Horse and Tiger

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Horse and Tiger

The Tiger and the Horse make a fine pair when matched together, whether for romantic and sexual purposes, running a business, or just as great friends according to the Chinese zodiac. Because both signs are naturally independent, there are often no issues with pursuing new ventures and exploring new realms of life when the two are together or when they date. Although in a romantic relationship, the Tiger's personality may make him or her appear to be the leader, the Horse does not mind as he or she is just as independent and free-spirited, but does not crave as much of the attention as the Tiger naturally does. When the two signs find a common ground of interest and future goals in life, this relationship works out for the best when abiding by Chinese astrology.

Compatibility Tiger Woman and Horse Man

The Tiger woman and Horse man can have a fun and exciting relationship, and both are okay with the relationship being non-committal in many cases when following Shengxiao. The Tiger woman and Horse man are not very good with finances, which may cause trouble to arise in the relationship according to Chinese horoscope.

Compatibility Tiger Man and Horse Woman

The Tiger man enjoys being with a Horse woman when dating, especially if she allows him to take on the masculine role of the relationship. Because the Tiger respects the Horse woman's freedom, she is always interested in staying loyal and making the relationship last.