Rooster and Ox

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Rooster and Ox

Rooster and Ox signs are nearly perfectly compatible in Chinese astrology, either as a friendship or a romantic relationship. Rooster and Ox signs in the Chinese zodiac are mostly conservative and have similar temperaments, values, and personalities overall. The Ox and Rooster enjoy being as practical as possible and thrive on perfection and working hard and diligently, in relationships, work, and their future career goals and plans. The Ox is highly dependable, making working together with a Rooster sign ideal as the Rooster is able to be resourceful to help with moving in the direction of success and happiness in friendship, romantic and sexually-involved relationships, and even in business.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Rooster Man

Because of the Ox and Rooster's laid back relationship dynamic, this pair works well when there is an Ox woman and a Rooster man involved. Because the Ox woman is stable and enjoys taking control of the household according to the Chinese horoscope and keeping it up to the Rooster's standards, the Rooster is often satisfied and the relationship is able to continue on smoothly.

Compatibility Ox Man and Rooster Woman

The Ox man and Rooster woman in Shengxiao work well together just as with an Ox woman and Rooster man. The Ox man dominates the authority in the household, which works well with the Rooster's critical personality. This helps to keep the Rooster satisfied and gives her a challenge when it comes to mentally connecting with her Ox man partner.