Tiger and Dragon

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Tiger and Dragon

Tigers and Dragons are naturally bound to attract to one another, as each has magnetic charm, intelligence, and the drive to keep relationships fun, thrilling, exciting, and interesting at all times in Shengxiao, even sexually and in the bedrooms according to the Chinese zodiac. Dragons and Tigers both enjoy being in charge and taking the lead in situations, which can cause disputes and arguments to easily develop, which is not a strong suit for either sign, as both prefer to win over others rather than to fight.

Compatibility Tiger Woman and Dragon Man

The Tiger woman and Dragon man make a great match when following Chinese astrology and horoscopes when they are dating, although the Tiger may be too intense for the Dragon man at times, causing tension and conflict and consistent arguments in the household.

Compatibility Tiger Man and Dragon Woman

The Tiger man and Dragon woman, on the other hand, work well together and can live in perfect harmony if they are both accepting of one another's lifestyles when they date.