, it’s likely that you exude a level of warmth and generous spirit that’s attractive to many so love prospects abound. Sex with Eros in Leo is playful and extremely physical but also romantic. You’ll have a natural ability to make anyone you love feel like the most special person on the planet and deliver sexual fireworks. But with Eros in Leo you demand the same in return.

Eros in Virgo

If Eros is in the sign Virgo then you’ll experience love, sex and attraction with great discernment…even worry. You might be more paranoid about your sexual prowess than other signs however remember that you are an earth sign, which gives you an extraordinary lusty appetite and a natural ability to offer sensual pleasure to any lover. Eros in Virgo loves in a methodical way and this is your approach to sex as well. Taking care of the details in love and sex will be the doorway to erotic ecstasy in your world. With Eros in Virgo you have a natural ability to purify yourself through love and sex and you also strive to make your lover a better person. Be careful however, of your tendency to nit-pick and find faults in a lover that aren’t really there. If this happens, it might be a reflection of your own feelings of inadequacy creeping in. At its best however, Eros in Virgo can be the perfect blend of intellectual and physical eroticism.

What's my Eros Sign?

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