Venus in Libra

If Venus is in the sign Libra then your most dominating need in love is to have peace at any price. You actually tend to experience much conflict in matters of romance but show your love through an innate desire and extraordinary talent to restore harmony through quarrels. Your Venus in Libra wants to be loved for diplomacy and a sense of justice. You also have an amazing need to be in a committed partnership so casual sex is usually not your best route. An intellectual connection in romance is a must for Venus in Libra. Your ability to compromise is one of your strengths in love and you tend to attract others easily through a pronounced physical beauty.

Venus in Libra for Women

Venus in Libra women are true romantics and do their best when they are in stable and committed partnerships. Venus in Libra can come off as not being genuine or even superficial. Their clinginess can have them trying to integrate the lives of them and their partner too quickly. This can drive many potential suitors away. Venus in Libra prefers to have a peaceful environment with their partner, but they will mention their displeasure if they feel things can be improved. Treating the Libra in Venus with kindness and fairness will go far with them. Caring for a Venus in Libra is a huge turn on and they will love communicating about the relationship.

Venus in Libra needs to be liked. They will do whatever they can to get others to like them. Getting the attention of a Venus in Libra women is as simple as acting as though she isn't liked. This will drive her nuts and she will do her best to try and impress the person. A Venus in Libra woman will have her trying to impress their partners in order to make sure the partnership will last. Venus in Libra is the most dependent sign of the zodiac. They always feel the need to be in a relationship and don't feel as useful when they are single. They can be extremely needy, and this can create issues in a relationship. Sexually, the Venus in Libra can be pretty inexperienced. While they are sexy and flirty, they are more enamored by the fantasy of a romance rather than sex. They will create a romantic mood by adding candles, music, flowers, anything that speaks to romance to set the mood. Treating the Venus in Libra woman as if they are a trophy will only turn them off. They are more attracted to men who admire them for their intelligence and their life's values. Taking Venus in Libra on a date to a fine dining restaurant or a cultural event will make them even more attracted to the suitor. Venus in Libra women love partaking in events where they can share their opinions on it and even debate various topics. Arguments don't last very long with them as they always want to fix the problem and will compromise to get the result that will make everyone happy. Those that have Mars in Libra, Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius are sexually attracted to the Venus in Libra.

Venus in Libra for Men

The Venus in Libra men's personality is cool, relaxed, and carefree. They love the company of the ladies. They can be superficial when it comes to relationships. Venus in Libra men look for women who are the model types, or women who are in the know all for the latest trends and fashions. This doesn't mean if he finds a woman who is sweet, loyal, and intellectual he won't give her a chance. They will generally choose her over the shallow woman in the end. Once the Venus in Libra finds a partner to settle down with, they will do anything they can to keep that relationship alive. They will try their best to avoid arguing and usually like to spoil partners in compliments and gifts. They are very caring and generous and have no problem taking care of a partner or being there for the one they love when they need them the most. Generally, Venus in Libra men look for a woman that are the opposite of them in some form. The Venus in Libra prefers to be in relationships where people look at them as the "It Couple".

Women that are aggressive, loud, rude, or even cuss are turn-offs for the Venus in Libra. They are most attracted to the femininity aspects of a woman, their charm, appearance, and if they have proper manners. Fairness is a quality in the Venus in Libra man that means the most to them. They always want to keep things in a harmonious balance. Venus in Libra values their partner's happiness and well-being but they, in turn, expect their partner to deliver the same. Arguments are worked out fairly easily because it's in their nature to want to compromise to please the other person.

Venus in Libra is very outgoing and friendly. Many Venus in Libra men are often looked at as playboys because of their ability to get along with women better than men. They typically have more female friends than males and even get along better with the women in their families. The Venus in Libra won't lead anyone on with mind games though, as they are very direct when they find something or someone they want. Venus in Libra is very loyal to that one special person. Women that are feminine, polite, and have principals are most attractive to a Venus in Libra man. Date ideas for the them are parks, museums, and libraries. These types of activities will stimulate their mind and provide the couple with lots to talk about as a Venus in Libra loves to discuss various topics and cultures.

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