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Rooster and Rooster

Although Roosters have nearly identical personalities, this can lead to trouble when the relationship is moving into a more committed state according to the Chinese zodiac. A Rooster man and woman are both perfectionists, and their desires and what they have in mind in terms of perfection does not fade away when they begin dating. Roosters who date one another are likely to criticize one another too frequently, often causing rifts in relationships. The pair is also known to nag one another, which can ultimately lead to unhappiness on both ends when abiding by the Chinese horoscope or Chinese astrology. Rooster relationships have ups and downs emotionally and will last for a short while or for a long time, depending on the amount of work each partner is willing to put in to making it work, and that applies to their sex life as well.

Once Roosters settle down, if they are able to accept each other for who they are, the relationship will go much smoother with their perfectionist ideals and outlooks on life when they pursue a sexual relationship and go beyond the dating phase of the relationship. Sharing the same goals and morals allow Roosters to find a solid ground to meet on, helping them to build a bond that is true and strong.