Dog and Ox

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Dog and Ox

The Ox and the Dog are great matches in the Chinese zodiac, for romantic pursuits and even for developing long-lasting and trustworthy platonic friendships. Both of the signs are trustworthy, loyal, and honest in nature and bring honor and intelligence to one another to keep mentally challenging the relationship while being attracted to the sex appeal each one has to offer to the other. The Ox will appreciate the Dog's loyalty and trustworthiness in any relationship according to Chinese astrology, prompting the Ox to reciprocate with ease. Because of the nature of the Ox and Dog relationships, neither one in the relationship will feel judged, betrayed, or jealous at any time with steady communication and true commitment from both parties.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Dog Man

The Ox woman and Dog man make a great match when following Chinese astrology, as the Ox woman is stable, which helps the Dog to feel satisfied in the amount of honesty and loyalty he is able to provide. The Ox woman prefers a happy and healthy home life, which the Dog is willing to give her.

Compatibility Ox Man and Dog Woman

The Ox man enjoys spending his time with a Dog woman, especially on a date. The Ox man can help with offering stability to the house, whereas the Dog woman provides loyalty and trust that is very appealing to the Ox man, who prefers to have the authority over the home.