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Ox and Monkey

Monkey and Ox signs in are not often ideal when trying to be lovers when dating or pursuing a sexual relationship, but can work well as good friends if they are truly understanding to one another's personality, interests, and outlooks on life according to the Chinese zodiac. The Ox enjoys harmony and peace at all times, avoiding arguments and conflict that causes stress and anxiety at all costs. However, the Monkey may be able to benefit the Ox's life by "spicing up" his or her social life by introducing new friends, locations and venues, and even interests. However, if the Monkey is overbearing to the Ox, the Ox will often retreat and stop communicating altogether with the Monkey.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Monkey Man

The Ox woman in Shengxiao prefers stability, so this may not mesh well with the Monkey man's need to roam, explore new adventures, and meet new people on a whim. While the Ox woman prefers having stability and routine and will often nag the Monkey to change his ways, their sense of humor is often what helps the couple keep their lasting bonds, if they are both seriously committed and in love with one another.

Compatibility Ox Man and Monkey Woman

Although the Ox man may disapprove of the Monkey woman's flirtatious and social ways, he is accepting as long as she is loyal and the couple keeps the communication open according to Chinese astrology.