The Chinese Rat
Personality and Characteristics

Personality Traits and Characteristics Rat

The Rat is a symbol of power in Chinese Astrology. This is shared with the both the Dragon and the Monkey. The Rat can and often does end up becoming a great leader due to its natural leadership ability. However, if one is not careful with its lust for power, it may be susceptible to a number of conditions. These include the following: Psychopathy, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Careers that may be good for the Rat are ones with positions of respected authority and power over others. These include positions such as civic leaders and business managers. The Rat does well with responsibility when it keeps its lust for power in check. Rats know how to spot great opportunities, whether a potential promotion, a great bargain, or an excellent deal. Their ability to reflect and analyze situations are legendary. However, Rats can sometimes be meek. This may be due to too much self-reflection on appearances. A Rat will know when to rise to the challenge, however, and will not allow their own personal meekness to stand in the way of a great opportunity if they see one.

Common characteristics for the Rat include: quick-wits, decisiveness, high intelligence, and careful planning. Rats need to remember patience since the people they come into contact with on a daily basis often do not possess the same speed of decision-making that they do. They may come off as rash at times due to this trait as well. The Rat also likes to think about itself a lot. This can lead either serious self-criticism or narcissism. Rat signs are also full of energy. This may be a good thing since projects will come easy to the Rat since they will give it their all. However, this may lead to the Rat overextending itself since it thinks that it will be able to do a lot of projects, however, there are only so many hours in a day that the Rat needs to remember to take time for itself.

A Rat is very prone to isolating itself due to over-thinking things. They are also very choosy in whom they pick for close friends and also for a romantic partner. Rats need to remember this and to make sure that they socialize often in order to avoid cutting themselves off from the world and becoming hermits.

In the arena of love and sex, the Rat will give its all to a relationship. However, Rat people need to learn patience with their partner as well in order for harmony to occur and for the relationship to last. Rats are known for their adaptability, but they should never get in relationships with people with the horoscope of Rooster, Horse, or Rabbit. They will, however, find a great partner in the Dragon and the Monkey. Rats are also strongly family-oriented, so they will make great spouses and parents.

Metal Rat: 1900, 1960
Water Rat: 1912, 1972
Wood Rat: 1924, 1994
Fire Rat: 1936, 1966
Earth Rat: 1948, 2008
  • Best sex: MONKEY and DRAGON
  • Worst nightmare: HORSE
  • Famous Rat People:

    Richard Nixon, Shakespeare, Prince Charles, Julia Child, Louis Armstrong, Prince Andrew, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Kathleen Battle, Albert Finney