Rabbit and Rat

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Rabbit and Rat

Sexually, the Rabbit and the Rat are compatible when dating according the Chinese zodiac, yet it is a strange match for some. Because of the Rabbit's timid, sweet, and subtle nature, he or she may feel lost or distant from the Rat at times with his or her energetic, brash, and extroverted personality. Rabbits and rats are also compatible as they are both generous, and the Rabbit is easily able to comfort, nurture, and protect the Rat from any potential threats or upsetting matters in life. The Rat enjoys being loyal and the Rabbit is all about loyalty, helping to create strong long-lasting bonds in the pair.

The Rat will always protect a Rabbit sign, as long as the Rabbit is considered close to them in anyway. Additionally, when rats and rabbits are in relationships, the Rabbit can easily learn about being more optimistic and open-minded when it comes to the world around them from the Rat's charm and wit. Although it is easy for the Rabbit sign to be taken advantage of within the Shengxiao, especially by someone who is a Rat sign, it is not likely if the Rat is truly committed with the relationship or interested in the person who is a Rabbit sign. Instead, the Rat is more likely to be understanding and to help with communicating and effectively solving issues between the two.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Rabbit Man

Rat women and Rabbit men often make great matches in Chinese horoscopes, sexually, and as a partnership when dating. The Rabbit man gives the Rat woman a calm and peaceful home life that is nurturing and often supportive in nature. The Rat woman is a bit more social than the Rabbit man, but Rabbit men often do not mind. The Rat woman and the Rabbit man work well together when raising a family as both are dedicated to their families and children.

Compatibility Rat Man and Rabbit Woman

The Rat man and the Rabbit woman can make a good matche in the Chinese zodiac and in Chinese astrology, as long as they both have a support system of friends and family for when they are having troubles in life or even in their relationship, as both signs can be quite pessimistic at times. Rat men enjoy tending to their partners, which helps to keep the Rabbit woman emotional satisfied at all times. The Rabbit in Shengxiao can often be moody, which is a mental challenge for the Rat man, which he is able to take on and overcome.