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Monkey and Horse

The Horse and the Monkey work well together for shorter periods of time according to the Chinese zodiac, but long-lasting romantic relationships are not likely with this pair, as they are often too similar to one another for their own good. The Monkey and Horse both enjoy being free-spirited, which works to their advantage.

However, the Monkey's highly competitive nature may leave the Horse fleeing from the relationship due to the overwhelming pressure the Horse feels and does not want. Most of the relationships between a Monkey and a Horse sign are fun and filled with adventure and energy, but are short-lived. It is often the Horse who finds him or herself dissatisfied and ready to move on according to Chinese astrology.

Compatibility Horse Woman and Monkey Man

The Horse woman and the Monkey man may have a smooth relationship during the beginning stages of the relationship when they have a sexual connection or are early on in dating, but this may change over time which each other's personality quirks begin to annoy one another. Because a Horse woman often relies on intuition and emotion to make even life decisions, this can quickly bother a Monkey man, who relies on his intellect and knowledge while being rational to solve situations and to close chapters in life. However, because of the Horse's free nature, she is not possessive in relationships, allowing you to feel free from being trapped or with a jealous woman.

Compatibility Horse Man and Monkey woman

The Horse man and Monkey woman often have a short-lived relationship, similar to the Horse woman and Monkey man. However, these relationships are generally based on sexual and physical attraction, leading to passion-filled, exciting adventures with the couple. Horse men have big dreams and are great with money, whereas Monkeys enjoy social situations and exploring new adventures, which may attract the couple to one another in the first place. However, due to the Monkey's own scheming ways and the ability to manipulate with words, she is less likely to ever trust, especially a free-spirited Horse. This can lead to trouble when the two are deciding on whether or not they are ready for a commitment in the relationship, often causing the relationship to fade away.