Horse and Dragon

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Horse and Dragon

The Dragon and Horse signs work well together to make a fun and exciting friendship or amorous and sexual relationship last when they are dating. The Horse and the Dragon prefer to be free and neither will choose to settle down quick, making the relationship appealing to both signs without the fear of becoming too constrained or restricted within their lives according to the Chinese zodiac. Although the signs prefer not to settle down, they have the ability to keep each other entertained, fulfilled and happy for longer periods of time to maintain the relationship.

Both signs, according to Chinese astrology, may find that their relationship with one another is extremely fast-paced. These two signs may be physically and sexually attracted to one another quicker than other signs, basing the relationship at first, on a purely physical attraction. Over time, intimacy can easily be developed between the Dragon and the Horse, depending on how many mutual friends they have together and how much time is spent participating in activities that are appealing and enjoyable to both of them. Although the Horse tends to find himself/herself wandering and losing interest in a commitment and in relationships altogether, the fire and exciting lifestyle of the Dragon can help to keep the relationship bonded and together for longer periods of time.

Compatibility Dragon Woman and Horse Man

The Horse man enjoys his freedom and never feels constrained with the independent Dragon woman. Instead, there is often both a mental and a sexual connection with this duo.

Compatibility Dragon Man and Horse Woman

The Dragon man enjoys getting praise from the Horse woman, who is in love with love. The Horse woman appreciates her ability to stay independent and appreciates the Dragon man for this.