Cancer and Aries

Aries and Cancer Relationship

The Cancer-Aries combination is not a typical match. Aries and Cancer are polar opposites with Cancer being a water sign and Aries a fire sign. Both approach life from different angles. What one person values is not the same as what the other holds dear.

Aries partners are instigators loving freedom and independence as much as the Cancer partner appreciates and expects quiet time, sleep, and activities at home. This relationship is difficult to maintain. Neither side will see the other's opinion. When having a conversation, arguments are likely to ensure. Neither one of these two want to budge, but the Cancer partner is easier to persuade because the moon rules this sign.


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Aries and Cancer Love Match

Love is difficult for Aries and Cancer to achieve. Lust is more likely when meeting, however, the Cancer partner will not initiate sleeping together. Aries will have to woo the Cancer partner on a date or possibly for a long time dating before the relationship goes from friendship to love, and maybe sex.

This pair has a hard time showing love to each other. Aries feels their passionate actions and energy in bed is something to behold. Cancer, on the other hand, wants the relationship to focus on family and building a solid home life before diving into a sexually charged partnership. To prevent hurting each other, both partners must figure out how to slow down and take breaks when communicating. Both are easy to frustrate and trying to see the opposite side all the time is draining for both cardinal signs.


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Aries and Cancer Soulmates

Being soulmates is not in the horoscope for most Aries-Cancer pairs. If Cancer and Aries find a way to make it work though, it results in a pair for life. Both signs are emotional beings, getting upset over different things. Cancer partners will show their feelings until the other person cuts them off or makes them feel belittled for their emotions. After closing up tight, a conversation is almost impossible.

Aries is brash and upfront, telling you their feelings with no guessing. Clashes between these partners are so common, they may not even finish an argument before the other stomps out to get some air. To become soulmates, this pair must work very hard from the first date to get it right. The energy each must put into a lifelong relationship is tiring, and most will not make it as lasting partners.


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As friends, this pairing is pretty good together because their strengths round out the other one. Aries and Cancer stick up for each other, defending the relationship against ridicule from others until the bitter end. Aries and Cancer can be the best of friends when not trying to become a dating couple. A few celebrity Cancers are Meryl Streep, Khloe Kardashian, and Ariana Grande.

Since the ram and the crab do not share the same hobbies or interests, the only thing in common is spending quiet time at home or going for short excursions. Cancer is highly emotional, preferring to connect with nature and drawing strength from quiet activities. Since Aries is so spontaneous, the best way to get Cancer out of the house is to plan a solitary activity like a picnic lunch, fishing, or hiking.


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Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is not in the horoscope for the Aries-Cancer combination. Each person approaches life so differently that this pair rarely makes it to the wedding day. Even on a date, the Aries-Cancer pair are likely to have a lot of disagreements on where to go and how long to stay out. Cancer wants to spend the most time at home, preferring movies and sleeping late where Aries likes to party and go to clubs until the late hours of the morning.

When Aries and Cancer join together, both are passionate about family. Aries will fight for anything they believe is right, and Cancer partners will shield their family from any dangers. The ram and crab work together to build each other's confidence and increase their productivity. A deep and intense commitment to going slow and finding the best ways to see the other's perspective is critical to the Aries-Cancer dating and marriage success.


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Sexual Compatibility

Sexually, the Aries-Cancer combination is the best part of the relationship. The horoscope for the ram and crab duo is greatness in bed with openness about preferences. Aries can show their partner the fun side of sex and introduce them to new things. However, understanding Cancer only feels the need for sex when in love with their partner is critical to the success of the relationship.

Cancer is a sign that is content with being alone until falling in love. Unless Cancer finds the person their forever match, this sign may remain alone for most or all of their life. Astrology rules that Aries must woo the Cancer on a date by coaxing them with friendship first, then love, and finally sex.


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Aries and Cancer in Bed

Sexually, when Aries and Cancer hook up, an amazing pair emerges. Cancer partners can show Aries how to get more than an orgasm out of sex. On the other hand, the Aries partner can introduce exciting, new positions and places for sexually charged encounters. Since the moon rules Cancer, his or her emotions are likely to change drastically with the tide. When Aries keeps this in mind, then it is easier to plan alone time accordingly.

The Cancer partner can go for long periods without sex. If their emotional side is not into intercourse, then getting them into bed will not be easy. The Aries-Cancer horoscope says to not expect fireworks all the time with these two zodiac signs.When Aries knows their partner is highly emotional, then that is the time for them to claim their independent nature and do some solo activities or volunteer for more time at work.


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Aries and Cancer Trust

Surprisingly, Aries and Cancer are not the couple to fight about cheating. Cancer will not ask the other sign if they are dating someone else or see if the couple should date other people. Cancers are extremely loyal, so trust is good when talking about sex.

The real problem with trust comes when this couple spends quiet time together. Cancer feels their partner is often pushy whether it comes to sex or going out on a date. The other sign thinks the Cancer is only being lazy and expects them to give a little more.


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The Aries-Cancer relationship can be a good friendship, but marriage, love, and sex are not in the horoscope for these two zodiac signs. Aries has to slow down a lot, and Cancer must stop hounding their partner with a hundred questions in every conversation. Seeing their way to a lasting relationship is not something the Aries-Cancer combo finds easy because water and fire do not mix.

The Aries-Cancer partnership will have to work diligently from date one to make it to the next hour, day, and week. Aries and Cancer will fight tooth and nail, and finding things both like is nearly impossible. Unless Aries and Cancer find ways to appreciate the things they do not like, they will not stay together.

Aries and Cancer Celebrity Couples

Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis - he is an Aries, and she is the Cancer
Warren Beatty and Carly Simon - he is an Aries, and she is the Cancer
Betty and Gerald Ford - she is the Aries, and he is the Cancer - this celebrity couple is an inspiration for everyone

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