Rabbit and Goat

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Rabbit and Goat

The Goat and the Rabbit signs in Chinese astrology can form long-lasting committed relationships on a romantic or even platonic basis. The signs are quite alike and often turn out to be complementary to one another in many situations. Both the Rabbit and the Goat are artistic, optimistic, and have plenty of dreams of the future while also relying mainly on emotion and their own internal intuition when it comes to making decisions and planning their future.

Because of the Goat and Rabbit's kind nature and nurturing souls when dating and sexually involved, they often compliment one another and find that relationships between these signs lead to a very satisfying romantic and emotional life. Although the Rabbit in Chinese astrology is quite passive and can easily be taken advantage of, even by the Goat, it is not in the Goat's nature to do so and the Goat will try to provide a loving environment and an interesting sex life as much of the time as possible.

Compatibility Rabbit Woman and Goat Man

The Goat man works hard to protect the Rabbit woman emotionally in the Chinese zodiac, although he may lack the skills to financially support the pair. The Rabbit woman, gentle and loving herself, appreciates the love and emotional support the Goat man has to offer, even when sex enters the relationship.

Compatibility Rabbit Man and Goat Woman

The Rabbit man is emotionally connected with the Goat woman, which she appreciates. The couple may have trouble with finances, depending on who is in charge. This relationship is ideal if the two have a plan together and are able to be supportive throughout bouts of depression and even financial stress.