Venus in Sagittarius

If Venus is in the sign Sagittarius then you love with an adventurous spirit and searching mind. You need freedom in love, that's for certain. Any forced commitment or overbearing lover is likely to send you running for the hills. But at the same time, if a romantic partner can engage your higher mind and click with your ideals and beliefs then you might never get that itch to escape. Then you know you've found a soul mate. Venus in Sagittarius attracts others easily through a fun loving personality and infectious sense of optimism and idealism. Venus in Sagittarius will need a sense of humor in love and may tire easily if romance or sex becomes too predictable.

Venus in Sagittarius Women

The Venus in Sagittarius woman displays confidence when it comes to love. For them, love and relationships are an adventure. They view it as a life experience that can aid in their growth. The Venus in Sagittarius woman prefers when things are going her way in love and life, but she won't make too much of a fuss if things aren't. Relationships must be fulfilling and fun for a Venus in Sagittarius otherwise interest is lost and feelings of entrapment may begin.

Variety is the spice of life for a Venus in Sagittarius woman and planning can sometimes take the fun out of it. Those that are carefree and playful will certainly attract a Venus in Sagittarius woman. She loves to entertain others and make them happy and laugh. Those that want a partnership with a Venus in Sagittarius must remember to always keep things light and not too serious. Otherwise, she will begin to feel like she needs to get out. A Venus in Sagittarius woman has a huge heart and is very generous to her friends and lovers.

Venus in Sagittarius has a habit of letting people down though because she can't seem to follow through with her plans. She also has a problem with staying in relationships once that initial spark is gone. Getting to get the Venus in Sagittarius to commit can be difficult too as she loves her space and freedom, so a partner that is okay with this would be best. The Venus in Sagittarius is truly a hopeless romantic and will often fall in love at first sight and be willing to do whatever she can to please her partner. This sometimes adds to her disappointments when she feels like she must constantly give in.

The personality the Venus in Sagittarius woman has is one of a playful and inhibited nature. Venus in Sagittarius is a natural beauty but sometimes goes overboard with wearing too much makeup. Her style is one of aggressive femininity with a more relaxed dress style. It's not uncommon for them to have their hair a mess or be in cut-up clothes.

A Venus in Sagittarius woman is attracted to those that will inspire and challenge them. She does hold high standards for her partners and failure to meet those standards could result in the potential loss of the relationship. The Venus in Sagittarius woman needs a partner who will understand, that to her, love is more based on intellect and emotions rather than the physical aspects. Those who have a Mars in Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are sexually attractive to the Venus in Sagittarius.

Venus in Sagittarius for Men

The Venus in Sagittarius man gains attraction to women who are generally happy go lucky people. He typically takes pride in his appearance and will be clean-cut, in shape, and well dressed. Though, Venus in Sagittarius isn't afraid to take on a more casual style of dress too.

The Venus in Sagittarius man loves adventure and traveling just like the Venus in Sagittarius women. People that share similar travel goals are those that tend to be good friends of a Venus in Sagittarius man. He is the definition of a free spirit and while he loves socializing, he does need lots of time to himself. This can be a problem in relationships for some people who require a partner's constant attention or approval. The Venus in Sagittarius seeks partners who are carefree and easy-going. Those that have jealous tendencies won't last long with a Venus in Sagittarius man as he naturally makes friends easily.

Venus in Sagittarius has a charm about him that draws people to him. They upbeat nature and love for fun and adventure makes people want to be around them all the time. The Venus in Sagittarius man prefers the thrill of the chase when it comes to dating because the constant attention one may require drives him away. That excitement of getting what he can't have is what the Venus in Sagittarius seeks.

Many Venus in Sagittarius men are into deep thinking and love exploring topics like magic, religion, and spirituality. Partying and socializing are a staple in the life of the Venus in Sagittarius. All hope is not lost for a relationship though. When in a relationship, loyalty and commitment are very important to the Venus in Sagittarius. Attracting the Venus in Sagittarius involves a woman who is open to new experiences, into philosophical ideologies, and is a sort of a loner. This ensures they will share common goals while also being able to respect each other's space.

While Venus in Sagittarius may seem flighty, romance is important to them and they will show their devotion to their partners. Those that prefer nights in or are okay with the everyday routine wouldn't be a good fit for the Venus in Sagittarius man, because once things start to get stale and dull he will become restless and may want to end things. One of the best traits of the Sagittarius is that he is a truth-teller no matter what. Venus in Sagittarius will never play mind games with you and will tell you like it is and will expect the same out of his friends and partner. Lying and deceit will only have the Venus in Sagittarius potentially cut you off.

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