Monkey and Rooster

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Monkey and Rooster

The Rooster and the Monkey are not ideal matches due to their extremely different personalities in the Chinese zodiac. The Monkey prefers his or her freedom, whereas the Rooster enjoys "molding" others around them into their own view of perfection for the greater good of their lives.

Compatibility Monkey Woman and Rooster Man

A Rooster man is very practical and enjoys structure in his life according to Chinese astrology and when dating, whereas a Monkey woman enjoys being the center of attention and exploring new realms and social settings in life. Monkey women in Shengxiao are often more flirtatious about life and meeting new people, and have a difficult time committing. The fear of commitment from a Monkey woman may send a red flag to the Rooster man, who is looking for stability and enjoys abiding by the rules at all times. The match is not always ideal, as the pair clash on a multitude of levels, sometimes, even when they are dating and involved in a sex fueled relationship.

Compatibility Monkey Man and Rooster Woman

The Monkey man may become irritating to the Rooster woman, who prefers to keep up with a strict schedule without being as flexible and open as the Monkey man is. The Monkey man enjoys spending time with new groups of people and indulging in new social adventures and outings for both fun and social gain. Because of the manipulative ways of the Monkey man, this may instantly turn the Rooster woman away, as she prefers to be up front, honest, and direct in all situations.