Rabbit and Ox

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Rabbit and Ox

The Ox and the Rabbit are extremely compatible and they are two of the kindest and most generous souls that are included within the entire Chinese zodiac. Although the two signs often have trouble communicating emotions and feelings (due to shyness and being timid), once the pair has grown comfortable with one another, it is possible to have an ideal relationship with optimal communication according to Chinese astrology.

The Rabbit and the Ox enjoy staying at home and enjoy a quiet and peaceful connection together, sometimes at a very intense sexual connection, depending on the emotional bond between the two. The signs prefer to be cozy and comfortable at home rather than spending time out in loud environments or indulging in social events and affairs.

Rabbits and Ox signs depend on family and friends for support and comfort and enjoy spending time with them in their own homes (Rather than going out to gather). Rabbits and Ox signs also have the opportunity to work together as business partners, oftentimes with the Rabbits following the steady lead of the Ox sign. Ox's think out plans thoroughly and steadily before making any decisions with business, which can help with the success that is earned. Although the Ox is a steady worker and is often the leader of the pair, the Ox's kind and gentle nature is ideal for the Rabbit's kind soul, allowing the Rabbit to feel loved and respected at all times by the Ox.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Rabbit Man

The Ox woman may grow tired of the Rabbit's affection over time, but she also appreciates it and will stay loyal and comforting to the Rabbit's own emotional needs. Both of the signs, when paired together, make ideal parents as they both possess a kind and loving nature for children.

Compatibility Ox Man and Rabbit Woman

An Ox man is a great fit for a Rabbit woman in Shengxiao, as he is more likely to give her the security she needs and the comfort she desires within a relationship. The Rabbit woman is able to provide a secure and comfortable home for the Ox man, which he wholeheartedly appreciates and basks in. Although there are times when the Rabbit woman is somewhat lazy to the Ox man, he is accepting to her kind, loving, and dreamy nature.