Venus in Aquarius

If Venus is in the sign Aquarius then your love needs to revolve around experimentation and thinking outside the box when it comes to sex and romance. Venus in Aquarius will attract others through a progressive, open and radical mind that isn't going to obey traditional rules of love. This is the "rebel" in love. You value friendship and a strong mental connection in romance and may appear less comfortable than other signs when it comes to expressing heavy emotion. Venus in Aquarius must have independence and freedom in love so a traditional relationship usually won't work for this sign. If a lover values you for your eccentricity and unpredictability then you may have found true love.

Venus in Aquarius for Women

The Venus in Aquarius woman is a free spirit when it comes to love and relationships. She doesn't like to play by the traditional rules of what you are supposed to do. She prefers to follow her own path. Being free-spirited can make falling in love a challenge for Venus in Aquarius. Due to the unconventional ways she believes in love, committing can be achieved, but it's done in a much different manner.

Venus in Aquarius comes across as very detached, but this still gives off an attractive vibe to many suitors. Similar to the Venus in Sagittarius woman, space is a requirement when pursuing a relationship with her. They won't be able to tolerate any emotionally demanding, needy, or attention-seeking partners. Allowing the Venus in Aquarius woman to get her space gives her better clarity on life and situations. She is curious by nature. The Venus in Aquarius will seek out partners that can stimulate her mind through intelligence.

The Venus in Aquarius woman will not be able to deal with a relationship getting stale. She will need to feel as though the relationship she is in will be progressing. If not, she will remove herself from the situation and reflect on what to do next. The Venus in Aquarius calming nature is also an attractive quality to suitors.

She may come off detached to those who are interested in dating, but in general, she is a social wild child. She is always the one chatting away to anyone. She makes friends very easily because of her friendly nature. When it comes it love, the young Venus in Aquarius will be less likely to end up in a relationship, but as she ages, she will become more open to finding real love. The Venus in Aquarius woman will do best if she ends up with a partner who is strong emotionally and independent. This also stands true when it comes to her exes. Often, the Venus in Aquarius will be friends with her exes because she doesn't believe in grudges and believes in forgiveness.

Ultimately, the Venus in Aquarius woman values honesty and loyalty in their relationships. She is faithful in relationships. This doesn't mean the Venus in Aquarius won't fantasize about having sex with other men and her reasoning behind it is that she is only having thoughts and not acting on them. However, if the Venus in Aquarius woman is treated poorly in a relationship, she may stray.

Venus in Aquarius for Men

The Venus in Aquarius man is enamored by women who are a little unconventional. This can mean their choice in clothing or hobbies. He doesn't want to end up being bored so seeking out weird and interesting partners can bring a little spice to his life. Venus in Aquarius tends to end up dating someone from their social circle. He isn't the type to woo a partner into liking him. Aquarius prefers those who are more relaxed and go with the flow types. Conventional people in their life won't last long. Venus in Aquarius enjoys having a group of friends and lovers that go against the grain.

Venus in Aquarius men are extremely intelligent and they love learning. He will explore all ideas and opinions, especially if it's something new to him. His demeanor comes across as calm and focused while also appearing to be eccentric. The type of partners Venus in Aquarius is attracted to are those that are carefree, have big hearts, and compassionate. Venus in Aquarius lives life to the fullest.

The Venus in Aquarius will not control his partner and her actions. He looks for companions that can pique his interest just by being their quirky self. Venus in Aquarius isn't interested in someone that is "normal", or just like everyone else. A potential partner must be independent, intelligent, and interested in learning new things otherwise he will get bored from the lack of conversation. When it comes to sex, Venus in Aquarius can be quite kinky, so having a partner that is interested in trying out some kinks, or have some of their own, will be ideal. Keep in mind that routine in a relationship will kill it for the Venus in Aquarius.

This can be perceived as disinterest or that Venus in Aquarius is emotionally detached. Venus in Aquarius doesn't show their love in the traditional sense like gift-giving or being romantic all the time. He will only show his romantic side occasionally. It will be just enough to let you know he is still there and invested. The Venus in Aquarius man lacks the emotional aspect of him where feelings aren't something that he addresses.

Venus in Aquarius isn't necessarily into the thrill of the chase. However, he will tend to chase after the potential partner if they are being evasive and he will try to get her to show her emotional side. If a relationship goes sour, Venus in Aquarius will reflect on that for a long time before being able to move on.

This sign is often seen as a playboy or commitment-phobic. If the Venus in Aquarius isn't familiar with the traditional family models, then he will have a hard time when it comes to approaching women. He can even go for long periods without a woman or jump from woman to woman, looking for the right one. If Venus in Aquarius was raised in a traditional household then he will mirror what he has seen and end up being a faithful husband or partner.

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