Dragon and Dragon

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Dragon and Dragon

Dragon signs, when combined, can bring essentially double luck, intelligence, and fire to their lives. With the proper communication and enough commitment from both of those involved in this relationship, Dragon signs can be the perfect match for one another with an understanding of future goals, plans, and motivations in life according to the Chinese zodiac (a.k.a. Sheng Xiao). Because Dragons are naturally charismatic, sexy, and intelligent, they often find themselves attracted to one another with ease on both a physical and mental or emotional level, allowing them to have passionate sexual relationships from the time they are dating to a long lasting relationship.

Dragons, by nature, enjoy spending time out on the town finding new adventures and exploring new locations. Business partner opportunities for Dragon signs working together may work well, depending on whether or not there is a general power struggle in the relationship. Dragons must work together to find a natural balance when they are working in business together or even in a loving relationship, as both enjoy taking charge, showing off their talents, and being the center of attention.

This also applies to their love and sex life. Because Dragons enjoy exciting new techniques in the bedroom, they are sure to have a life that is exciting and never dull when they are paired up together.