Rabbit and Horse

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Rabbit and Horse

Whether pursuing an amorous or a platonic relationship, the Rabbit and the Horse may need to work at perfecting a working dating and sexual relationship between the two of them. Rabbits and Horses are compatible in Shengxiao, although more of the work in the relationship is likely to be done by the Rabbit rather than the Horse.

The Rabbit is more nurturing and understanding than the Horse in the beginning of the relationship, as Horses are often very free-spirited and still enjoy independence and freedom. Horses enjoy changing their minds in split seconds and are complete with wit and intelligence according to the Chinese zodiac. Although Horses are most often loyal, they can become bored and may begin to look into new lifestyles if the relationship when the Rabbit becomes to mundane and repetitive.

Compatibility Rabbit Woman and Horse Man

The Rabbit woman may feel neglected at times with the Horse man, especially if he is seeking new adventures. However, the Horse man enjoys showering the Rabbit woman with love and lots of sexual attention in the beginning of any relationship, attracting them in the first place.

Compatibility Rabbit Man and Horse Woman

If a Rabbit man can accept the Horse woman's need for freedom and independence, this relationship has the capability of lasting with enough communication. Rabbit men are dreamers, and the Horse woman often respects that, although neither are able to offer consistency in many cases.