Dragon and Rooster

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Dragon and Rooster

The Rooster and the Dragon in Chinese astrology work well together and complement one another's personalities even though they first seem as complete opposites. The Dragon is very energetic and on-the-go, whereas the Rooster prefers to be conservative and practical at all times.

The Dragon can introduce the Rooster to new and exciting things in life including social circles, adventures, and even traveling locations. The Rooster has the ability to balance the Dragon by bringing him or her "back to earth" to help with keeping the both signs grounded, yet satisfied with the relationship at all times.

Compatibility Dragon Woman and Rooster Man

The Dragon woman and Rooster man are often drawn to one another sexually and physically. The Dragon woman may feel starved for appreciation over time, and he may not appreciate the amount of independence she shows in the relationship according to the Chinese horoscope.

Compatibility Dragon Man and Rooster Woman

The Dragon man enjoys protecting and providing for the Rooster woman when involved in a sexual relationship or long-term dating situation according to the Chinese zodiac, and she enjoys his position in this relationship. The Rooster woman is kind with compliments, and the Dragon man is able to be generous and giving with her in return.