Tiger and Monkey

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Tiger and Monkey

The Tiger and the Monkey in Chinese astrology and the zodiac, may find themselves attracted to one another at first sight, but it can be difficult to maintain a relationship with one of the signs, as they are considered opposite signs within the Chinese zodiac, causing friction and less compatibility than other signs. Tigers enjoy being the center of attention, which will first attract the Monkey sign to them. However, over time, the Monkey may also want to be a part of the attention, competing with the Tiger to stand out and to be in the limelight more. This will create conflict and friction, as the Tiger will not accept being "out shined" by the Monkey sign, leading to the collapse of many Tiger and Monkey relationships.

Compatibility Tiger Woman and Monkey Man

The Monkey man and Tiger woman can last with enough work, but there will be conflict when guiding with the Chinese zodiac. The Tiger does not understand why the Monkey is so involved with others socially or why he seems to care more about others' problems than his own.

Compatibility Tiger Man and Monkey Woman

Humor is a key factor in the relationship between a Monkey woman and a Tiger man in the Chinese zodiac when they are dating or pursuing a sexual relationship. The Monkey woman enjoys spending much of her time with friends, whereas the Tiger may prefer one on one time and snuggle up for romantic sexy games in the bedroom.