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Rat and Tiger

Rats and Tigers in the Chinese zodiac often have trouble connecting and starting relationships to begin with. Because both signs are interested in the limelight and enjoy being the center of attention in any situation, this can create conflict when one is in a committed relationship with the other. Tigers are often turned off by the Rat's ability to communicate with wit and intellect, whereas the Rat may become upset over a Tiger's authority persona or mood-swings when feeling angry or upset. Although the two signs are on the opposite spectrum in Chinese astrology, they can come together as a generous duo sexually and non-sexually, as both rats and tigers hold those who they love dear to them and with kindness and generosity.

If Rat and Tiger signs choose to go into business, it is best if the Rat sign prefers to work behind-the-scenes in planning, marketing, and wrangling in new potential customers, whereas the Tiger enjoys the limelight and works as the image of the brand or company. Because the Tiger enjoys the limelight and is often very confident, the sign fits well when attracting attention and representing businesses. Because of the Rat's ability to think quickly while also being witty and intellectual, it is possible for the duo to have a complete success in business with proper strategy and and understanding of their market.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Tiger Man

A Rat woman within Shengxiao and the Chinese zodiac with a Tiger man is another challenging relationship, as the Tiger man is often out stirring up trouble, standing up against authority, and inviting drama into his life, which is a turn off for the Rat woman, who prefers to protect her family and home life from any potential threats or danger. A Rat woman has the ability to soothe and comfort the Tiger man, but she will not stand to be a pushover while the Tiger is out repeatedly and ignoring his home life. Because the Rat woman is emotionally dependent on relationships, this can lead to a strong disconnect with the pair if the Tiger man is not sensitive to the Rat's emotional needs.

Compatibility Rat Man and Tiger Woman

According to Chinese astrology and horoscope, when a Tiger woman is dating a Rat man, she may seem overly independent and a bit intense for the Rat, especially when exploring new realms in life or even in social gatherings. The intensity of the Tiger woman may be a turn off to the Rat, especially if she is overbearing or is not considerate of her own family and friends, as this is a priority in the Rat's life. A Rat man's nature is to be kind and generous to protect and provide for his family, which the Tiger woman may not appreciate with her own independence and free spirit, causing friction between the two.