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Horse and Ox

Horses and Ox signs may not always get along and are not always compatible within Chinese astrology, but the differences each sign possesses can help to prove complementary, especially with a bit of communication and understanding from both of those involved. Although the Horse has a wild and free spirit versus the Ox's nature to maintain a steady and dependable lifestyle in the Chinese zodiac, the two can live together with understanding and with enough commitment within the relationship, whether they are just friends, dating, or pursuing a relationship that involves sex.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Horse Man

An Ox woman and a Horse man make ideal friends according to the Chinese zodiac, although it is a challenge when dating and when pursuing a romantic relationship with one another. The Horse man is often too free-spirited for the Ox woman to agree with, causing the couple to have plenty of fights and arguments throughout their time together. Although they argue frequently, as friends, they are forgiving and most often able to accept each others personality quirks.

Compatibility Ox Man and Horse Woman

A Horse woman in Shengxiao and an Ox man can only work if the Ox man is comfortable allowing the Horse woman to have her own independence, which is not in his nature (as the Ox prefers a stable and committed relationship that is long-lasting). Ultimately, the Horse woman may be too intense for an Ox, especially when romantically linked with her.