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Dragon and Dog

The Dragon and the Dog may have a difficult time coming together in a romantic or sexual relationship unless they have a thorough understanding of one's motivations and future goals. The two signs are marked as the very opposites of one another within the Chinese zodiac, which can cause friction and unpleasant dynamics to form regardless of whether the relationship is platonic or amorous. Dog and Dragon attractions are generally sexual or physical. Most often, the Dragon is too forward and direct with his or her desires in a relationship, and while the Dog sign is very honest and noble, he or she may be put off by this kind of behavior from the Dragon.

The Dog enjoys time alone to self-maintain a balance with the world, and the Dragon prefers to be social at most times of the day, causing friction with their lifestyles if one is not understanding with the other. Dragons may grow tired of the Dog's emotional needs and moodiness when dealing with relationships. Although the emotional needs from the Dog may seem manipulative, it is only present due to the difficulty Dog signs have with trusting others in everyday life.

With enough hard work and commitment, Dog signs and Dragon signs have the ability to come together to work as a partnership and also to have the ability to trust one another. Because of the loyalty both signs possess, it is possible for the relationship to work once there is enough commitment with both of those involved when they pursue a long-term relationship, even after a sex based relationship has formed or taken place.

Compatibility Dragon Woman and Dog Man

A Dog man does not often understand how to compliment a Dragon woman, which may leave her bored and unsatisfied. According to the Chinese compatibility horoscope the dog man is more likely to point out the flaws of the Dragon woman, which will not be lightly accepted.

Compatibility Dragon Man and Dog Woman

A Dog woman and a Dragon man cannot often get along well, causing tension and ultimately damaging their relationship in many cases.