Horse and Rat

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Horse and Rat

Officially, the Rat and the Horse are opposite signs on the Chinese zodiac, although this does not mean the relationship is not compatible in Chinese horoscopes and in Chinese astrology. However, the relationship will be quite interesting as the Horse often needs plenty of independence and alone time, whereas the Rat enjoys being around friends and constant mental entertainment and stimulation.

When in a relationship as lovers, the Rat and Horse may find themselves in an intense relationship at first when they are dating and involved sexually, but this may not last long-term according to the Chinese zodiac. Rats, however, do enjoy the challenges and new adventures they will enjoy when with a Horse, as the Horse's nature causes unpredictable life events to occur on a regular basis. Business partners is an option when a Horse and Rat are doing so together. The Rat enjoys dreaming and being optimistic about future plans, whereas, the Horse does not think as much about the future and likes to work "in the now" by getting tasks and challenges completed.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Horse Man

A Rat woman enjoys being social, just as the Horse does, and enjoys a life of new people, adventures, and challenges. A major conflict that may arise in a relationship between a Rat woman and a Horse man in Shengxiao is that the Horse man is unable to understand why the Rat woman keeps secrets and her personal life to herself, as the Horse man is more likely to wear his heart one his sleeve while expressing his needs and wants to his partner.

Compatibility Rat Man and Horse Woman

The Rat man is ideal when dating a Horse woman who is committed to him, as he is able to help during stressful situations, putting the Horse at ease and keeping her grounded and committed. The Rat man prefers to be a social climber but is less likely to constrain the Horse woman, allowing her the Independence and freedom she craves in her live.