Goat and Horse

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Goat and Horse

Horse signs and Goat signs are able to work well together when dating one another according to Chinese astrology, and can be compatible if each one who is involved in the relationship is willing to make sacrifice and making compromises with each other. Horses prefer to be as free as possible and enjoy a free-spirited lifestyle, whereas the Goat is often content with living a simple and drama-less life at home, which is where the relationship may encounter conflicts when abiding by the Chinese zodiac.

Compatibility Horse Woman and Goat Man

A Horse woman has a keen sense of independence and enjoys exploring new walks of life and experiences that keep them guessing and yearning for more. This is idolized by the Goat man, who prefers to stay at home but also has a dreamy and optimistic mind, searching for better times and a better life. According to Chinese astrology Goat men prefer to have an emotional connection with their partner, which is possible with a Horse woman, as long as the Goat allows the Horse her free time and waters her spirit enough.

Compatibility Horse Man and Goat Woman

Horse men do not enjoy feeling constrained when dating, and are capable of fleeing a relationship with a Goat who is too attached or who demands too much emotional affection. However, Horses love extremely intensely in the beginning of relationships, which is what often attracts a Goat woman to begin with when the two first meet or date.