Taurus and Cancer

Taurus and Cancer Relationship

Taurus and Cancer are two zodiac signs that share a high probability of making a love relationship last a lifetime. Astrology dictates that these signs crave a stable home and want to impress everyone in their lives with the image of a happy family, successful careers, and secure futures. This zodiac pair is highly susceptible to pushing others out of their way to protect their values, home life, and beliefs.

The crab is a water sign which suits the Earth sign of Taurus just fine. These two are happy as two peas in a pod when they are together. Spending quality time with each other is the most important thing in either of their minds. Taurus and Cancer must be careful to get out and about once in a while. They need to explore the world, take a cooking class, or meet up with other friends as much as it pains them to leave the comfort and safety of home.


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Taurus and Cancer Love Match

As lovers, there can be no better connection than these two. The signs are two spaces apart on the zodiac chart. This spacing means the two are in a position to be extremely tight with each other. Love is in the air for the Cancer and Taurus signs because these two ground each other in the deepest, most intimate ways. The bull is stable and secure in their life and work. Crab people seek relationships with these signs because they want security most in life. Both zodiac signs tend to prefer staying home and spending time with each other more than anything else.

As a love match, the bull and crab pair are quiet and often speak without saying things out loud. They cast each other a knowing glance over the dinner table, or they wink at each other as they go in and out of the office. Taurus and Cancer communicate with body language as much as they do verbally. Many people find this pair enviable because of how well they understand each other.


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Taurus and Cancer Soulmates

As soulmates, no two signs are more compatible than the bull and the crab. Venus rules Taurus and Cancer takes direction from the moon. While both signs are feminine, they have different moods and tendencies. The horoscope for Taurus says this Earth sign is fixed and will stay in control even when their life turns tumultuous. Their Cancer partner craves this stability and safety in their relationship. Taurus is their rock.

The crab is a cardinal sign which helps keep the relationship from turning stale and boring. Cancer's emotional thought processes make them a little more impulsive than Taurus, so they are the instigator on a date night and when getting the pair out of the house. Both signs compliment the weaknesses of the other sign, making this pair much tighter than many in the zodiac.


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The crab will want the bull to become the best of friends right away. The hard part is getting these signs together. Friends often have to drag these two out of the house because they are the domestic type. Taurus and Cancer are fine as long as they feel they can control the situation. When they are in a highly volatile setting, these signs will make an excuse to go home early.

Cancer's tendency to be emotional can cause some issues with friendship. Taurus is down to earth and willing to be patient. There is a limit to this courtesy. Cancer must show Taurus they want to find a mutual solution when problems arise or there could be hard feelings.

Cancer finds it hard to talk about the things that bother them, so when they shut down and decide to be quiet, it does not mean everything is good. The bull should be ready for a meltdown and the need to revisit the issue to find a more acceptable solution to calm down the Cancer.


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Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is usually inevitable after these two meet each other. The horoscope for wedded bliss is extremely high because these two are so sweet and adorable together. Cancers' emotional tides from the moon will rock the boat once in a while, but the steadfast nature of Taurus will keep them on course for the long haul.

The hardest part of the relationship will be working through their differences. Taurus wants their partner to get to the point of the problem. They want to streamline the discussion, so they can get to fixing the problem. The Cancer partner is a moon sign that operates oppositely. They need to talk about their feelings concerning the issue. They need recognition for the anguish they are suffering before they can move on to a solution. The bull sign will need to understand how Cancer works for their relationship to be lasting.


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Sexual Compatibility

Since these two zodiac signs are both assertive as a fixed sign in Taurus and a cardinal sign in Cancer, they get things done together. Both signs are feminine or yin in the yin-yang polarity, so their approach may not be as bold as a Leo or Aries, but they still have passion and chemistry in the bedroom. Cancer is the more sensual of the two. He or she is more likely to suggest new things, but they will do what it takes to make Taurus feel comfortable.

These two are water and earth signs. Like wildlife and plants need nourishment in the form of water and sunshine to thrive, Cancer offers water to the Earth sign of Taurus giving them what they need in love, sex, friendship, trust, and family life. The sexual compatibility of these two signs is excellent.


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Taurus and Cancer in Bed

There is a little bit of a dance in the bedroom between the Taurus and Cancer. These two must work together since they are emotionally so different. Since they are domestic, feminine signs, they are happiest when they can lay around in the bed and be with each other whether in a sexual way or not. Taurus must understand Cancer's need for their partner to hear them. Taurus should take note to be more accepting of Cancer's new ideas when they offer up ways to spice up things in the bedroom.


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Taurus and Cancer Trust

Trust takes a little work between Cancer and Taurus. The Earth sign is not one who will budge when they are set on something. Cancer needs emotional validation to know for sure that the bull understands their feelings and emotional needs, but Taurus wants to fix the problem and move on to better things.

Boredom is something else the pair will have to fight. Cancer will see Taurus as bland and resent their stubbornness if they never try a new restaurant, invite over friends, or participate in a holiday activity with them. Compromise is so important for making Taurus and Cancer an astrology match for a forever love.


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Taurus and Cancer Summary

Whether as friends or lovers, the Taurus-Cancer relationship is intensely attractive for both parties. These two are an incredible match. While there are things each must work on keeping the relationship in a good place, making it work is not a problem for this zodiac match. The horoscope for Cancer and Taurus says these two will become soulmates if they learn to give a lot and take a little for the sake of the other person. Both of these signs love being at home, creating a beautiful house, and having the perfect family with pets, soccer dates, and ballet classes. Playing on these strengths is very important for this couple.

Taurus and Cancer Celebrity Couples

Everyone knows how Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers would captivate audiences. Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston were once a duo, too.

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