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Ox and Ox

When two Ox signs collide when following Shengxiao and the Chinese zodiac, it can bring an extremely powerful force into the world, whether they are friends, business partners, or even involved in a sexual and/or romantic relationship. Ox signs are often strong and dependable and enjoy peace and having neatness all around them according to Chinese astrology. However, the relationships Ox signs often have with one another may grow dull and boring, lacking "spice" and entertainment to keep the couple interested in one another. This can be improved with reflection and introspection along with proper communication with one another, especially when it comes to their sex life.

Ox signs are often not very socially outgoing, but do well one-on-one, which makes the relationship ideal. The sign is naturally honorable, trustworthy, and complete with intelligence, allowing a strong mental and emotional bond to form between the Ox symbols once in a committed relationship. Working in business together, both Ox signs are able to do well with a clear understanding of future ideas and plans that are relevant to the business.