Dog and Rabbit

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Dog and Rabbit

The Rabbit and the Dog make a fine match either when forming a platonic relationship or an amorous and sexual relationship. Although the Rabbit is shy and can easily be hurt or taken advantage of, the Dog's loyalty will now allow this to occur and the Dog will attempt to protect the Rabbit according to Chinese Astrology rather than harming it or taking advantage of it. Because of the Dog's honor and loyalty, Rabbits often feel loved and cared for when these two signs come together.

Compatibility Rabbit Woman and Dog Man

The Dog man works hard to protect the Rabbit woman once he is in love or loyal to her. The Dog's loyal personality allows the Rabbit woman to live a happy life without the worry of being taken advantage of.

Compatibility Rabbit Man and Dog Woman

The Dog woman is loyal and enjoys hearing the Rabbit man's dreams, but will never cross or betray him. The Dog enjoys spending money and the Rabbit can be either frugal or work well with money, so it is best to compare options before committing to this relationship.