Dragon and Rabbit

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Dragon and Rabbit

Dragons and Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac are often viewed as opposites, but can often mesh well in any type of platonic or sexual relationship, as their personalities help to add balance to one another's lives according to Chinese astrology. Although the Dragon's direct personality when dating may sometimes seem overbearing to the Rabbit, it is never the Dragon's intention to be domineering or demanding of the Rabbit, the Dragon simply prefers the limelight (which most often works in the Rabbit's favor). Because of the Rabbit's ability to perceive emotional wants and needs, the Rabbit is able to provide the Dragon with what he or she needs in the relationship, helping to strengthen the bond and relationship between the pair in Chinese horoscope predictions.

Compatibility Rabbit Woman and Dragon Man

The Dragon man enjoys providing for the Rabbit woman, as she is often more submissive and enjoys the charm the Dragon man brings to the relationship, adding to the fire of their sexual passion and connection when sex is involved.

Compatibility Rabbit Man and Dragon Woman

The Dragon woman tries to protect the Rabbit man as much as possible, and enjoys how grounded she feels when she is around him, as he is not very focused on materials and success, but rather, happiness in general, and that includes happiness in the bedroom as well.